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Ishq mein marjawaan 2 In a Nutshell – Sample

Hey Guys,

Lets Refresh our IMMJ2 memories through Some fun packed reviews. This is just sample, From tomorrow onwards i’ll be updating from First episode (ie, from 13 July 2020).

The update will be one per 2 weeks….



I’m still not recovered from An=ryan being Black Mamba. Yaar seriously, Our Mr. Badla zaroor lelunga baaz finally did a job.😲😲
It’ll be better if our makers did a great job connecting the dots. I mean, During Ridhu’s Abortion track, Aryan said that “If son’s feet fit in to Dad’s shoe, then Son became the dad” So it’ll make a sense that Rudra was running his own bussiness under Vans’s nose as Black Mamba unbecknowst to all, and Aryan took respo when his dad died.
Even on first episode after OTT shift Aryan told that some of his men were there in the forest and saw a women in Red suit.
Aryan was trying to be close to Sara, bcz he wants to keep eye on her to make sure she is doing her job. etc etc….
I heard some news that
1)climax of the show will be of Dadi’s only.
2) It’ll be a sad but fans definetly loves it.
3) Riansh will be together.
So iguess Dadi will be killing our Black Mamba LOL or Vyom will be killing Dadi and Siya killing Vyom😂😂😂😂
But I’m not even able dislike Vyom’s character just like how Kabir affected us.

Okay Todays episode was hilarious. (I meant yesterday’s. I just watched today only)
Ridhima and Vansh’s scene
I just got flashbacks of Ridhu’s Ice-cream craving MOOD SWINGS while watching this.
Her every actions are cuteness adorable. Again we got a Pregnant Ridhu’s mood swings.
Yaar Vansh seriously? I know you have a whole unemployed Liesinghania family to look after, but still atleast give a pinch size attention to your Pregnant wife. Instead of gifting something for Apple and Orange on their marriage.
If Apple bhiyya and Orange behen got married then their child’s nomenclature : AppAnge, Arange, Applenge, Opple, OranPle , OraPle, OrangLe etc…… (SUNDAY ASSESMENT, FIND OUT OTHER NAMES FOR APPLE AND ORANGE’S CHILDREN)
And haan How could I forget about Magical carpet, Guys Mark my words. After Ridhu’s action packed stunts and these Apple-orange, magical carpet theories Dottu/Vannu is gonna be a special species. From climbing trees , jumping walls to Arranging for Apple-Orange marriage having a hard belief and faith over about Magic lamp and Magic carpet. 😂😂😂😂
Guys, literaly I was laughing while watching that. I was waiting for that scene. And Thank god our makers still remmber Sunny 👀. What di happen to him? Doesn’t Ishani felt anything after hearing name of her so called dead Boyfriend ci=um fiance? Didn’t she found him on any social media sites? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I guess thoda zyada sochliya meine 😅😅
I found Kabir’s Ridhima in Siya today. 😂😂
Kabir trained ridhima to be a Spy and she used the same aquired trait against him.
Meanwhile here, Ishani was the one to fill Sia with her so called attitude and Sia gave her back the same. Bahut accha laga 😋😋😋😋
But still Ishani has some sisterhood left.
Above all I got Anu aunt’s less evil BGM, which I was missing hard.
Everyone was waiting for this scene so far.
Don’t think Iam mad but believe me I found Vyom’s breaking Siya was because he doesn’t wanted to play with her emotion anymore In vyom said He was showing pity on her loneliness, while the next time he said he was using her.. I dunno, I guess I had fallen for Vyom/ Ankit.🤣🤣
Do you guys know, 3 days back I was lazy completing my Lab diary so I just binge watched a webseries from VOOT while completing inorder to complete my work withount backing off. And guess what I was believing Ankit was playing the Main Antagonist role till I found Cast and character name 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Iam finding positives in Vyom’s character. He was a normal family man with Underworldd background and lost of his family and guilt of not protecting them made him worse.
In Siya’s POV, Siya was happy in her own world with snake family, bhaiyya, bhabhi. Vyom breaks into that world and made a dreamland around her and Ishani being a respo Sis added more fairies into it.
I felt sad for Sia too.
TBH I was an avid shipper of SiyOm, they looked cute when Siya didn’t accquired her family traits. Another version of Beauty and Beast. But just like RiYan and KaHona makers as usual made my ship sank on ocean terribly like Titanic 😒😒😐😐
Who told that love doesn’t change person
The great example of love changes person is in VR Mansions
Vansh before Ridhim’s entry = 🦁, after = 😻
Siya before Vyom’s entry = 😸, after = 🐯🐅
I literally loved Ridhu and Dottu’s lil talk. Their mother-child bond was awesome and I am a person craving more of those.
I just loved to se old Ridhima and Siya back. I just loved Ridhima’s mature advice to Siya about Loving yourself with Sia, though its cliche, but still I loved it. But i really liked about weak and strong., And how Siya without any hesitation apologised to Ridhima.
After that Ridhima and Siya was just like their old time. More like a bestie, “I had a quiet research regarding my case, but it doesn’t helped me you can have a try.” 😅😅😅😅
Finally Siya patched up with Ridhima, when our flipper dadi is gonna patch up with Riansh?
VanGre scene.
No wonder Angre reasoned out about Ridhu’s mood swings.Ishani was on high to trouble all time with or without Mood swings🤭🤭. Vanshu engrossed in his work that he forget about his wife being Pregtnant and having moodswings. Godamn man, You’re the who taught Ridhima about her mood swings and now you’re like I don’t know nothing waali man 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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