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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabhakar Vent out His Anger On Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anushka is leaving from the office after changing her clothes. Siddhant comes there. Anushka asks where were you all day? Siddhant says he was in his office, it was a busy day. Anushka is leaving. Siddhant asks what happened to your fashion sense, you are looking jhalli. Anushka recalls everyone complimenting her on her dress and leaves in her car.

Prabhakar thinks of Siddhant’s care for him. Sharma calls him and tells that Reddy corp godown is raided and asks him to ask Siddhant, and also ask how he got proofs against Goel. Prabhakar is shocked. He gets a call and goes to KK. Srikant tells that Noida godown is sealed due to GST payment as they claim. He tells that we came to know that their officer is having problem with you or your son. He asks him to resolve their issues with

the officer. KK asks Srikant not to talk to Prabhakar like that and asks Prabhakar if this is true. Prabhakar is silent. KK says Prabhakar will make everything fine. Prabhakar says sorry KK. KK says it happens. Prabhakar comes home and asks Gayatri to send Siddhant to his room and don’t tell him anything. Gayatri calls him and thinks why he is not picking the call. Siddhant comes home. Gayatri informs him that Prabhakar is angry and asked him to meet him. Siddhant asks her to relax and goes to Prabhakar’s room, but he is not there. Prabhakar is on terrace repairing the light while it is on. Siddhant says I will do it. Prabhakar says I had appreciated you, but you are not going to change.

Siddhant asks what did I do? Prabhakar says your work affects me, today I have to feel ashamed and apologized to KK because of you. He says you have blackmailed Sharma to give the info about Goel and that’s why he got Srikant’s warehouse sealed. Siddhant says Purva and Maa will not know this. He says I thought your perception changed after whatever I have done for you. Prabhakar asks did you do favor on me and asks if this is how a father and son’s relation. Siddhant says I didn’t mean that. Prabhakar says you said right that I can take care of my family, and I don’t need your ways. Siddhant says you never gets happy, this is your problem. He says I don’t know why you are upset, it Ira doubled crossed you or if I have done what you couldn’t do. He asks why you always dislikes my doings and asks him to say what he shall do. Prabhakar says if you think I am a hurdle in your way then I will move from your way, but don’t know what you will become. Siddhant says I will become something if you are not on my way. Prabhakar says our ways are different now. Light falls down and breaks. Prabhakar and Siddhant looks at it.

Anushka gets a call from her friend. She tells her that Mira have a baby. She says lets go and meet her. Anushka asks about her boyfriend Daksh. Her friend says she has broken up with him. She says she has a new boyfriend, but don’t notice her. Anushka says she has a boyfriend who noticed him when she had worn a simple dress. Friend says he has a Swag. Anushka thinks of Siddhant.

Gayatri gets Mama ji’s call and wears Pallu. Mama ji asks her about Prabhakar and asks if she thought about Siddhant’s marriage and tells her that Tillu’s daughter Madhurima has graduated law and gives their whatsapp number, and asks them to send Siddhant’s pic. Gayatri says ok and asks Purva to send Siddhant’s pic. Purva says she will send his bike pic. Anushka takes her selfies in different dresses and tags it me and my fashion sense. She posts it on social networking site and waits for Siddhant’s like. Siddhant thinks of Prabhakar’s words, takes tea and drinks it. Purva sees Anushka’s pics and thinks why did she upload it, for whom. Gayatri asks Siddhant what Prabhakar said last night. Siddhant says nothing. Gayatri says he said that he gave liberty to you. Purva gets girl’s pic for Siddhant. Gayatri tells Siddhant about the alliance. Siddhant refuses for marriage. Gayatri says she needs bahu and shows him Anushka’s pics instead. Purva asks him to scroll and see. Siddhant stares the pics. Gayatri asks if he liked the girl. Siddhant returns phone to Purva and leaves. Purva tells that Bhai was looking at Anushka’s pic. Siddhant thinks of Anushka and Girl’s proposal. He sits on his bike.

Karthik congratulates KK for getting his dream project back. Prabhakar asks KK to choose between airline deal and him. KK is shocked. Anushka asks Srikant if he congratulated Siddhant. Srikant asks for what? Anushka says he is getting married. Siddhant looks on upset.

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