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Barrister Babu Comments Analysis

Hi guys, This is just a message I would like to convey to all of you. I have been reading the comments section of Barrister Babu’s written update for a long time and I have been noticing that some of you have been writing some rude replies to people expressing their opinion on the show. Now let’s think about what a comment is in the first place. A comment is a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. So the comments section of the written update is to write comments on the written episode posted also known as expressing your opinion on that serial or episode. Kindly remember that everyone has a right to comment in the comments section because the comments text box is available to everyone so that they can express their views and opinions on the serial Barrister Babu.

Now, I have seen a few mean replies to people who have been expressing their views of the serial. Like Jiya and Hope. Many people attack them for expressing their opinions and viewpoints. I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is nothing wrong with what they are saying. They are just expressing their feelings. They too are writing ‘comments’. It is not nice to be mean.


Now, this is what I want to say to those who have been writing mean replies to Hope. Look, I understand that most of you have the opinion that there should be a romance between Anirudh and Bondita. In fact, it’s my opinion too. But that does not mean that you criticise, use hurtful words and disrespect his opinion. Remember, not everyone has the same opinion. I too read Hope’s comments. I don’t think he said anything wrong about the serial, he just expressed an opinion. He just wanted to think of something different for a change so he was just expressing his point. He is free to express his opinion on an episode. He just said that he doesn’t like a particular part of the serial post leap and he also expressed what funny and cute parts he liked, but he doesn’t like romance and cheesiness. Which is okay, but that doesn’t mean he is a hater. He likes some parts and doesn’t like some. So what’s wrong with expressing it? After all, he can comment. Is it hate? No, he is just expressing an opinion. You cannot force him to look through your perspective, as this is wrong. He told both the positive sides and the negative sides of it. He is not pressurizing the makers; he is just telling what he feels. So please do not be rude. And yes the big problem of enmity was created by Chandrachur in the serial. So it does revolve around him. Whatever Hope said was not wrong. I think he likes Chandrachur because of his acting. Which is true, he acts well. Maybe he thinks that Chandrachur’s acting is underrated. So he is just saying that he likes that particular actor. And the same applies to whatever he said for Aurra, choti Bondita. And reading his comments, we don’t know whether he has watched Barrister Babu from the beginning or not, so we cannot comment on that.  You guys also can reply and express your opinion, but please do it politely without words like annoying bedbug, rants, if you don’t like the serial don’t watch it etc…

That is why I request you to kindly stop hurting Hope with rude comments.

My reply to Hope: Hope, you have strong opinions on the show and you express them well too. I appreciate these qualities in you. It is only natural for people to think about another storyline further or think of alternative outcomes. I find you creative, the way you think in a different way. There is nothing wrong with what you did. You did not say anything mean to anyone. You just thought of something new. But unfortunately, there will be fewer people who will understand you. So next time you write a comment, I suggest that you can write at the end of the comment, “Feel free to give your opinions on my comment, but kindly do not reply if you are going to write something mean or hurtful about me.”


Now, Jiya just expressed her opinion on Bondita using ‘tu’ for her mother and you all literally bashed her for that. Please try to understand that it was her opinion on the serial. You guys might have told her about why it is like that, but maybe she still felt that it is disrespectful. Maybe because in her family tu for elders is strictly forbidden. You never know why she is writing about this. So please don’t be mean.

My reply to Jiya: Jiya, your view is not wrong. In the 1930s, they used to use tu to show love to their mother. Tu just means that there is a close bond. You see, if Bondita really disrespected her mother, she would never touch her feet and ask for blessings. In those days everyone used tu for mothers, so it would be weird if she used aap. In the villages especially, it is normal. And if Sumati asks Bondita to use aap and to stop using tu, Bondita will happily agree and never use tu again. So, you get what I mean.

And regarding, the 15th July scene 10:17, firstly, the writers are from the 21st century and so they wrote as per our generation.  I know it was a big deal if someone removed their parent’s hands and shouted in the 1930s, but the makers did not want to focus on her behaviour as they only have 20 to 25 minutes for one episode and if they focused on Bondita’s behaviour then everyone would think that they just wasted the time of the episode where other important things should have been shown.

Just imagine, after Bondita did this if her mom were to slap her and scold her over it for some time, they are going off the main point and track of the show, so they can’t do that and waste time. This is not the case in real life. In real life, there is not main track or concept. Our life is not a tv serial. Please understand this. Secondly, Bondita shouted because usually, actors have to shout in order to show that they are stressing on some topic and not knowing what they are saying and then they keep quiet realising that they opened their mouth at the wrong time. Shouting and leaving the hands was also in order to express an emotion that an actor has to portray.

Imagine Bondita saying the same thing without shouting and leaving the hands in a low tone, there would not be any expression and it would not look like real serial acting. It is fine in real life, but in a serial, it won’t look good. So let me just say that if Bondita would be someone from the real-life 1930s, she wouldn’t have shouted or left her hands but just told it in a low volume.

If you have any more doubts on this, please feel free to comment and will give you a more detailed explanation on this topic.

Guys, please don’t get me wrong. I tried to explain this to you politely so that you won’t feel bad. Feel free to comment on this as I would love to know your perspectives and opinions, but please don’t be rude or use hurtful words.

Thank You 😊.

Stay home🏠, Stay Safe❤.

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