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Friendship goals ? ~Riansh #ss (Part 3)

Before starting my story, I’m sorry all of you because as I told comments are not getting posted in some of ff’s, I wrote 5-6 times in each ff’s but it didn’t get posted😟, I’ve read all and it’s awesome❤❤❤. I’ve made a list on which my comments not get posted(perks of being me😂😂) I’ll try to comment on all the post if its not get posted then I’ll write before my story.

Here’s link of previous part,

Ok so no more bakwas let’s start with the story;

At airport entrance a car with VR logo and a jeep with many people holding guns stops and people of jeep came down and surrounded the car and a man came out of the car. Because of his aura people at airport stopped to see him. Seeing this he smirked. (Guess toh kar liya hoga)

Man’s POV,
Finally going back to Mumbai to meet my lifelines….,ofcourse my family and my bestfriends. How much I missed my cute little panda and kabutar, I’ll be meeting them after long time. These 5 years without them were like body without soul. But I’m afraid, yes vansh raisinghania is afraid because I didn’t tell riddhu that I’m coming but I told kabir. And by now he had already told riddhu. She’ll kill me.
POV ends

Vansh was on his way to his jet and texted kabir that ” I’m coming but what’s the weather is their?”

Kabir texted back “weather is very hot and only you can calm it”

Vansh “not again kabir, why you annoy her when you know her she’s short tempered”

Kabir “sorry, wait how do you know that I had done something”

Vansh” let me come I’ll see you and answer your stupid question. Bye”

Kabir “bye”

Vansh to himself so as I thought she’s very angry.(hope you’ll get that here they referred riddhu as weather😂) get ready Vansh Raisinghania you are going towards your death.

After travelling for 5 hours 30 minutes and so, he reached Mumbai airport. Security is very tight (after all great VR came back), vansh hid his face with cap and mask and came at entrance at airport. At airport his lifelines were waiting for him. He came and hugged kabir and riddhu together. They were very happy to meet each other after so long time.

K: welcome back bro. Missed you so much. And this time you are not going anywhere you’ll be living with us from now. Dare you to talk about going back.

Saying so he hugged him again (#kavagoals😂)

V: kabir, I also missed you and our banter and how are you and uncle aunty?

K: I’m fully fine as you can see and mom dad they were missing you the most.

V: ohk I also missed them most.

R: welcome back Mr. Raisinghania. Hope you’ll enjoy your little time here(mai bhul gayi thi riddhu bhi hai yaha aur gussa hai dono se😅)

Reality striked to both the boys and they turned towards riddhu anyone can see fear on their faces.

V: Riddhu, I missed you soooo muchhhhh. More than this kabutar(side change kar liya isne very bad😂) and I know he troubled you a lot but we’ll give him punishment together. Ok?

R: awww you missed me this much that you didn’t informed me about your coming and informed this kabutar. Go I’ll not talk to you.

Saying so she left toward her car.

K: bro what a great welcome you got by her(and started laughing)

Vansh glared at him. After sometime riddhima came with car and they left for house. Riddhima at driving seat, vansh beside her and kabir snoring at back seat(😂😂). There was total silence in car. So vansh taking initiative tried to talk with riddhima.

V: riddhima

No response

V: riddhu

No response

V: riddhu I’m so sorry next time if I’ll do this surely you can beat me I’ll not stop you but please don’t do this to me. I’m your jaan na please… pleaseee. See I’m holding my ears, I’m sorry.

Seeing no response he got teary eyes. Riddhima sees this and thought,” awww my baby elephant is crying, riddhu enough stop it talk to him”.
After that riddhima started laughing and vansh saw this.

R: aww vansh I didn’t thought that great VR will cry. I’m not angry with anyone I’m the happiest person ever because my best friend came back.

V: so you were teasing me (on which riddhima nodded) I thought you are angry with me and you can kill me anytime.

R: vaise I was but if you dared to go again I’ll surely kill you without any mercy. Btw how are you and your buisness?

V: I’m totally fine and buisness is also going great and now I can be careless because you are there to take care of mine.

R: ohh come out for your lala land, I’m not your nanny to take care of your.

V: but you’re my best friend.

To be continued….

Hope you’ll like it. I tried my best to write funny because yesterday everyone were emotional.
Any suggestions regarding this one so please tell me. Love you all❤❤❤

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