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Mine exclusively Mine-a Riansh fan fiction (Part 6)


wow riddhu you are looking gorgeous”
Yelled Aisha riddhima’s friend
“I Know I know”
Chuckled riddhima

Riddhima and her friends were going to the prom with their respective partners

Riddhima in that letter wasn’t something mentioned about prom
Asked pallavi
Actually guys,V asked me not to go to prom Along with Rajiv”
“Then why are you going, Don’t you love him”
“Guys, guys of course I love him but you know I want to meet him since so long but he don’t come in front of me and I know how much jealous of a kind is he so when he will come to know about me going out prom with Rajiv,he will definitely come in front of me”
Chirped riddhima

Wow riddhu,you are so smart”
Yelled Aisha
“I know I Know, just can’t wait to meet him,where are you V”

The prom night passed in blink of an eye but riddhima’s face was worth watching,her plan miserably failed neither Rajiv arrived nor her V

She was angry and wanted to confront Rajiv so well but she got confused when he didn’t come to college the next day
Asking his friends they gain nothing because they themselves have no idea about him
Along with his friends when she reached his apartment the view inside left her dumbfounded and gasping for air
The lifeless body of rajiv was hanged with the fan

Riddhima yelled, waking up
Sweatbeads forming on her forhead, getting up  she took a deep breath rest her head on night stand
Looking at the time groaned

Exactly at the time of alarm”

Clicking the alarm off , she wiped her sweat and her breathing was normal as she was  habitual now much to the fact that’s her routine
Getting up she opened the wardrobe for taking out office clothes
The word office striked something,
Gulping she remembered the watch again
Indeed it was the same
Washing her face she tried shrugging the thought away

Many people have same watch”
“It was vansh  only who saved me

As soon as she walked out of washroom her phone pinged with a message


Riddhima wanted to block the no. And delete the message without opening it but remembered she did the same before aangre met with an accident she can’t afford anyone else to go through the same
This time the message was different along with a message a video was there too
The message read

Jaan..I know you are in pain but I am sorry that was necessary..
You knew I can’t hurt you but I hurted you so I deserve punishment right”

Confused she opened the video, seeing the video the phone fall down from her hand
In the video only hands were shown and in a bowl the same liquid was kept which was thrown on her hands , the man suddenly dipped both his hands in the bowl
Riddhima’s breath hitched
But nothing came out, the person was silent,no screams, nothing

After a long 10 Minute of hyperventilating and deleting the video she became normal
Convincing her brain she got ready and get into the dinning table where manik and sejal were already present

Look the little whore is late today”
Sejal commented
For heaven’s no actually hell’s sake she is our sister”
Manik retorted
Yeah sister..but still a whore”
Manik opened his mouth for a come back but riddhima mentioned him not to
“Di I know you don’t like me but can you stop calling me that”
“That what little whore”

Riddhima looked at her with disgust

The rest of Breakfast went in silence only manik’s comments were heard as he was trying to lift riddhima’s mood
But if only he knew his little sister has many big issues to sort out rather than shutting her b*t*h sister up

Getting into the office riddhima didn’t know whether this time her colleagues were eyeing her weirdly or not because her mind was completely stuck on different things
Putting her things down and preparing everything she stood at the cabin’s Door
The door opened and vansh entered
Riddhima looked up but didn’t dare to tear her gaze
Sensing her gaze on his hands vansh spoke

Good morning to you too miss riddhima”
“Goo..good mo… morning sir”
“What happened why are you stuttering,did some mistake again?
Just tell me I will not fire you cause I am in good mood today”

Not tearing her gaze from his both bandaged hands riddhima asked motioning towards his hands
Sir your hands”
“Nothing serious yesterday a blo*dy servant spill hot coffee on my hands
Vansh spoke rolling his eyes

Riddhima looked at him and tried to read his Expressions but everything was pretty normal, just like the way he was , the way of talking
There were both chances of him being the stalker as she has seen that watch and now his hands but both can be coincidence too or someone might be trying to false trap him
Trying to act normal she walked out of cabin doing her work
She was trying to focus on her work when her phone pinged with a message
It was a notification from a news sight
The headline was

“A wardboy missing from yesterday

Reading the whole article and seeing the picture,she started playing with her fingers, hyperventilating
Cause he was the same wardboy who flirted with her  a day before in the hospital

Getting up a determined riddhima walked into Vansh’s cabin,after the knock a ,come in was heard
Entering inside she looked at vansh who was busy working with bandaged hands not paying any attention to her

Sir it’s about sharma’s , some papers are not in my approach ,they were with aangre I can’t call him ,the deal is very important so can I go and ask him personally”
Vansh hummed

Getting into the hospital, riddhima ran towards the reception and asked for aangre’s doctor
Entering his cabin she asked

Doctor when I cried yesterday,why don’t any hospital staff attended me”
“Because we don’t Know you were in trouble it’s only when Mr raisinghania called us we treated you”
“What do you mean by not knowing”
“Ma’am the 5 star rooms are sound proof here so we didn’t hear you”

Bidding bye to doctor riddhima gulped hard

If the room was sound proof how the hell vansh arrived “
And most of all if it was a coincidence that he arrived at same time then why did he came running because I clearly remember he was panting”

I don’t know how’s the chapter cause I write it so hurriedly
Feel free to point out mistakes
It’s not edited

I don’t know whether it’s getting interesting, confusing or boring
So mention your views please

Is vansh the stalker?
So much coincidence?
But seems planned?
How’s riddhima getting so much proof when from so much time she got nothing?

Reactions awaited ❤❤

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