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Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah- an omnibus of humorous fiction

The world through the lens of the wise Tarak Mehta, the author and fire brigade of Jethalal. The show is set within the vicinity of the Gokuldham Society that is been described as “mini-India”. Home to people of all communities and religions found in India, the society is enlivened by the many encounters and out-of-box situations. The residents face many sticky situations and land into trouble at the drop of a hat. Their world seems tailor-made for predicaments of a certain kind that lead to ROFL moments. The everyday situations and the common man’s struggle to find solutions is depicted beautifully in the show. Jethalal is the central character and the show draws major laughs through his antics. He always manages to grab the attention of others with his prosperous but troublesome fortune. He deals with problems of all kinds and Tarak Mehta as usual always comes to his rescue. The show is a journey to simpler times and fuzz-free innocent characters are a reminder of that.

Jethalal lives in a house of misfits but they still live amicably. The patriarch of the family Babuji is an ideal man, uncorrupt and patriotic. His disciplined and articulate nature always rubs off with Jethalal’s casual approach. Daya, Jethalal’s wife is a doting wife and a mother who speaks with a hoarse and loud voice. His son Tappu is a mischievous but intelligent kid who has grown up under the influence of an idealist Babuji. Jethalal has a soft corner for cooperative’s fellow member Babita, a beautiful and smart woman. Jetahlal shares bittersweet relations with her husband Iyer and they are always engaged in a duel of upmanship. Jethalal also has constant squabbles with the society’s upright and uptight secretary and teacher Bhide. His hilarious encounters with these characters make up for his lazy and sluggish attitude.

The show is loosely based on writer Tarak Mehta’s accounts on various journals and is created and produced by Asit Kumar Modi. The show is one of the longest-running shows in India and is loved by audiences of all ages. Tarak Mehta’s quips and anecdotes at the end of each episode merges seamlessly with the plot. His views offer a mirror-like point of view and he perceives the world with his rose-tinted glasses.

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