Shivangi – riansh’s daughter , who is 7years old .
Shivangi’s POV –
That day , when I saw that scenario in front of my sees , I collapsed , my mom(riddima) , stood there with no expression like a pillar , I can’t believe my eyes , I want to burst out my heart and wanted to break down , but still I holded myself to support my Mother , I can’t believe my eyes , what is visible in front of me made me horrified , what happened today is the worst thing of my life , I doesn’t wanted to stay there anymore , and went inside my room , I sat a side , balancing my self to a wall , and started crying , how could this happen , why it happened ?? , I am a weak and sensitive girl , I can’t stay strong , I can’t control myself out of this situation , this is like a worst nightmare to me , which will haunt me everyday every night , every second , it will be always haunting me , I am just petrified to even think of it , I saw the king of my heart , my dad , been carried in a coffin , I doesn’t understand , then some strange and terrific thoughts started to overcome my mind , then I saw a officer giving away my papa’s clothes and other assesories to my mom , then I saw which shooked me to the core , it’s my dad’s dead body , he’s dead !!!! , how could he leave me ?? , How could he leave his princess very easily , he is an army officer , who went to catch some terrorists , who tried to enter the border of india , he went two days back he assured me , that he will come back , he promised me , but he broke his promise , leaving me all alone , leaving me like this , I wanted to stay with him , my whole lifetime , but he left me , how could he ?? , I want him back , I miss his kisses at night and morning , his hugs , which give warmth and peace to me , his stories , which he will narrate , when I will sleep , I miss him , I miss him a lot , my eyes fell on his cupboard , I opened it , I took out his white shirt , and hugged it tightly , I imagined my dad in it , I dozed off there ,

Flashback ends

Back to present –

Shivangi’s POV –

And finally , it was the day of father’s day , I saw soo many students in the school , who are wishing their father’s . I was sad , that I lost him , but still , then I remembered his words ” Be strong and stay strong , fear is just the imagination of your brain , don’t make it overcome you ” ,

Shivangi’s POV ends .

She closed her eyes tightly to stop her continuously flowing tears , she decided to stay strong .

Shivangi – I know very well you are not with me , but you will always remain in my thoughts , I miss you dad , I miss you .

Sorry for the short one , thank you , and salute to the jawaan , who will sacrifice their lives for us 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

              JAI HIND !! ….


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