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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev cuts jalandhar’s head.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev and Jalandhar fighting. Mahadev thinks how is Jalandhar living my attacks? Jalandhar attacks mahadev again and mahadev easily stops the attack. Vrinda sees and thinks my love, he cannot be killed by shiv too. Mahadev gets angrier. Parvati says to ganesh and kartikeya, the more times Jalandhar will get up from the dead, the more mahadev will get angry. We have to do something. Ganesh says I am confused, I am not understanding how is Jalandhar not dying even from father’s attacks?
There brahma dev says if this continues, mahadev’s anger will be destructible to the entire universe.
Mahadev gets angry and his eyes become red, mahadev comes in mid-air and looks angrily at Jalandhar. Jalandhar is shocked. Mahadev’s 3rd eye opens and Jalandhar gets attacked

by mahadev’s attacks. Jalandhar gets electrified and falls on ground. Jalandhar dies and vrinda see. Vrinda cries and says no! my swami is dead! Mahadev comes on ground. Jalandhar suddenly gets up again and laughs. Jalandhar says shiv, you cannot kill me, how many times do I say? But I can kill you, I will kill you shiv. Jalandhar removes his weapon and then runs towards mahadev. Mahadev removes his swords and their weapons clash. Indra dev says what is the reason? Why isn’t Jalandhar dying? Ganesh says father’s anger is on his peak and if it increases, the entire universe will be destroyed. Something has to be done to calm down his anger. Ganesh says I have an idea!
There mahadev and Jalandhar fight and mahadev attacks Jalandhar with the swords, he then puts some cuts on Jalandhar. Jalandhar regenerates and attacks mahadev again. Vrinda sees and says my love is the greatest god alive and no one can kill him, yes my love, kill shiv. Mahadev kills Jalandhar again but he gets up again alive and laughs. Jalandhar then attacks mahadev and both fly in air as mahadev attacks Jalandhar with his spells. Ganesh, parvati and kartikeya now stand around a shiv ling and put water slowly on it using pots and they say a prayer to calm down mahadev’s anger. Mahadev brings down Jalandhar on ground and his eyes become white and anger calms down. Mahadev turns his back on Jalandhar and kicks him behind on ground. Jalandhar runs towards mahadev and mahadev turns and cuts jaalndhar’s head off. Vrinda is shocked and she cries. Mahadev opens the ground and jalandhar’s body falls into patal lok but It suddenly stop and comes back up and the head joins his body. Jalandhar is alive again and he laughs. Mahadev smiles. Jalandhar says I am angry now shiv.
Ganesh says why isn’t Jalandhar dying?

Precap: lord Vishnu tells ganesh that vrinda has a wish that her husband cannot die until she dies. Ganesh goes to jaladnhar’s palace to confront vrinda.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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