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You are my love (Riansh) part 46 by [email protected]

Guys pls comment , I am Not getting enough comments. I am not feeling motivated. I am thinking to stop writing . Pls  , chappals , tomato’s, eggs mat marna… I am just thinking to stop writing.

Today’s Episode starts…
The next day…
VR mansion
Vansh and ridhima were in their room and vansh about to go office .
Ridhima- vansh
Vansh- yes
Ridhima- vansh I want to talk to you
Vansh- ridhima not now , after coming from office…ok bye sweetheart
Ridhima- par..van
He goes .
Ridhima- ok after coming I will tell him the truth .

In the afternoon
Vansh comes from office. He ears his lunch and goes to his room. Ridhima was present there.
Ridhima- vanshh
Vansh- yes
Ridhima- I want to talk
Vansh- ridhima not now I am very tired .
Ridhima- ok
She felt sad and went to poolside .
She sat there .
Ridhima- vansh doesn’t listen to me . I want to tell him the truth , why is he not listening to me , why ? No ridhima calm down . He will listen , now he is tired , he will listen me.

She was siting . Then suddenly a man comes and places his hand on her mouth and blocks her mouth .Ridhima turns towards him .

Ridhima- Raj…yo..you
Raj – hi baby doll.
He comes close to her .
Ridhima- no no get away from me , don’t come close .
Then she closes her eyes and after a while she opens her eyes and then she faints .

Vansh was searching for Ridhima. He came to poolside and was shocked seeing her faint .

Vansh- Ridhima , ridhimaaaa , wake up
Everyone gathers there.
Ishani – bhabhi ,bhabhi , bhai what happened to her ?
Vansh- I don’t know she fainted .
Angre – bhai , I am calling the doctor
Vansh nods in yes .

The doctor comes . He checks ridhima .
Doctor – Mr . Rai singhania , she is fine but  she fainted due to stress . I think she wants to tell you something but she is not able to tell . She is facing mental issues . Take care of her and do not give her much stress.

Vansh nods in yes .
The doctor goes .
Dadi – vansh we are going , you take care of her .

Vansh nods in yes . After a while Ridhima opens her eyes . Sh sits .
Vansh- Ridhima lay down .
Ridhima- no vansh , I am fine .
Vansh gives her water , she drinks it .
Vansh- better
Ridhima- hmm
Vansh- Ridhima you told me that you what to talk to me , say .
Ridhima hugs vansh  very tightly .
Ridhima- vansh today I am going to say you the biggest truth of my life , the biggest revelation. Pls listen .
Vansh , you remember Mr. Raj your business partner.
Vansh- yes
Ridhima- vansh before marrying you , Raj was my fiancee .

Vansh was shocked .

Vansh- what

Ridhima-yes vansh before marrying, Raj was my fiancee , Raj was kabir bhai ‘s best friends younger brother . Everyday he and his brother you used to come our house . One day Raj proposed me  for marriage. I was not having any feelings for him at all. But for sake of kabir bhai I agreed to marry him . 3 days before our I went to his house to give him the invitation cards . I went to his house but the door was locked . So I thought to go back but suddenly, I saw Raj in the hose through the window . I was shocked .

Then I thought to call him through window but after going near to window I saw a women there . I was shocked . Then I came to know from his talks with that women  that Raj is already married . The woman was his wife . I was shocked . Raj was saying the women that he will kill her and take all her property and he also added that he don’t want to marry me , he only want’s my property . I was broken from inside. Then he saw me near the window.

Raj – ridhima

I tried to go from there but couldn’t he opened the door and forcefully took me to inside his house . He tied me with ropes . He tied my mouth with clothes . I was crying , he was beating me . I was bleeding .

Then his wife saw this . She came to help me but Raj killed her . In -front of me . Vansh I couldn’t do anything , I couldn’t do anything . Then somehow I managed to escape .then I went to kabir bhai and told this . He was about to complain to police . But the next day he kidnapped me and and ,
Ridhima cries…

Vansh- and, ridhima pls tell.
MAN – rest I am  telling
Ridhima- kabir bhai
She hugged him .
Kabir – vansh , that Raj tried to molest ridhima…he tried to touch my princess

Vansh was fuming in anger , his eyes turned red .
Ridhima was crying inconsolably.
Vansh hugged her .
Vansh- I will punish that rascal.how dare he tried to torture you and touch you .
I will kill him
Kabir- me too , i will kill him .
Vansh – but after that what happened?
Kabir – after that , I told him that I will not complain to police , then he left ridhima.
Vansh- ridhima i promise you , that rascal would be punished and very cruely.
He hugs ridhima .

To be continued…

Guys the mystery is out .comment down that how was the mystery . So as I said earlier I am thinking to stop writing .

Thank you



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