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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update Anita’s new research

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori and Tiwari in garden, Angoori give flowers to Tiwari and says give to your fore father’s and says Ammaji told we need to offer this water to our fore father’s to have kids. Tiwari says I know and tell the story about fare father. Angoori mocks him. Tiwari shouts on her and says lets worship our forefathers. They both offer water. B bhu come and shouts good morning. Tiwari drops kalash and Angoori and Tiwari shouts on Vibhu. Angoori says you don’t worship snd don’t let others. Vibhu says I just said goodmorning to greet you. Angoori shouts on Vibhu and says go from here I don’t want to see your face. Tiwari shouts and says gest lost from here. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Angoori says you know hindi so go from here now, says to Tiwari he disturbed our pooja.

Anu talking on phone with someone for night stay. Helan come listing to her. Anu hungs up phone. Helan where are you planning to go. Anu mocks her. Vibhu says where are you planning to go. Anu says I’m doing research on Lawni dancer Chaave Jholkar and I’m her big fan, she started her lawni dancing career from kholapur hut and now she is Maharashtra number 1 lawni dancer so I’m doing research on her. Vibhu says you should research on yourself you arr quiet complicated. Anu says I’m not asking you foe any suggestions, today evening you have to come with me to ram narayan market. Vibhu says why. Anu says because I’m doing research on her and we have to go and meet her brother to take more information regarding Chaave Jholkar. Vibhu says go snd meet. Anu says we both have to meet him he called us for dinner. Vibhu says wao lets go I like marathi food. Anu says there is a catch you have to cook dinner I promised him you will make lady finger raita and chapati because he is old. Vibhu points toward Helan and says she is also old.

Tiwari and Angoori in balcony. Tiwari says why are you troubling Ammaji for such small thing. Angoori says our pooja didn’t complete so we need to tell Ammaji. Tiwari says she will create mess. Angoori says what if she ask me after 2-3 months are you pregnant then, what happen if she get to know after some time she will fell bad. Angoori calls Ammaji says and says we were doing pooja but we got distracted. Ammaji says this is bad omen and don’t do this pooja again and see he didn’t get distracted and hungs up. Tiwari talks to himself says I’m already distracted towards Anu. Angoori says what did you said. Tiwari says i said nothing and ask her to dry clothes.

Anu and Tiwari goes to Mr. Jholkar house. Anu says anybody home. Tiwari says I think so we came to wrong house. Jholkar come and says who do you want. Vibhu says are you Mr. Jholkar. Jholkar says yes. Anu says I talked to you on Phone. Jholkar yes you are Anita Mishra and says who is this guy your servant. Anu says hes is my husband who Cook very good. Jholkar says I’m sorry and sees what is this. Anu say’s this is your food. Jholkar takes tiffin from them and start eating, says what are you looking at me do you want to have food, if you want to eat first you have to anghol (bath in marathi). Vibhu misunderstand and says yes. Anu talks to herself says this uncle is talking about taking bath in marathi. Anu says to uncle this world is cruel if you don’t abuse the world, the world will abuse you. Uncle mocks him. Vibhu says he is crazy. Anu says he is talking about taking bath. Vibhu says how do you know. Anu says I’m doing research on marathi lady and these are some common words. Uncle says to Anu did your husband miss understood, Anghol means to take bath, shower. Vibhu says I understood. Anu say’s if you give me permission then may I go miss Chhavi room. Uncle says yes you can go this way everything is as it is and start crying says you can find her hand written diary. Vibhu says easy on lady finger it’ll get stuck in your throat its crispy. Uncle says you’re very naughty. Vibhu says I’ll be back. Anu and Vibhu goes to Chhavi room. Anu looks in a jewelery box and says this is her jewelery. Vibhu says don’t see or that uncle will get mad. Anu says I came to research I’ll see if you have problem go and sleep. Vibhu says how will I sleep there are bes bugs I’ll go and rome around somewhere. Anu gets a file and open see’s someone dancing in front of her .

TMT sitting together having drinks. Teeka says to Tillu you got do much go shop is open bring something for us. Tillu says nonsense I don’t have money. TMT start fighting. Masterji and Gupta come, Masterji come why are you fighting this time. Malkhan says is there any particular time to fight. Gupta says why are you fighting like beasts, idiots. Tillu says talk to us respectfully otherwise ill humiliate you. Gupta says don’t talk me like this, says to Masterji I was being romantic with my wife few days back and an empty bottle come and hits her head. Masterji says did they threw that bottle. Malkhan says I’m sorry. Tillu mocks Gupta. Gupta says you are useless you should go snd do some work. Teeka says we are not literate wo will give us work. Masterji says sell you talent, you must know how to sing or olay a instrument. Gupta says listen he is teacher what good thing he is saying see ho many people became famous because pf there talent. Malkhan says to Tillu we know how to play. Tillu says yes we’ve been playing on people for all these years. Teeka says I’m talking about performance. Tillu says yes you are right we will open a band and name it as TMT band.

Tiwari talking on phone with Chaudhary and shouting on him, Tiwari says don’t be abusive and hungs up phone. Angoori come and says have tea. Tiwari says this Chaudhary took goods from me worth 5 lakh rupees but not paying me. Angoori says calm down you are educated give him reply. Tiwari says what do you mean. Angoori says I mean like Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar how he used is education in protest same way you can use law to give him reply.

Anu singing and dancing with TMT. Anu talking to Tiwari and flirts with him. Tiwari gets shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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