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Mareez-E-Ishq (Chapter 1 – Her Life)

Her Life

Author’s POV

“Walking builds your muscles so they can take the pressure off your joints and handle more of the weight themselves. That means less pain for your knees. So please have an evening walk in the park. I’m sure you gonna feel energetic. Repeat the exercises I told you and if you face any problem, please contact me. Take care aunty.”

She said handing over the file to the old lady, who was her patient.

“Ok thank you dear. You too take care”, came the old lady’s reply.

She looked at the old woman and gave her a friendly smile. The lady wanted to speak something, but was hesitant. As if sensing her hesitation, the girl spoke.

“Aunty, is there any problem. Feel free to share it with me.”

“Beta, tell me will I be fine. I’m growing quite old so.”, asked the old lady sadly.

She looked the woman, held her hand and spoke.

“Aunty you will surely be fine. Trust me.
Growing old is humbling and it takes effort to accomplish this stage of life with dignity. And who said you are old, see it looks like a Wonder woman 2.0 is sitting in front of me. And don’t call yourself 60-years old, say it 60-years young.”

The old lady chuckled at her sweet talks and muttered a ‘God Bless You’ before exiting the the cabin.

Meet Riddhima Sharma. A soon-to-be physiotherapist by profession, who is now doing her internship at Lifeline Hospital.

Riddhima always wanted to lessen the pain of others.  It is said that ‘Physiotherapist can feel the pain of their patients and can heal them in a better way‘. Here she was now reducing the pain of people as physiotherapist.

Riddhima’s POV

“Riddhima, how come every patient coming inside your cabin smiles and go? And see me, that small child whom I treated few minutes ago was a crying mess as he left my cabin” asked Sejal, my lifeline, looking irritated.

“I guess the patient I treated was quite mature as compared to your patient, whom you said was a small child.”

“You will not accept that this is the result of your sweet talks will you. After all my Riddhima is very very very sweet and humble” she smiled.

“I guess you also have those qualities. Anyways I have to go to the library. You can join me if you want.”

“Every time you are free, you go to the library. We live in the same apartment but than to also instead of spending time with me,  you be a bookworm. At least spend some time with me” she said.

“No yarr next time” I said looking at my phone to see the time.

“Pretty please” she said showing me her puppy eyes.

I tell you this the only reason for which I feel like murdering her. Every time I deny to her, she uses the most worst weapon, her puppy eyes to change my mind. But it feels good to have people around you who are keen on spending time with you.

“Ok come” I said her and we both headed towards the park near the hospital.

It was really a place with serene environment and natural beauty. There is a beautiful and big fountain present in the middle of the park. Flowers are vast, and they conceal the freshly cut green grass. There are sun-colored daisies, vivid purple lilies, carrot tinted hydrangeas, and cotton candy pink hyacinths. I like to spend my time in the park, between the nature.

 I like to spend my time in the park, between the nature

(Picture credit: Google)

(Picture credit: Google)

Riddhima’s POV continues..

Adjusting ourselves completely on the bench, we indulged ourselves into random talks.

Sejal had always been a simple girl. She cared for me and supported me in every odds of my life. She is a kind of friend everyone want and guess what, I’m blessed to have her in my life.

While we were talking, all of a sudden Sejal squealed.

“Oh no! The reason for which I asked you out slipped out of my mind” she said taking out out her unicorn diary from her bag.

“Not again Sejal” I whined.

Let me tell you this diary of hers is really a torture for me. The stuff she writes in it is really not my cup of tea. If I would have to make a choice between a history book and her diary, I would happily go for history book because her diary is what I can’t stand for even a second.

“Now what problem do you have with this diary. You only gifted this to me on my birthday” she said.

“Gifting you this diary was the biggest mistake of my life” I muttered under my breath.

“Did you say something?” she asked.

“Did you hear something?” I replied sheepishly.

“Acha leave. Now listen you know I wrote a shayari, which is very very very nice. Wait let me tell you” she said paying no attention to my words.

“Bahut hai shikwa mujhse kuch logon ko,
Ek din ham saare shikwe door kar jayenge,
Tadap zindagi se bandhi hai maut se nahi,
Ek din han is tadap se aazad ho jayenge.”

“Aasman ke pare mukaam mil jaaye,
Khuda ko mera ye paigam mil jaaye,
Thak gayi hain dhadkane ab to chalte chalte,
Thehre saans to shayad aaram mil jaaye.”

(These shayaris belongs to their respective owner.)

This is the reason I called her diary a torture. Her diary is filled with numerous shayaris ranging from death to only death. Her talks were literally scaring the shit out of me. I kept my hands on her mouth so that she could stop speaking.

“Stop it. See the time. We are getting late and you are busy making rhymes” I replied showing her my phone screen, which indicated that it was half past six of the evening.

“Then what happened. You are worrying as if your husband waiting at home for your arrival” she said effortlessly.

I glared at her direction and she in return smiled sheepishly.

“Acha chal. Lets pick our  belongings from our cabins and head towards home. What say?” she asked in a disinterested tone.

“Yes. Don’t be late” I told her in a no nonsense tone to which she nodded her head.

Author’s POV

Both the girls went towards their cabin. After collecting their belongings, they sat in their car and headed towards their home, continuing their chit-chatting.

Friendship is about laughing together on small things, cherishing every moment you share, standing together for each other even when the world turns their backs towards them.

A person who stays by your side in your thick and thin, is patient with you, understands you as well as support is the one who can be called a true friend.

For Riddhima, the person was none other than Sejal. Sejal saw her in her bad times along with the good, supported her every moment, guided her when she was lost, and stood by her when everybody turned back. She was the one who could hold her in her weakest, someone who could do anything for her.

Little did Riddhima knew that this person on whom she could rely upon was soon going to leave her.

Her happy moments were soon going to fade away. Little did she knew that it was the last time she was with her lifeline. Her fully perfect life was going to take a totally different route.

Some awful events were going to take place in her life which would totally break her.


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Peace out !

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