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Udaan 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini apologizes to Chakor

Udaan 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chakor, Suraj and everyone coming to Imli. She gets shocked and hides the tattoo machine. Suraj asks what are you doing with my daughter. Chakor hugs Saanvi. Karan asks them to take care and goes. Imli starts mad drama. Kasturi says this is not your bahu and grandchild. Imli apologizes. Chakor says fine, its god we got Saanvi. Suraj asks pandit to get old woman treated by doctor. They all leave.

Tejaswini apologizes to Chakor. Suraj says you should have been careful, that old woman is weak and could have fallen down with Saanvi, and she is a stranger, how can we trust her. Tejaswini says I didn’t know that old woman will take her home. Chakor says Saanvi will be safe with us, you should have thought of it. She goes. Tejaswini accepts her mistake. Suraj says its not about mistake,

Chakor always stays afraid, we all worry for Saanvi, we shouldn’t be careless. He goes. Kasturi consoles Tejaswini.

Its morning, Suraj gets ready and says where is everyone, I m going to new office, its first day. Tejaswini and Chakor get curd sugar. They laugh. They ask each other to feed first. He waits and gets fed by them. Tejaswini doesn’t take Saanvi and goes. He promises he won’t let her dreams break. He romances. She asks him to go for work. He says this is wrong, I m asking for a little kiss. She kisses him. He says I will also kiss you and go. He kisses her. She says now leave, Saanvi is saying bye. He asks Saanvi to trouble Chakor and keep her busy all day. He goes. Kasturi comes and meets Chakor. She says a mum is child’s strength and weakness, you fell down once in childhood, I ran to hold you, you got up, laughed and ran again, I stopped scolding you, I knew you can take care, every mum loves child, when love crosses limits, its not good for mum and child.

She says Tejaswini raised Suraj, she won’t do wrong with Saanvi, you didn’t do right to say all that to her. Chakor says I love Saanvi a lot, I didn’t wish to hurt Tejaswini. She says you also worry for me and got halwa for me. Suraj presents his idea. Karan opposes and says we came here to make new things, not to repair old things. I didn’t like this, we have to do everything quick. Suraj says we will find some way. Karan says I decided right to get you on this project, you will save my money and time. Suraj says I will try my best and joins hands. Chakor sings lullaby for Saanvi. Suraj comes and holds her. He also sings.

She asks how was your day, why are you so tired. He says day was good, I m bit tired, I have double work now, office is goo. She says I m sure you will do both things well. She massages his head. He says Karan had many engineers there, their way to work is different. She says you should be confident. He kisses her hands. She kisses him. He says just do your work, I m tired. They romance. Servant comes. He gives a wedding invitation card. They see Harman and Jasleen’s card. Suraj asks is there any problem between Harman and Soumya. She says don’t know, this marriage can’t happen, we have to go there tomorrow.

Same as Shakti’s Precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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