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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar fights mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with lord vishnu saving garud and himself. Lord Vishnu comes back to kailash and mahadev says narayana! Jalandhar has become egoistic, he has to be punished. Mahadev goes outside the palace as jalandhar stands there. Jalandhar says finally you came here shiv, see I defeated your soldier Vishnu, now I will kill you too. mahadev smiles, and says jalandhar you were defeated from lord Vishnu and you are fake, you try to show everyone you won even though you have lost, you shall be punished jalandhar. Jalandhar says I am not scared of you shiv, I give you a chance, accept your defeat and I will keep you as a god in my court and give you a work. Mahadev says jalandhar, I and the tridev, we all made the rules for the world and you went to tamper with them, you shall be punished for

what you have done. Jalandhar gets angry and says I thought of giving you a chance but you wont change shiv. Jalandhar attacks a spell on mahadev and says I will defeat you. There vrinda is worried. Mahadev stops the spell easily with his trishul. Jalandhar is shocked. Mahadev removes his paash. Vrinda is scared and has tears. mahadev attack his paash on jalandhar.
There vrinda says no! my love! Vrinda cries. There jalandhar sees as his attack is destroyed by paash and it heads towards jalandhar. Jaladnhar suddenly stops the paash and says shiv, you cannot kill me. Mahadev thinks how did he stop my paash? No one can stop my paash. Jalandhar throws the paash back on mahadev. Mahadev sees as paash comes near him. jalandhar says shiv, you will die from your own weapon. Suddenly the paash is stopped by a shield around mahadev. Mahadev takes the paash back in his hand. Jalandhar is shocked. Vrinda says please my love, come back to me. Ganesh says today jalandhar will be ended for his sins. There mahadev swings the paash in air and throws it back on jalandhar. Now together, many paash head towards jalandhar to attack him. jalandhar says first there was only 1 paash, now there are so many. As all paash head towards jalandhar, vrinda seems scared. Jalandhar sees all paash come towards, suddenly all of them hit jalandhar and he is pinned to the ground as his body cuts in pieces. Jalandhar falls on ground and screams in pain. Ganesh says finally, jalandhar has been killed, mahadev killed him. all gods are happy and they smile. Vrinda screams and cries, she says no my swami is dead, rishi shokracharya had told him not to go near shiv or he would kill him, why did he go? there mahadev turns back to go inside the palace. Suddenly jalandhar’s breathing voice is heard, mahadev turns back and sees him. jalandhar gets up and laughs. He says shiv, you thought you killed me? That wont happen, see I am here. Jalandhar removes all paash from his body and throws it down. jalandhar regenerates and then says shiv I gave you a chance to be a god in my court, you can go and be the god of patal lok under the earth but you wont listen. Jalandhar starts becoming huge and says I will show you my power. Mahadev starts becoming huge, he becomes very huge even larger than jalandhar and entire kailash. Jalandhar looks shocked at mahadev.

Precap: mahadev cuts the head of jalandhar. The head comes back on his body. Mahadev thinks no one can live my attacks, what is happening with jalandhar? Ganesh says something is wrong, I have to find out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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