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Happy Father’s day #Riansh OS by Aayu


 I was just overwhelmed to see your love towards my stories Thank you so much!

See Situations are making me write.. I am not in a state to write but I wrote this for my brother, he is having a story telling competition on father’s Day so thought to give you #Riansh version..I don’t want to write but his pleading and blackmailing 🤧 you all would you have to agree your siblings blackmailing.🥺(their puppy eyes) and our secrets 😬

Okay enough of rubbish!

Let’s start,

Warning!!:- ⚠️ Emotional stuff⚠️

Vanya:- Papa I want a pic with you teacher has asked it for.

Vansh:- princess I am not looking good! I am tired will click tomorrow..

Vanya:- papa it’s important!

Vansh:- Ask your mom she will click a pic..

When Riddhima who just entered burst into laughter..

Vansh:- what happened?🤨

Vanya was signalling Riddhima not to blurt out anything 🙏🏻

Riddhima:- 🤣 Nothing Vansh why don’t you just click a photo it will hardly take one minute..

Vanya:- he is saying he is not looking good..

Riddhima:- You don’t have to impress her teacher! 😒

Vansh:- v.o.h..Vanya why don’t you use our previous clicked pictures?😉

Vanya:- Papa I want a recent picture..

Vansh:- Acha I will freshen up and will catch up then you can click as many pictures as you want..

Vanya:- sure but pls don’t take 1 hours

Riddhima:- yes pls you don’t have to go to any party 😐

Vanya:- Mom at that time papa takes 2 hours 😆

Vansh:- Done!!

Irritated Vansh scrunch his eyebrows and went towards the washroom..

Vanya:- mom what was the need to laugh, he must have known that it was for father’s day..

Riddhima:- So what to do he was saying that you should click pictures with me for the activity of father’s day.😂


Vanya:- papa!!

A lone tear escaped from her eyes..

She innocently says wiping the tears..

“Papa is in heaven also time runs?

And you wake up before sun comes..

Papa is in heaven also 

 today is father’s day?

Daughters there with their

father must be enjoying

Papa is there someone to remind you 

that today is something special 

That we used to count every night 

Before going to bed after gazing at the stars…

Papa is there a book of Mars 

That talk about our stars?

Papa are you not missing our walks,

And talks that we do when evening 

Was about to go?

Papa are you not missing our laughter 

At mom’s poor jokes..

At night when we pranked

Mom and in return, we got ranked!

Papa, you have long talks with God?

About those, you left behind.

Have you told him all the stories

That you have treasured for me?

Papa people there will be so

Happy with you.

The silly jokes and play you play?

Accha heaven will be full of songs

That you used to sing along,

The way you did here?

You will be always with me na,

To guide me as you did?

Remember you will always there

Where? In my heart!

I can bet God must have planned a 

Great party there.

To celebrate with

Father’s like you..”


(I am really sorry 🥺🤧 don’t wanted to write this much Emotional but😔)


Wiping all her tears bringing a smile on her face for her mom she went towards the voice..

Vanya:- yes mom!!

Riddhima:- Not getting late for your school?

Go and get ready fast!

Vanya:- Mom can I take a leave today?

Riddhima:- Are you okay?

She was tensed she touched her forehead to check her temperature..



Riddhima:- okay! You sit here I will bring breakfast.

As soon as Riddhima went Vanya eye’s started crying.

She was not crying her eyes were crying after Vansh left her she is only a body she don’t posses any Emotions of happiness,joy, positive vibes nothing!

But for her mom she is the most positive soul..

But the pain she is having inside out..

Riddhima also don’t show her? Emotions of lossing Vansh to Vanya both are just hidding their pain with each other..

Why so?

Why can’t they share?

They don’t want to share pain!

But sharing pain is the most important act for a mind and soul to be in peace but…

They were not in peace,both were lost in the middle of their emotions..

One love for her father,

And one love for her love!

This day was the most beautiful day for Vanya but it turns into the most difficult day for her..

She missed her superhero badly her partner in crime, she was missing her dad!

She was sitting there but her heart was running at full speed..she closed her eyes…

Ho oo oo ooo

Meri duniya meri duniya

Meri duniya tu hi ve

Meri khushiya meri khushiya

Meri khushiya tu hi ve

Meri duniya meri duniya

Meri duniya tu hi ve

Meri khushiya meri khushiya

Meri khushiya tu hi ve

Raat din tere liye sajde karu

Duyaien maangu re

Mein yahan appne liye rab se

Teri balaein mangu re

Ho oo oo ooo

Vansh:- close your eyes I am counting till 3 you must slept

Vanya:- till 3 ? It’s soo short

Vansh:- you have wasted your 2 seconds..

3.9 3.8 3.7 3.6…………..

Vanya:- dad😙

Vansh:- I can do anything for my princess 😉 Acha now sleep

Tune hi jeena sikhaya

Humlogo ko accha inshan banaya

Zindagi hai tera saaya

Anjanao ko seedha rasta deekhaya

Tu nai ek roshni le aai hai

Jeevan ki raahon mein

Har ghadi guzre teri

Saari umar abb apne baahon mein

Riddhima:- Vanya where are you lost?

Vanya jerked and opened her eyes and immidiately check her cheeks if they were wet or not..

Vanya:- No where !😔

Mom I am coming in a minute..

She went towards her room and picked a photo frame..

Vanya:- Dad why you left me? I trouble you that’s why?

If possible pls come back..I know mumma feel lonely she is also missing you but..

She remembered something and picked something from her drawer and ran towards Riddhima..

She hugged her and gave her the card she picked up from drawer..

Tears were present on both faces. Pain was there in both hearts but a unknown smile also find it way to their face…

Both hugged each other tightly…

The card was!

The End!!

I am a posting it today as I don’t want to ruin tomorrow with this Emotional piece…

My brother was saying “I did a mistake asking u to write”..🤧

Ek toh likha upar se khe raha h Emotional h😒


Do tell me how it is..


And a good news RBTBU will be out in 2-3 days…🥳🙃

Take care!

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