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My love TS (part 2)

Thanks for the Love and support my dear readers I’m overwhelmed by your response and comments 😃 sorry guys for late update since I was busy in my Brother’s marriage I couldn’t update hope you guys understand

Precap : Riddhima get shot , vansh comes to know about her pregnancy riddhima is saved Anupriya tries to kill riddhima

Episode starts with Anupriya was in pool of blood

Kabir was there with Gun in the hand

Riddhima smirked and Vansh was Shocked “KABIR”

Anupriya was breathing her last – KABIR what have you done why did you shot me

Kabir – Its because of you ANYPRIYA not Vansh or his family I lost the basic love and support of a family not only me, because of you Riddhima lost her childhood and Angre lost his sister YOU NOT JUST SEPARATED A SIBLINGS BUT YOU BROKEN TWO FAMILIES ALL TOGETHER more than that you broke me and you SEPERATED ME FROM MY FATHER WHY why why you have made me to undergo this much difficulties in life what am I a sin to you what I have done to you why you have done this to me

Slowly anupriya dies

Kabir – I’m sorry vansh because of us you both gone through this much I’ll leave your lifes now and I’m sorry riddhima I know sorry is a small word but if you can please accept my apology

Vansh and Riddhima see each other and smile “its ok kabir” and Kabir leaves them

After 2 days Riddhima get discharged

After 6 Months

VR Mansion

It was godhbharai of Riddhima and naming ceremony of Ishani’s Child

Dadi and Chachu was running here and there to check the decoration

Chanchal – Ma ji we received foods too

Dadi – Good Chanchal take them in. Angre

Angre – Yes dadi

Dadi – where is Ishani And Baby.

Angre – they are ready don’t worry

(Ishani Gave birth to a baby girl a week before)

Dadi – ok Riddhima??

Angre – just going to check her

Dadi – Fast Angre

Angre – Ji dadi

Dadi – And Rudhra have called Pandit

Rudhra – Yes ma

Dadi – Are Girish check the decoration there Remove that flowers Riddhima is Allergy of that flowers

Riansh Room

Riddhima was getting ready a bubbly girl was making her ready

Angre sees from outside the room and smile seeing the girls enjoying he was happy and can’t believe that he got his sisters back whom he was searching for years he was mad on himself that even though Riddhima was with him he could not recognize his princess and he got a choti too


It was After Riddhima got discharged

Riddhima – Angre ji I want to tell you something

Angre- Ji Bhabhi

Riddhima – Bittu Bhaiya you remember your Princess and Chutki I know where is they

Angre (with tears)– How do you know about my princess and Chutki you know where are they I have been searching for them past 18 years wait what you called me Bittu Bhaiya

Vansh – Angre your princess is standing before you

Angre was shocked and asked conformation to riddhu

Riddhima nodded- Ah Bittu Bhai I’m your Princess

Angre was happy and could not hold it more he gave a bone crushing hug to his Princess

Angre –My Princess ( and kissed on her forehead ) how do you found this boss

Vansh showed DNA Reports

Angre – Thank you boss I cannot tell you how happy I’m And Princess Where is Chutki

Riddhima – Bhai Actually

Angre – Ah Princess where is she she was with you Right

Riddhima – Ah bhai she was with me but now she is in Kolkata

Angre – what I can’t understand

Riddhima – That day you were in our home in manali right with Granny

Angre nodded

Me Dad mom and chutki was travelling in the car we were visiting Maasi (Aunt’s) home that time somebody attacked us dad was fighting with them and told mom to take us and run mom did the same we both ran and since we don’t know root to their home we missed roots to Maasi’s home and mom taken us safely to a nearby orphanage and got a promise from us that we have stay there still either mom or dad come and pick up us we waited for a long time after 2 days maasi reached orphanage and she took us with them from there our new life started and after few years we came to know about mom and dad was killed by a don since our dad was a ….

Angrey thoughts was disturbed by a voice shouting “Bhai”

                          Mishti alies Chutki Angre's sister and Ridz twin sister saumya's cousin 

                          Mishti alies Chutki Angre’s sister and Ridz twin sister saumya’s cousin

Angrey – Arey Chutki why are you late

Chutki – Bhai Traffic was heavy that’s why by the way are the girls ready

Angrey – Absolutely donno about Princess and choti but Ishani and my doll are ready lets go and checkup her

Chutki – ok let’s go

Chutki and angrey enters and She shouts I’m back

Riddhima was first shocked but immediately ran hugged her Chutki and after that She hugged her Laddu

Riddhima was first shocked but immediately ran hugged her Chutki and after that She hugged her Laddu

                                          Saumya alies Laddu Angrey ridz and Mish’s cousin

Riddhima – He Mish why are u late

Chutki – sorry Ridz Traffic was heavy that’s why, well laddu when did you came back from Australia

Laddu – Di I came today morning only

Riddhima – how am I looking?

Chutki – like a Christmas tree (and laughs)

Riddhima – what (and beats her )

Laddu – leave is Di you are bubbly bubbly like panda

Riddhima – Panda (shocked and started to cry )

Laddu and Chutki was shocked and calming down her and says “we were pulling your legs you look gorgeous swa/di”

Riddhima – really??

They both nodded

Angrey was happy to see his sisters but missing his parents badly and was praying

Angrey’s pov

Mom dad where ever you Are bless us without your blessing we are incomplete, I wanna see my sisters my family happy forever

Pov ends

Angrey wiped his tears which had come out due to happiness he clicked pics of them and riddhima left to the washroom

Angrey – laddu, chutki go and have something I’ll bring Princess ok

Laddu and Chutki – but bittu bhai…

Angrey – listen to me go have something ( with a stern face )

They both agreed after they left angrey took a box contained his moms anklets Riddhima came back from the washroom

Riddhima – Bhai where are they

Angre – Princess I have sent them to have something Chutki certainly did not have something and Laddu came only this morning absolutely she also might not have eaten properly

Riddhima – Ah Bhai you are right

Angrey – Princess

Riddhima who was checking herself in the mirror – Ah Bhai

Angrey – it is my gift

Riddhima turns sees and get emotional – Bhai is it

Angrey – Mom’s anklets I wanna gift you this

Riddhima was emotional hugged him and Angre reciprocated it back

Riddhima – I can’t express how happy I’m

Angrey – I can understand Princess I love you

Riddhima – Awww I love you too

“You love me only am I right or am I right Sweetheart” a voice from behind

Angrey smirked and know who was it Obviously his Boss/Jiju Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania who else

Riddhima – No I hate you Bhai please tell your boss to get out I don’t wanna talk to him

Angre and Vansh was shocked and asked – What but why?

Riddhima – He doesn’t love me any more

Angre was stunned – what happened that made you to feel that boss doesn’t loves you

Riddhima – you yourself ask him Bhai

Angre comes near Vansh – Boss what happened you both had a fight

Vansh – Angre you know me I won’t fight with her that too in this situation she will have a some misunderstanding (towards riddhima) Sweet heart please tell me what I have done I don’t remember

Riddhima – wow Mr Vr wow and you don’t remember now you forget you have a wife too

Angre – but Princess tell me what happened why you are angry

Riddhima – bhai you know yesterday he promised me he will help me to get ready me but see now he left as soon as Laddu arrived and always he want to see ,me ugly see me I become fat like a panda( start to weep )

Angre see his sister and feels pitty on both of them hiss Princess and on jiju cum boss Angre replied “no my Princess is looking gorgeous even more cute now”

Vansh was shocked but he can understand it’s his mistake he was not present with his Riddhima since he had an unplanned meeting he went to attend it and could not be with his wife in getting her ready for her special day

Angrey leaves the room so that love birds deal with each other

Vansh comes near Riddhima and consoles her – sorry Riddhu sorry baby I made your mumma cry on her important day

Riddhima – Baby tell your papa that I’m Angry on him

Vansh – what can I do baby to convince your mumma shall I bring chocolate

Riddhima – Baby say your papa that I don’t want anything

Vansh – Ok baby ask your mumma to slap me if she wants

Riddhima – vansh Am I that cruel to slap you no ( vansh was happy ) listen to me and do whatever I say then I’ll forgive you

Vansh – yes sweetheart

Riddhima – vansh remove your pants

Vansh was confused – ah

Riddhima – vansh do whatever I say

Vansh nodded and done same but he was unaware of her action he removed it

Riddhima – come near me

Vansh done the same



Riddhima pinched and twisted his thighs vansh shouted ‘ahhh’ (what you guys thought 😜 )

(Vansh was shocked and was in pain)

Riddhima while twisting his thighs– listen to me Mr. Interesting this is the last warning if you fail or broke your promise again you will sleep in the backyard of VR mansion for next 1 month understand ah ??

Vansh was terrified and nodded his head like a small child

Riddhima – now I forgiven you come on all are waiting for us ah before that put your pants and come one more thing don’t ever try to say what I have done to you now to any one especially bhai else you will face worse consequences

Vansh –No no no sweetheart ill not tell to anyone

Vansh was shocked to see this side of his sweetheart

He wore his pants and came down with his sweetheart

First Ishangre Baby was ready to named the pooja was done and it’s the time to name the baby’s name

Pandit called baby’s Bua Riddhima and her Chutki came and Angrey called “Saumya come here”

Saumya – But Bhaiya how come I can

Angrey – Why not you are my sister Laddu I’m your brother my doll is lucky to get bua like you

Riddhima and Mishti – and we

Angrey – Aww you too My sweet sisters

Saumya was emotional and hugged Angrey Ridshti also joined them in the hug

Riddhima , Mishti and saumya discussed the name and names angrey baby as Uma everyone was happy and emotional too and it’s a time for Riddhima’s baby shower every one gift her it was a time of vansh comes to her and kisses her and says thanks for the wonderful gift you are going to give me sweet heart and my surprise for you today is

“Riddhima” a girl shouted

Riddhima was happy to see her bestie Sejal
( so the girl was sejal ) and she gifted her a box

Riddhima was surprised and grin happily “glass Bangles it’s my favorite” and she wore it and was extremely happy

After some time every one danced the function got over they left every one retired to their respective rooms

Next day was a usual morning for raisinghania’s riddhima waked up due to a phone call she comes silently to a place

AS – Agent swa , AR- Agent Rags

AS – yes agent Swa here”

AR -Agent rags here over

AS- What information agent

AR- The message is we found a lead to victim agent Swa

AS – Agent rags find the victim asap

AR -Yes agent but this time is your mission as well its chief order

AS- Yes agent rags we started it we will complete as well

 Next day

Riddhima went for jogging , she came late vansh was pacing around tensedly

Dadi – don’t worry vansh she will return she told me she is going for a jog

vansh – she would have told me dadi

on the entrance they could see two of them entering its with laughter seeing it our vansh was envying they were speaking like long lost  friends “By the way good joke  please  bhabhi im your devar right please help me in proposing sejal “

”  arey  aryan your love words should from your heart I can just give you an idea “

 “really thank you bhabhi ” and hugs her

   yes that was aryan and Our ridz , here our VR become JR

vansh –  Riddhima

Riddhima and aryan looked at the owner of the voice

vansh  comes near them continued – where have you went riddhima and you didn’t inform me too

riddhima – I informed dadi vansh I went for a jog

Dadi – I was saying the same riddhu but he is not listening to me

vansh – Why you  didn’t tell me anything I would have accompanied you why you went for a jogging that too in this situation

Aryan – relax bhai we just went for a jog

vansh – Are you riddhima ( he nodded no ) then Shut your mouth aryan I asked only her

aryan become silent

Riddhima – calm down vansh  why are you tensed this much I saw you sleeping well I just not wanted to disturb you thats why by the way who said pregnant women can’t go for a jog absolutely they can go and do exercise ok

Dadi – she is saying right vansh pregnant women should do some work so that at the time of delivery it will be easy for them

Riddhu – manish manish (Worker )

servvant – yes mam

riddhu – Is it ready whatever I said to do

saumya – ah di every thing is ready

“ok get the food  after my order asap ok you may go now” saying this riddhima asks ” aryan shall we “

“yes bhabhi”  both left from there leaving vansh confused

vansh called Saumya and asked  “laddu whats happening here “

saumya replies “exercise jiju”

vansh – but…

saumya –  dont worry she will come once she completes her excercise

At Breakfast table

They all sit for break fast riddhima completes her exercise and comes after freshing up she sat near dadi and servant serve her break fast

and she had protein milkshake with it vansh was stunned because usually she used to eat unhealthy dishes like aloo poori or some fried items but today She is having the heathy items he decided to ask her change in her health conscious in food in b...

and she had protein milkshake with it vansh was stunned because usually she used to eat unhealthy dishes like aloo poori or some fried items but today She is having the heathy items he decided to ask her change in her health conscious in food in between she gets a call

“yes sister ….


 I’ll be there in 30 minutes ok “

She is a Orthopedic Surgeon

she cuts the call and says” call from the hospital i have to go bye everyone” and comes to vansh kiss in his cheek and says ” bye vansh “

she leaves with a smile and vansh smiles to her kiss

others were giggling

Ishani – aryan Bhabhi is getting romantic day by day and sure bhai is flat for her one kiss

vansh  says ” shut up ishani ” with smile and hides his blush  and leaves from there

precap : somebody enters Vr mansion, Agent’s secret is out

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