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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh brings dhumralochan to mata parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kartikeya taking indra dev and vayu dev on mayur raj back to graveyard in Kailash. Dhumralochan follows them on his bird. Indra dev says this demon is following us kartikeya, we have to stop him. Kartikeya says yes I can see, we need to go faster. Dhumralochan then throws a spear on kartikeya, kartikeya sees and mayur flies faster. As they go faster, kartikeya says devraj and vayu dev, you both go, I will take care of dhumralochan. Indra dev says but how can we leave you like this? Kartikeya says don’t worry about me, I will deal with him, now go. Indra dev and vayu dev disappear. Dhumralochan says where did these gods go? I will kill this kartikeya. Suddenly ganesh comes on mushak and he stops the spear. Kartikeya turns back and goes to ganesh and says what are you doing

here? Ganesh breaks the spear and throws it down, dhumralochan stops and says you elephant head, you came again?
Ganesh talks with kartikeya and says brother I have been thinking, now I came to protect you, you so easily risked your life to save the gods. Ganesh says I think we should tell this demon where we have hid the gods, why should we risk our lives? Lets just tell him and go. Kartikeya understands it is a plan and says ganesh think again, why should we risk the lives of gods and let the demons win? Ganesh says brother, the gods will protect themselves we should tell this demon. Dhumralochan thinks if I take the gods by myself to shumbh, then king shumbh will be happy. Kartikeya says okay ganesh, as you wish.
Ganesh says dhumralochan, we will tell you where the gods are, follow us. Dhumralochan goes behind ganesh and kartikeya. Ganesh brings them to the cave. Dhumralochan says where are the gods? Why did you bring me to this cave? Ganesh says the gods are inside but I will also warn you, there is an invisible shield at the entrance of the cave, so you will have to remove the woman out of you and only then enter the cave. Dhumralochan laughs and says a woman? Are you mad kid? I am a demon and a man, not like those cheap women, I will go in. kartikeya says to ganesh, think again ganesh, even we are gods. Ganesh says yes brother I know, let the demons win, we will see. Dhumralochan tries to enter the cave but is pushed back from the shield. Dhumralochan says what is this? Ganesh says I already warned, there is a shield here, now you do what you want to. Ganesh says to kartikeya, brother our work here is done, we have brought dhumralochan to mata, mata mahashakti will teach him a lesson. Ganesh and kartikeya go back to the graveyard. Dhumralochan tries entering the cave again but is pushed back, he sees behind and says where did they go?
There indra dev says ganesh ji, why did you take dhumralochan to mata mahashakti? Ganesh says I took him because everyone in this universe is a child of mata and everyone deserves a chance, dhumralochan could have believed in a woman and with bhakti he should have prayed to mata but he did not and instead insulted a woman, he was given a chance but he did not change, he will be punished now.
There the cave portal opens and dhumralochan sees inside all goddesses doing Pooja of mata mahashakti. Dhumralochan says so the goddesses are here, and who is that even more beautiful and divya woman? She is so beautiful. Mata mahashakti looks angrily at dhumralochan with her eyes red. Dhumralochan says wow, I like that, she is beautiful and angry too.
Suddenly the clouds thunder and lightning starts falling on dhumralochan. Dhumralochan says what is happening?

Precap: ganesh takes vinayaki avatar and goes to battle against the demons with all the gods, goddesses and the army and mata mahashakti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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