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Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishab asks Preeta the truth

Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan sys to Karina that there will be problem if she calls her, they will all get tensed, Shristhri will be able to control himself but what will Sarla and Dadi do. Karan makes Rakhi and Dadi come on his side, Mahesh says that they must not call them but rather they should call the police, Rishab agrees and starts to dial the number, Karan stops him by the does not listen, Preeta says that Karan has to tell Rishab something, he feels that Preeta is a dumbo and as she got him in a tight corner, He say that they must gather slid proof against him, Karan asks everyone to leave, Rakhi asks Preeta if she feels safe in their house, Preeta answers that she is okay, Rakhi sees a scratch on her hand and gets worried, she asks Sameer to bring a first aid kit and ropes to fasten Sanju so that he cannot escape,

Karan asks everyone to go back to sleep and they leave, Sameer asks Karan for forgiveness but he says that it is alright as he was the one who brought him out of the room,
Preeta goes into her room and calls Sarla, Dadi asks Sarla to get ready as Shristhri will soon bring the auto, Shristhri comes but Preeta calls and they all get anxious to hear from her, Sarla is crying and ask if she is okay and she says that she is alright and there is nothing to worry, Preeta confirms her that there is nothing t worry and she says that she will come just to see her, she says that she cannot as everyone is sleeping and she can come in the morning, Sarla agrees after they all pressurize her,
Sameer asks Karan for forgiveness and says that it is all because of him and it is his fault, he says that he wants to asks Preeta for forgiveness, Karan says that he will take care of everything, he asks him to go and sleep, Sameer says that he will not and will stay in the living room guarding Sanju and as soon as he wakes he will call everyone, Karan agrees feeling his guilt, Sameer hugs him and leaves.
Mahesh is in his bad when Rakhi comes, he asks if their mother went to sleep, Rakhi says that she got into bed but she is not sure she will sleep, Rakhi is confused to which Mahesh says that he feels that Karan is lying, Rakhi disagrees and Mahesh goes to sleep.
Karan comes into Preeta room and says that he is happy that he kicked Sanju very badly, Preeta is very tensed, he ask her to which she says that her mother is very tense because of her, Karan asks who told her even when his mother told everyone not to call, Preeta stops him saying that no one called and she came to now it by her instinct, she says that she is a true mother, Karan is amazed and says that whenever he used to get a call from his mother about his health he always thought that it was general, Preeta says that it was her instincts regarding him she says that she is guilty that she did not tell her mother anything regarding Sherlin, Karan stops her but she s adamant and he also agrees saying that she looks good when she is smiling, Preeta stops smiling he says that he should have not complimented her as she stopped smiling, Preeta says that there is nothing like this. Karan asks her to close the door and sleep, he is leaving when she says that she will not get scared, he pranks her saying that she got scared just by his voice, he asks her to be careful saying that Sanju is close, Preeta replies, there is nothing t worry as he will come to save her, Karan says that he will be there for her and will not leave her side, as she means the most to him.
Karan says that they are even, Preeta ask as to what is he talking about, Karan says that she saved him and now he saved her and so they are even, she agrees, saying that they should tell everyone the truth, Karan disagrees saying that they will not, they will first talk to the doctor as she awakes from her sleep, Karan is talking with Preeta, saying that no one should know of their secret, Rishab asks as to what is the secret, both of them stand confused, Karan tries to make an excuse but Rishab says that he knows that he is lying.

Precap: Rishab asks Preeta to tell him the truth, she says that Sherlin is having an affair and is going to become the mother of that person’s child.

Update Credit to: Sona

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