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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 16)

Let’s begin..

Ragini was sitting infront of the mirror..

She then looks at her wedding lehenga Which is placed in bed and it was sent by Maheshwari’s…

Ragini was still not ready…

Dadi comes there: laado?

Rag comes out of her lost world: ji dadi

Dadi: what are you thinking??

Rag: dadi mein sahi tho kar rahi hoon na

Dadi smiles and held her shoulders who was sitting infront of mirror: whatever you will take the decision..teri yeh dadi hamesha teri saath khadi hogi

Rag smiles bit…

Dadi: now what is bothering you?

Rag: i have a fear in heart… i don’t know it’s about wedding or snatching Swara’s Happiness

Dadi: hmm may be this is your reason for worry but i find something different

Rag looks at her

Dadi:i don’t want to teach you now how to take a decision because you know it very well

Someone calls dadi so she goes

Here sanskar was roaming around and was seeing the decorations

Nikhil drags him inside the room where all friends were present

San: what Nikhil?

Nik: what tho mujhe poochna chahiye?i m not understanding you bro!

Kavi:ha Sanskar! Kya chal raha hai tumhare dimag mein… In few mins bharaath nikalne wali hai aur tum…

San: so what’s the big deal?

Karan: sanskar sach sach bata…

San: i don’t know anything guys please excuse me.. He guess

Everyone was confused by his behaviour because he didn’t found like before.. His face showed some worry! Which he is hiding but it didn’t go unnoticed by his friends

After sometime…

Sanskar was standing outside…

Laksh comes all ready with a navy blue colour sherwani

Laksh sees sanskar who was talking with a small kid and smirks

Laksh loudly:Sanskar….(with a pause)bhaaai

Sanskar raises his eyebrows and looks at him and gives a small smile

Here laksh: i want sanskaar…bhaai to tie my sehera…

San moves to him and takes the sehera and ties it around laksh’s head

Lak audible to sanskar: i find you are not happy where is that ale which you have given me that day…. Today I’m so happy you know why?

Sanskar was having a small smile

Lak: if you are not interested too.. However i am gonna get married to Ragini but the happiness is your loss!

He turns and moves from there

Sanskar goes into a FB

Sanskar gets a call from Ragini whom he saved as o2

San picks the call: are you ready to elope with me!

But the next voice shocked him out was a manly voice: if you want the safety of Ragini… Then you have to do as i say!

San was shocked: who is calling?? Where is Ragini?? Who are you???

His thought went to laksh.. He saw him getting ready in his room.. Then he thought it may be his game plan

Caller: if you are over with your investigation… Then….

San: i m sorry… He looks around and he sees a guy speaking in a phone.. He moves to him and the guy turns and smiles at sanskar

Caller laughs: good going but bad guess..!!i will tell you where to reach…but if you try to show your smartness then i can’t guarantee you about Ragini’s life

He disconnects the call

Sanskar: hello hello damn….

His mind was telling him that is Laksh but he wasn’t feeling like it’s him

To confirm if the news is right or wrong is someone pranked him….
So he called Gadodia’s

Dadi picked the call..
He disconnected it….

He went to his car immediately

At that time his mobile beeps.. It was a video call

He accepts it and sees Ragini was tied in the chair and she was unconscious

The call was disconnected
He again gets the call from different number: act normal Romeo

San angrily: who are you??? Why did you kidnap Ragini??

Caller:so now be a good guy and act normal until i don’t call you again and any smartness…. Or informing police would cost your Ragini’s life…..

San: what do you want??

Caller laughs

San: it won’t take 5 mins to find who you are!
Caller: i think Ragini isn’t important to you!! how will you find? Let me also know once i call you…

He disconnects the call…

He goes to Gadodia house

Sanskar sees the 2 different numbers!

He goes to Gadodia mansion

He meets sharmishta: aunty where is Ragini?
Sharmishta was confused
He fakes a smile: actually ….i…

Sharmishta smiles: she went to temple

San: who.. Who went with her?
Someone calls her
She excuses herself..

He searches the house and he sees everyone are present there!

He goes to temple and the he got to know that ragini haven’t went in the temple…
Ragini always goes there.. Priest told him that ragini hasn’t came this day

He drives back and then he again gets a call

His hand shivered to pick

He picks it

Caller: even after telling you you still tried to be smart… Listen to Ragini

Ragini was in semi conscious: sav..save m..me

The Goon slapped her.. She winces

San: no..no..no…

Caller:so act normal and go to your mansion

He disconnects the call…

Fb ends

Sanskar want understanding anything what he should do! What he should not! He wanted his Ragini to be safe

Everyone are ready to leave for venue…

Sanskar was about to go

Laksh: one minute..

All looks at him

Laksh: he should not attend the wedding!

Ap: laksh!

Sanskar: it’s ok badi ma..i will not attend

Laksh smiles

He leaves from there

Suji comes to sanskar: sanskar are you…..?! She was confused by his behaviour yesterday he was excited and she was feared that he would force Ragini to do something but today his mood didn’t show up!

All left except sanskar and his friend’s

Karan: atleast now would you bother to say something sanskar…

San: what?

Kavi: you are not the same sanskar!

Sanskar fake smiles: nothing like that!

At the time he gets the call…..

Sanskar looks at the unknown number

He goes out excusing himself

Nik:guys kuch baath tho hai! He is hiding something

Kavi: is Laksh is behind his change of behaviour?

Kavya:i don’t think so kavi.. Woh aisa kyu karega

Karan:if we debate here we wont get anything and whose call it was??

Nik: exactly…

They goes out and sees Sanskar drive in his car….

Karan: let’s follow him…

Here sanskar got a call and he was called to an old building

Sanskar notices his friends following him.. He remembers the kidnapper’s warning that he should not let anyone know and he should go alone

He stood the car….

He moves to their car…

San angrily to Karan: why are you following me!

Karan: we were always together sanky atleast now tell me what’s bothering you

San: don’t you people understand in a simple language… Leave me alone

Nik: it can’t happen ever… We will follow you wherever you go

San giving up: tumlog samajthe kyun nahi

Kavi: sanskar what happened? There Ragini is getting…..

San interrupts: Ragini isn’t in the venue

Karan: what are you saying?

Kavya: where is Ragini then?

San: she is kidnapped!

All: what?

Sanskar tells them about everything.. Still how much he could hide…!they are the 4 important persons of his life.. Who were there with him when no one beside him…

Nik: what if this is laksh’s plan.. Just to keep you away!

San:i saw Ragini in the video call

Kavi: but still sanskar.. We should check there!

Karan: nikhil Kavya you both go and check

Nikav nods and without wasting a second they leaves….

Sanskar: Karan i am confused…i don’t want to loose Ragini.. i need her in my love to live….

Karan: don’t loose hope and sanskar you go to the place…. We will be with you

After sometime..

Here laksh was waiting in the Mandap…

Nik calls Karan; Karan.. Ragini is here! It was..

Kavya interrupts: Nikhil… See the bride she has wore a long veil.. How can we say that it’s Ragini until we don’t confirm it

The bride sits next to laksh

Here sanskar reach the place…

Goons check him

San: where is Ragini!?

Goons take Sanskar in

Sanskar was shocked to see Ragini in the semi unconscious state

And a Goon has held her and pointed knife around her neck

San: Ragini!

She was not in the condition to look or listen who has come she was in some drug effect!

San: now i have come right.. Now leave her

Goon laugh: did i told you that if you come i will leave her

San: what did she do to you!

Goon: this is her last 20 minutes she is counting her last breath…..

Here laksh and the bride were taking rounds

They completes the rounds

And it was the time to apply sindhoor on her forehead

Laksh opens her veil and was shocked to see Swara….

Lak: Swaraaa!!!

He stands immediately

Swara was in tears she cries

Lak: what are you doing in Ragini’s place??

Dadi:where is my laado?

Swara cries: Rag.. Ragini is kidnapped by Sanskar

Everyone are shocked

More than anyone Nikhil and kavya were shocked

Swara stands: he..he threatened me if i didn’t sit in Mandap he will kill Ragini

Nikhil shouts: she is lying

All looks at him…

Nik: trust me sanskar….

Lak: where is Sanskar? And where is my Ragini???

He goes to Nikhil and held his collar

Nikhil pushes him

Swara:i am not lying… Even i thought the same.. But even Ragini was with him

Lak: swara!!!! Are you out of your mind?

Sw: i know you will not trust me but i have a proof!!!

Nikhil and kavya were shocked and blank

Here sanskar hits the goons

Ragini was hurts by the goon

San: Ragini.. Ragini wake up!

To be continued…….

So how was the dhamaka?? So can You guess what might have happened??

This story contains 4 chapters

Where the first chapter was sanskar taking in love with Ragini
Second chapter laksh’s change of decision
Third i thought of something else and changes in spot.. So this is the starting of new chapter
And fourth i won’t change it and for that you should wait for it!

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