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Piya Albela 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update

Piya Albela 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul telling Angraj that Surbhi doesn’t know about the secret locker. Angraj says it opens with three persons finger prints and Naren is one among them. Dr. Kiran takes unconscious Naren’s fingerprints on the machine. Angraj acts and tells Supriya that don’t know what happened to Pooja. He says he doesn’t know. Dada ji asks where is Pooja? Naren tells that she was out of control so he gave her medicine to make her sleep. Harsha asks why you gave her sleeping pill and says she will do drama after waking up. Surbhi acts to feel pity on Pooja. Angraj is about to go to room, thinks Pooja must be inebriated and can’t betray him, when Pooja comes out and asks them if they need passports. Rahul and Surbhi try to take passport. She steps on table. Angraj asks her to go to room.

Pooja asks if you need passport or not. She says they will have some entertainment and says they will play the game and she will return their passports. She asks what did he mix in drink. She says she wants to dance. Angraj asks what I shall do to get the passports.

Some people comes to Satish and praises Pooja. Kusum says she knew that she will make it big. Rachel shows him invitation card, but Satish refuses to go.

Pooja calls him Angraj and fake Naren. She asks him to play violin and says she is waiting. Surbhi tells Rahul that Angraj doesn’t know how to play violin. Rahul says Angraj will be exposed now. Supriya asks Angraj not to play Violin. Harish also says the same. Pooja asks Angraj to play it and end the matter. She asks if he doesn’t know how to play violin. She says everyone know that you relation is old with Violin. Dada ji asks him to play it. Pooja says you have copied face, voice, and shall copy playing violin also. She thinks what do you think that I will drink it. She thinks she got that sherbet changed by Danish. Angraj tries to play violin, but he couldn’t. Pooja tells that it seems he can’t play. Angraj plays music shocking Pooja. Everyone smiles. Dr. Kiran thinks 2 fingers are left and the machine stopped. Naren gains consciousness and asks why Pooja is doing this with me. Dr.Kiran thinks what to tell him that Pooja is not involved. Tribal man comes and says they will kill him today. Naren kicks the machine. Angraj asks Pooja what she would like to hear.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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