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#Happy Father’s Day! (IMMJ2 One Shot)

Hey everyone, double update today! Enjoy!

A/N: It’s not my plot, read it in a book. I have made some changes. Just giving you Riansh or you can say Riva and Vansh version for father’s day!

Let’s start:

To Riva, Vansh was a figure to be feared and avoided. Every morning before going to work, he came into her room and gave her a casual kiss, to which she responded,”Bye Papa!”

And oh, what a sigh of relief she got when the sound of the car went fainter and fainter.

In the evening when he come home she stood near the staircase and heard his voice,
“Bring my tea in drawing room along with newspaper! And Riddhima, please go and bring my slippers.”

“Riva”, Riddhima would call her, ” Go and help you Papa”.

Slowly she went to the drawing room. By that time, he has his spectacles on and looked at her over them which was terrifying for her!
“Well Riva, hurry up and bring my cup of tea fast from that table.”

She did so.

“Have you been a good girl today?”

“I d-dont know, Papa!”

” You d-dont know? If you stutter like this, your mom will take you to doctor and he will give you an injection!”

She never stuttered with other people, but only with Vansh, as she find it hard to say the words properly in front of him.
Everyday she think that why God gave me such kind of father? He never comes with my in my school, always busy in doing work and even on Sunday, sleeping most of the time! Am I not his real daughter?
She saw many fathers who would play with their child and were somewhat retired types, but she is a small girl, so she doesn’t think much.

One day, she had to made a project for her school. She didn’t find any sheets, so she went to her parents’ room and find some beautiful sheets there. She tore them and made what she wanted.

Later that night, there was a huge ruckus in the house. Vansh’s great speech of his meeting lost. He asked everyone but could not find. Then Riddhima went to Riva’s room and asked about it. Riva nodded in replying yes!

That’s it, she got to know it was important paper of her Papa! She was so scared
Later Vansh came to her room with an iron ruler in hand and marched towards Riva. She was hell scared.

“A punishment should be made for you to make you understand, that you should not touch things that don’t belong to you!” Said the grumpy Vansh!

And he beated her with ruler. She was crying very much. Whole night she couldn’t sleep properly!
She was just thinking that why she is so unlucky!

Then one day, Riddhima went to her friend’s house. That night, Riva and Vansh were alone in house.
Riva was very scared to sleep as everyday she get some strange and horrible dreams, but Riddhima slept with her so didn’t had any problem. But today no one is there for her!
She then slept after a lot of efforts. But then…
Same old nightmare, a butcher with an knife and a rope, who came nearer and nearer with a dreadful smile.

Riva shouted” Mumma!!!!!”

When she opened her eyes, she founded Vansh beside her

Vansh: “What happened?”

Riva: “Oh! A dream, very bad, I want mumma!”

Vansh picked her in his arms an took her to riansh room. Carefully tucking her on bed, she snuggled more close to him.
“Calm down, relax. Here, run you feet against my legs and get them warm” said Vansh.

Riva thought: ” He is hard, but it’s nice hardness” and laughed mentally at her thoughts!

Vansh slept before than her, being exhausted fully after a hectic day.

A funny feeling ran in Riva’s mind! Poor Papa, not so big, no one is there to take care of him. Doing so much of work, and get exhausted. Sunday is his day for relaxation, and what she was thinking!
She stirred suddenly, and sighed.

“What’s the matter? Another dream?” Asked Vansh.

“Oh”, said Riva, “My head’s on your heart. I can hear it going. What a big heart you have got, dear Papa!”

Some fathers don’t play with their child, so you all think he is not nice than mom. What if you mom also will work like him? Will you think the same? So please respect you father and love him, as he doing this much of hardwork  for you future needs!

Love you Papa! Please come back soon na, I am missing you badly! Please 🥺🥺🥺!!!

Sorry if you find it bit runny, I just wanted to showcase the main things, which children think!

That’s it. Hope you liked it. Do tell me how was it…
Take care…


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