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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 15

  1. Hey guys! Yesterday my exams finished and I apologize for not posting The update yesterday,i was tired so I didn’t do it…Really sorry for that but now I am back with The new episode of “Love of Life”..Hope so you like it!!
    The same day in Pragya’s House
    In Prachi’s & Shahana’s  room
    Prachi is in the room and is packing her stuff, Shahana reaches there.

Shahana – Prachi, what are you doing? Why are you packing ur bag?
Prachi hugs Shahana and cries . Shahana consoles her and tries to make her quite.
Shahana – Prachi… pls calm down and tell me what happened.
Prachi narrates the whole incident to Shahana which happened at Mehra Mansion.
Shahana – So are you packing bags for leaving?
Prachi (crying) – Yes. I hv to leave otherwise Rhea won’t accept maa, and if this happens then maa’s happiness will be snatched from her and I’ll be responsible for it. So I have to leave.
Shahana opens the cupboard and starts packing her stuff. Prachi gets shocked on seeing this.
Prachi – What are u doing Shahana? Were are you going?
Shahana – I am also coming with you.
Prachi gets shocked on hearing this.
Prachi – But why…

She gets interrupted by Shahana in between.

Shahana (gets emotional)- Listen Prachi I am your sister and it’s my duty to never-ever leave you alone. Though I am not ur real sister like Rhea , but still u are everything to me. I don’t get the point why Rhea hates u and why she wants that you should leave them forever? And how can I leave you alone, massi has given me the responsibility of taking care of you whenever she is not with u. And how did u think that I will let you go alone, I am like ur shadow, u will always find me standing at ur back, to support you.

Prachi gets emotional on hearing this and hugs her tightly.

Shahana – But what we will say to massi?
Prachi – We will make an excuse of educational tour, and  we will leave tonight about seven .
Shahana – Okay, but where will we go?
Prachi – That I hv not decided yet, but we need to leave Delhi then we can decide it afterwards.
Shahana – Okay.
Shahana & Prachi start packing their bags, Prachi leaves every memory relates to Ranbir in her cupboard as she doesn’t want to think more about him and Shahana observes her but thinks not to talk about it.

While In Kohli Mansion ( evening time)
In Pallavi’s Room
Pallavi gets up , nobody was present in her room. Taking the full advantage of this situation she calls her doctor.
Pallavi – Good evening Mr.Kapoor.
Doctor – Good evening Mrs Pallavi, I was about to call ur husband to give him the report of ur health. Mrs. Pallavi you didn’t get a heart attack yesterday, your are absolutely fine so don’t worry….
The doctor gets interrupted by Pallavi in between.
Pallavi – Doctor I know that, I am absolutely fine but don’t tell this thing to any of my family members.
Doctor – But why Mrs. Pallavi, haven’t you seen how much tensed ur all family members are for you.
Pallavi – I know that they all are worried for me but u try to understand my situation. My son wants to marry a girl named Prachi but I want him to get married to Rhea, because Prachi is marrying him for his money in short you can say that she is an absolute gold digger. And if I’ll ask Ranbir to marry Rhea he will never ever marry him as he is blind in Prachi’s love so I hv to do this. You know that a mother always wants good of her child so do I want. Hope so you understand.
Doctor was pleased by Pallavi’s talks and promises her to keep it a secret till Ranbir’s wedding.
Pallavi – Thank you doctor so much.

She gets happy and turns around to go to her bed before anyone see her but gets shocked to see Ranbir & Vikram standing there.

Pallavi – Vikram…
She acts to faint.
Ranbir – Can u just stop it..
Pallavi – Ranbir…
Ranbir (furiously) – I said stop it.

Pallavi gets scared seeing Ranbir’s anger whereas Vikram tries to calm down his anger.

Ranbir – How cheap…how cheap of u mom, you did this whole drama to keep me away from Prachi… You know that how much we both love each other but then also.. You knew that I cannot live without her . . .

Ranbir gets interrupted by Pallavi in between.

Pallavi (angrily) – Yes, I did this whole thing to keep you away from that middle -class girl Prachi. You are mad and blind in her love, she doesn’t deserve a guy like u in fact she doesn’t have this status to get u. But you don’t get it, you think that she loves you but she loves your money… She is a gold digger….
Ranbir (furiously) – Mom, how dare you to speak these ill words for Prachi. Let me clear you one thing money doesn’t matter for her… She loves me not my money, get this thing set in ur mind.
Pallavi – Ranbir… Vikram did u just see how is talking to me for that Prachi, don’t know what magic she has done over him. He was not like that he has completely changed. That middle class girl, I don’t know how much low she can stoop and  how many lives she will ruin. (Pallavi badmouth Prachi)
Ranbir feels chilled down his spines and thinks to meet Prachi to clear all the misunderstandings. Ranbir is about to leave but is stopped by Pallavi.
In the Mehra Mansion
Rhea is continually thinking about a plan to stop the wedding. Just then Meera enters her room.
Meera – Hey girl! How are you?

Rhea is lost in her own world so she doesn’t notice Meera’s presence nor she hears what she said. Meera calls out Rhea’s name several time but it doesn’t have any effect on her. Then finally she jolts her.
Meera – Where were u lost Rhea?
Rhea – Woh.. Aunty, actually I was thinking about something very important..
Meera – What’s it?
Rhea – How to stop ur and dad’s wedding.
Meera gets shocked on hearing this.
Meera – What did u just say? Don’t you want this wedding to happen?
Rhea – No , aunty I don’t want this wedding to happen it was just an act, I wanted mom to realise my importance in her life so I did it. I love mom very much and I can’t let anyone take her place in my life. Pls don’t marry dad.
Meera (shocked) – But Rhea… Mr Mehra?
Rhea – I know that dad loves mom very much and he will back off from this marriage easily. And I know that you agreed for this marriage for me and you don’t love dad (unaware of Meera’s feeling for Abhi). But Meera aunty I can’t carry the burden of ruining  three lives , hope so you understand. You know that for dad his ego os bigger so he will never back off first but if u do it then he will. Pls don’t ruin your life for me, back off from this marriage.
Meera gets tears in her eyes, she turns around and wipes her tears.
Meera – Sweetheart, I am ready to back off from this marriage. I agreed for this marriage only for and if u don’t want this to happen then I hv no problem, I don’t love Mr. Mehra (crying). I will back off.

Hearing this Rhea immediately hugs Meera and thanks her for everything.

Rhea – But Meera aunty don’t tell anything about this to anyone, tomorrow during the wedding, I will get mom and dad married.
Meera (with teary eyes) – Okay.

Rhea  gets happy as her work happened quite easily and hugs Meera. And smiles at her whereas Meera fakes her smile.

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