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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav’s memory loss

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mandar asks for Pallavi and says I dropped someone here and I heard this name, and this name, Receptionist says we don’t have anyone named Pallavi in staff, Mandar asks visitors, She asks him to check entry register, Mandar thanks her and goes, Receptionist sees Pallavi’s name on receipt and calls Mandar back and says there is Pallavi here, her relative is admitted here, she has worn grey saree and went to 5th floor, room 506.

Mandar looks for Pallavi, he sees grey saree and follows her, someome taps on Pallavi’s back, Pallavi turns around,its Mandar’s friend he says I am from KDSM blood bank here for payment, Pallavi says your driver left, where is he, he says he is on emergency call, Pallavi says okay thank you, you helped us a lot, here is money.
Mandar walks to his friend and asks for Pallavi, He says shutup this woman is married and stop chasing ladies with Pallavi named and if you have to find her you you will.

Sulochana says Milind you have only Pallavi and I care nothing about her, Milind says okay so even I dont care about you, so you and your daughter, I am not paying a single penny for you two, and takes cosmetics from them and gives to Amruta and says its yours, Sulochana says what nonsense is this, Milind says talk to Dada, he is looking after you right, Milind sees Vijay and says thank you Dada, Milind says Amruta when Raghav comes back we will party. Vijay leaves.

Sunny is bailed by Ved, Ved says you helped me once it was my turn now, Sunny says whats the catch, Ved says come I will tell you.

Pallavi sees Raghav awake and gets very happy and says I am so happy, and relax you will be fine, you had injury in head, Raghav asks what injury and why don’t I remember, Pallavi says relax Raghav we will talk later, Raghav asks who are you, Pallavi in shock, Doctor says calm down and asks sir please tell your name, Raghav says I am Raghav Rao, Doctor says okay answer my few questions, where do you leave, Raghav says RR Mansion, Doctor asks parents name, Raghav says Ajit and Jaya Rao, Doctor asks him do you know her, Raghav says no I don’t, Raghav says I want to go, Nurse gives Raghav injection to calm him down. Raghav goes to sleep

Doctor takes Pallavi aside and says Raghav has partial Amnesia, Pallavi says will he never remember me, Doctor says we dont know we have to observe him. Pallavi says do something, Doctor says his someone close can help him, Pallavi calls Jaya immediately.

Pallavi sits alone and thinking of Raghav not remembering her and their good times. Pallavi walks in the room and hears Raghav say please have this prank for some more time, and I will tell her the truth, Doctor says its unethical, Raghav says hardly one hour, Raghav sees Pallavi, Doctor says he is fine he had forced me to Prank you I am extremely sorry.

Pallavi very angry walks to Raghav and says Prank, how dare you, are you fool, you just keep troubling me, do you have any idea how hard it was when you didn’t recognise me, you are the worst, you played with my emotional, sit alone here and leaves.

Amruta reaches hospital and so does Farhad, she sees Farhad struggling with bike stand, Amruta says let me try, Farhad says its bike not Scotty, Amruta says allow me and parks it and says lets go.

Pallavi very angry and vents at Krishna, Krishna says he is Raghav we know he keeps doing it, Pallavi says my whole world was shattered when he didn’t recognise me, Krihsna says calm down, have some water and finally you have some love in your life. Pallavi says nothing of this kind, Krishna says then what is this anger and worry called, this is your love, its love where you just want to think about partner, you never felt this and so you are not accepting this, when you met when you lost Mandar Dada it was the girl who lost her husband and yesterday the one who cried hugging me was one who lost her world, trust me its love and except you two all can see it and confess it before its too late, tell Raghav how you feel about him.

Pre cap: Pallavi walks to Raghav, Raghav says sorry I didn’t want to hurt you Pallavi, Pallavi stops him and says I want to tell you something, Raghav I love…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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