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VIEWS ON ANNS (darsh and nandini)

Heyyy guyz,

I’m back after almost a year. I was very busy, so couldn’t post anything. 

I’m here to talk about ANNS which started airing few months back. I like the concept, as well as the cast. But, I don’t like the way shobith was made to sacrifice his love. I mean, yes, he wasn’t forced to do so. He could tell he was in love with someone. But, he didn’t. And, now he’s turning into a negative guy. He didn’t think how will charmi react to it. Atleast, he could tell her he is doing this for his brother. But, he kept her in the dark by ignoring her calls. Maybe, she would understand if he would have explained. He can’t blame darsh or rajvee for this. Somewhere he is also at fault. And, doesn’t rajvee know how gunjan is. She knew she is not that good, how could she expect her to be a good match for shobith

Shobith’s life is ruined. He knew he loves someone else. And he and gunjan cannot be happy because he doesn’t love her. Rajvee should have discussed about this deal with her FIL or atleast her husband. Just because shobith agreed to get married, how could she let it happen?? Knowing that shobith barely knows that girl. I hope shobith changes to his old self. But, one thing is for sure, rajvee always showed that she loves darsh more than shobith. She kept on blaming him for the accident.If she would try to talk to him, like how she does for darsh, then maybe he could share with her about charmi

And, nandini shouldn’t hide about rakla and gunjan from darsh atleast. I’m sure later on darsh will get to know about this. And, there might be a rift b/w them. 

I like the bond that rajvee and nandini share. Looks, like their relation will be strong. And, when darsh doesn’t stand by nandini, rajvee will. 


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