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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manika and Ananya make a plan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh wearing the sherwani. Kanchan says you look good. She fixes a broach and shows him. He reads Vishan. She says yes, its bit of you and me, one word which starts with your name and ends on my name. He asks what does this mean. She says love. They smile. He says thanks, pandit gave three dates for engagement, but I want to say the date I finalized, if you agree. She says yes, say. He says 5 july. She gets shocked.

She recalls the past. He says listen to me, I want you to remember this date with a good memory, you shouldn’t cry, I want to change your memory with this date, you will remember our engagement. Kanchan agrees. He thanks her. Manika calls Ananya and tells everything about Kanchan’s strange reaction. Manika says you have to find Kanchan’s past.

Ananya says I don’t care, I hope something bad happened with her, I want her out of the house. Shubham talks to his lover on call. Dhara knocks the door and asks can you hear my voice. She calls him. She gets worried. He gets angry. Manika asks what happened. Dhara says Shubham is inside, door is locked. Manika asks him to open the door, is he fine. He opens the door. Manika asks is he fine. He gets angry. Dhara asks whom were you talking to. He asks Dhara to give him some space, leave. Manika and Dhara leave.

Dhara asks is Shubham in touch with his lover. Manika says don’t ask me, you learn to manage your family, I have put his happiness on stake and got you here, do your wife’s duty. Dhara cries. Manika goes. Inspector calls on landline. He asks for Vishesh. He says we didn’t get the CCTV footage till now, we will try and inform him. She gets the details. She thinks about the matter. Vishesh sends earrings for Kanchan. She says its lovely, but costly. He says wear it and make a video call. She smiles. Kirti takes the earring and says I will wear it first. Kanchan says return it, its a gift. She runs after Kirti. Kirti takes the phone and says you forgot how much I helped you, you didn’t gift me. He says wait, I didn’t forget you, your gifts are on the way. He tells them about Ananya. Kanchan gets thinking. Rajmata says this time, Kanchan will sit in Jhanki, she is the would be queen, I have informed mum, she is in Sanyasi ashram, I don’t think she can come, Kuldevi jhanki is imp for us, everything should be best. She goes.

Manika and Ananya talk on call. Ananya says mum is disrespecting us, world will laugh on us, we have to do everything before marriage. Manika says yes, we have to find out. Kanchan calls Ananya and apologizes. Ananya says how dare you call me. Kanchan says I m going to get related with you, at least think for Vishesh and listen to me, I will try, will you try, think for everyone. Ananya scolds her and disconnects the call. Manika says this was a good chance to talk to Kanchan about her past, what does Vishesh want to know about the accident, there is some connection, you should befriend her. Ananya agrees and thinks to make Kanchan away from Vishesh.

Rajmata asks Kanchan to sit in the jhanki as Devi Swaroop. Kanchan says I can’t sit in the jhanki, I m not pure. Vishesh says who said so, you are pure. She says you tell the truth to Rajmata. He refuses. Ananya comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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