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My husband is a millionaire- Riansh story (Chapter 3)

Wedding bells

when did you think we should get married”

Did I hear marriage thought riddhima
” Miss mehra it’s been a while since you spoke”

I m very sorry Mr singhania I was just got distracted anyways what was you saying
Vihaan- I was asking” when did you think we should get married miss.mehra”

The hell …she was right she wasn’t hallucinating she heard it all right? Is he in right sense of his mind
Vihaan- miss mehra
Riddhima -ahh…m sorry Mr singhania but I think I need to use the restroom
Vihaan – sure,go ahead

The cold splash of water didn’t do anything better she was again doubting herself did she hear it correct? he really wants to marry her?
Wasn’t it their second meet

Riddhima- what should I do? Think riddhima think surely u can’t avoid him u need to face him….yes sejal

   ” The no. U r trying to call is currently switched off,plz try again later”

Oo god jb bhi iss ladki ki zaroorat hoti h not available
Relax… relax riddhima no need to get hyper u have handled many complications in your life  Even more complicated than this…but no one has ever asked me to marry like this
Not again riddhima… relax

Vihaan- so miss mehra,where were we,on marriage right
Riddhima- marriage?
Vihaan- of course ,I thought we were meeting here to discuss that only… didn’t blind dates means proposals
Riddhima- of course they are but still…
Vihaan- aren’t you serious for this date miss mehra… don’t tell me that you were just Time passing and all like the youngesters….I thought of you as a sensible person

Riddhima surely was not interested in this date but that doesn’t mean that she was Time passing.she was on these dates as she wants a stable relationship..but marriage that too in 2 meetings was something riddhima never imagined

Riddhima- it’s nothing like that Mr . singhania but isn’t it too quick to decide for a lifetime commitment like marriage
Vihaan-we are adults miss mehra…we Know what we are doing… surely marriage is a lifetime commitment and I m not pretty sure about love or like but still I took you as a good life partner
Riddhima-but what if it doesn’t work
Do we have to apt for divorce
Vihaan- I know miss mehra what I m doing as long as you willing it to be worked it will work
And if you don’t then you know…

Riddhima- I got your point but still it’s too quick to decide

“How about you took some time before deciding”

Riddhima- yaa it Will be alright then I will let you Know..
Riddhima at that point knew nothing just to escape from there moreover,he was offering her some space and time and that was for the best

Riddhima couldn’t help herself but think about all the happenings.        she couldn’t help but question herself
Did he really wants to marry her?
Of course he was otherwise how much riddhima has known him he would never spoke this much…
No doubt he made her feel comfortable and home but did she want to marry him?.

It’s been 2 days since the date but
Riddhima  didn’t found out what should she do? Moreover the hectic schedule of her office didn’t help her at all

She was rearranging all the data specifically for her ‘ new boss’  when she got a call…. being busy and off course being a workaholic she picked up the call with out looking at the caller ID
Riddhima- hello, riddhima mehra this side
Vihaan-miss mehra
This voice .. riddhima knew this voice it was vihaan’s but why was he calling her today
Vihaan- are u there miss mehra
Riddhima- sorry Mr singhania m here only
Vihaan-what have you decided then
Riddhima- you mean what I have decided about marrying you
Vihaan- I didn’t remember discussing something else miss mehra
Riddhima- I …I
Vihaan-how about we pick up our marriage certificates tomorrow

Riddhima- m ready Mr singhania…well see you tomorrow
Vihaan – alright then,I will pick you up at 7 in the morning then
Have a nice day ahead…

Riddhima didn’t knew what gotten into her that she said yes,but she had learned from life that when you don’t Know what to do…let the destiny decide… it’s kinda sound crazy but this is for best…she knew , Don’t know how but she knew that this man was not someone who was playing…he was serious about the every damn word he spoke,he was a gentleman and she honestly liked how he didn’t beat around the bush and get straight to the point… she didn’t know where her this decision will lead her but she has already decided….
She had decided 3 years before that she will never listen to her heart… but this time she couldn’t help herself 💓

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