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My Internet Wale Friends #RIANSH OS by Tanya K

Hi guys I’m back with another os of mine, POV of Riddhima is my POV.


Hi everyone I’m Riddhima Vansh Raisighania. I want to share about MY INTERNET WALE FRIENDS.

They all are very close to me, we never met each other but I feel good while talking to them.

First in my friend’s group is MENNA HUSSAIN.

My Mennu di she is really very amazing. She really encourages me a lot. And a very special thing is this me and Mennu di are birthday twins. She is really very adorable. When I started writing on this platform she really encouraged me a lot. We don’t talk much but I really feel nice while talking to her. Her writing skills are FAB. I love her ff and os a lot. We both share a sisterly bond.

Then come GAURI, gauri di is really cute and adorable. I feel good while talking to her. She is like a sister to me, she also encouraged me a lot when I started writing my first ff on TU. Her comments on my stories make me really very happy. She is my very nice friend. Her writing skills are really very amazing. My day didn’t start without reading her stories.

Then come PRIYANSHI, my Priyanshi di she also very encouraging, she is really very adorable. She also encourages me a lot in writing FFs or OS. Her one comment is enough to make me happy.  She also writes amazing. Her all ffs are my favorite.

Then PARITA, my parita di or parita ma’am she is really very amazing. Her one comment always makes me happy. She really supports me a lot, I didn’t talk with her that much. She is also very amazing writer. I really love her stories.

Then AAYU, aayu di she is also very nice friend of mine, I never talked with her much privately. But I feel she is really very adorable and cute. She also writes fabulous stories.

Then AARUSHI, Aarushi and I are of almost same age, she is really amazing. Her comments are always awesome.

Then PRAGYA, how can I forget her, she is 3 years younger then me. She also encouraged me a lot when I started my ff. One day I asked her if she is liking my ff or not so she said, I don’t like your ff, I love them, why did someone said you something, if yes then I will not leave him/her😝. She is really cute.

Then AISHA,  Aisha di is really very nice, her one comment makes me happy. Her ff is really awesome. I just love her writing skills.

Then RADHIKA, radhika di is everyone’s favourite, she is able to make everyone happy and laugh by her cute talks. She is really cute and adorable. She always comment on my stories and make me happy.

Then NIYATI, niyati di is very awesome and is able to make me smile by her comments. Her writing skills are FAB.

I really wish that I can meet them in my life. My internet wale friends are very special to me. And I feel special while talking to them.

The End.

This Os conveys my feeling for my TU friends in the form of RIDDHIMA’S P.O.V. I hope that we all can meet and do some PAWRIS together. Love you all a lot.❤




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