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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 13

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Ahaan was happily driving to the airport, finally his Ishqi was coming back today. The last one month had been so difficult, yet so much fun. The late-night phone calls, numerous video calls bought them together, they shared their interests, like and dislikes and most importantly their love for each other. But he yearned to touch her, to feel her and see her in front of him. He had missed her so much. But he was anxious too, dadi had said she will not expect Isqhi. He reached airport and waited.

He was into his mobile when he heard her scream

“AVM………….” and hugged him with full force. He was shocked at first, but slowly put his arms around her.

“I missed you Ishqi” Ahaan says and hugs her close

“Haiyeee.. mera AVM, muhje miss kar rahe the.. so cute” she held his chin playfully smiling broadly.

Ahaan looked at her confused, the Isqhi he had met a month back had put a wall in front of her, she spoke nicely to him, but the bubbly girl had got lost somewhere.

“Why are you looking at me like that” she asked

“I am very happy to see you like this Isqhi” he cupped her check with his palm

“Your love pulled me back from the darkness Ahaan” she kissed his palm and he smiled.

He took her luggage and held her hand and they both started towards Ahaan’s home.

“I need to meet Maasi first Ahaan”

“Haan you can meet her too”

She looked at him confused and he just winked.

They both reached Ahaan’s home, and rang the bell “You wait here I will come in a minute” Ahaan runs from there

“ye ho kya raha hai” Isqhi thinks confused.

The door open and she walks in, and rose petals start falling on her, she looks around happily holding the petals in her palm and going round. Ahaan walks to her

“Welcome home” he says “Welcome Isqhi” she hears all the family members behind him along with her maasi. They were so happy to see her. She greets everyone and hugs her maasi. She mouths thanks you to Ahaan. She then hugs sonu.

“Bhabhi I need to talk to you” Karthik says impatiently.

“No No I want to talk to Bhabhi” Sonu says pulling Isqhi.

“Wait wait, I want to talk to her” Chachi says

“What do all these people want to talk this girl” Dadi thinks angrily

Isqhi sees Dadi and comes to take Dadi’s blessings. She takes the blessings and hugs Dadi.

“I will never let you be happy in this house” Dadi whispers smiling towards Ahaan.

Isqhi is shocked and tried to move out of the hug “ I will never allow your marriage to happen” She hears dadi say and then moves away.

“Welcome come” dadi smiles at her, and Isqhi gets more confused.

Sonu pulls Iqhi away” I can’t thank you enough Isqhi” she pace palms herself “I mean Bhabhi. Only because of you Ahaan bhai talked back to me. We had a heart to heart conversation and our bond grew stringer. He even apologized to me” tears start flowing from Sonu’s eyes. Ishqi wipes them” No tears for my Sonu, only happiness” they hug each other.

“I am so happy that your going to be my Bhabhi” Sonu tells happily.

Isqhi gets uncomfortable” we haven’t discussed about it yet”

Sonu gets alert “Don’t you love my brother”

Isqhi blushes” I do love him but..”

“Nazar na lage meri bhai aur bhabi ko” she says and puts a kajal tikka below Isqhi ear.

Karthik comes “Ab meri bari hai, I also want to talk to Isqhi”

“nahi ab meri baari hai” chachi comes and takes Isqhi from there

Karthik stamps on his foot” no one cares for me” he grumbles

Ahaan puts his hand around Karthik “Main hoon na”

“ussi baat ki toh phikar hai” Karthik murmurs

Meanwhile dadi calls someone “Send it to Ahaan Veer Malhotra. I am texting you the address”

“Now let’s see how your love will sustain Ishqi” she says to herself

Karthik finally gets hold of Isqhi “Bhabhi, I need Shefali number”

“What is this Karthik.. na hello, na hi.. na kaishi ho.. nothing.. just asking me for Shefali number.Dost dost na raha ..” she starts singing

She sees Karthik sad face “She has asked not to give Karthik, and I respect her decision. Don’t be so sad. If its written in fate you are meant to be”

She smiles and pats him on the shoulder” Now comes I will make your favorite coffee,.. it will lift your mood”

When they all were sitting and chatting the door bell rings again.

Ahaan opens it and gets a courier. He opens it and his mouth opens in shock.


What do you think is there in that courier?

Will Karthik meet Shefali?










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