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The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) Episode 9

Hi guys, I’m here with Episode 9. Now my school is about to resume so I may be unable to write often. So this is my last episode made in ‘sukoon’. Happy reading 🙂 . And read this too #episode_8

Episode 8 here

Neil: So aunty, let me ask you some questions, may I?

Neela: Sure.

Priya: ( making faces ) let me ask you some questions ….

avni makes faces
After interrogation :-

Neil: Okay aunty bye. I’ll come tomorrow to meet the children and this foolish girl.

Priya: WHAT?

Neil: Yes….

They give an angry look at each other.

they give each other an angry look


Priya is seen crying. Riya ( Priya’s friend ) and Neela enter there.

Riya: Arrey, what happened to our princess. Seems like you are leaving us after your marriage, huh?

Priya: ( feeling annoyed ) Maa, tell her to shut up…

Neela: Riya, don’t you remember ? Today it has been 11 complete years since we found Avni.

Priya (Avni): Mom, please don’t remind me of that name. It is the name which destroyed my life. And I’m Priya now, not Avni.

Neela: Avni……

neela consoles avni

Avni: Mom, you know the guy who came here, his name was also Neil. That made all my childhood memories fresh again.

Neela: Avni, do you remember how we met.

Avni: (dropping tears) Of course mom. That black day of my life when I lost my granny and Nanno because of that…. that..

Neela: We were below that cliff for a picnic and due to God’s grace I caught you in the right time and you were saved.







Neil’s POV

Neil is seen crying looking at a photo. Shweta enters.

Shweta: Tillu, why are you cryings? It’s Avni rights? Tillu, now what’s the uses of crying? She’s no mo…

Neil: No mom, don’t say that. I know she is alive. And today when I went Sukoon house, I felt her near me.

Shweta: Yeah, you lives in your dream world, I’m going to sleep. Good nights.

Neil: Good night mom.

Shweta goes.

Neil: ( lying on bed ) Something is in that girl, Priya. Something special.♥

neil thinks

He sleeps.


Next day: Sukoon house.

Neil rings the door bell. Avni opens the door and is shocked.

Priya( let’s tell Priya till Neil comes to know the truth ) : YOU???

Neil: YOU??

Tina ( looking at them ) : Oho, Priya.. same guy who fell on you, yeah. Aww, you two look so cute together.


Neil: WHAT?? cute? With this girl? Never. I would not be with this girl even if she is the last girl in the world.

Priya: Me too. Stupid Karela (bitter gourd)

neil avni fight

Mowgli: Hi hero, Neela mom told us about you. Priya dii beat you, right. (wishpering) She is lady Hitler.

Priya: Mowgli …
avni angry
Mowgli gets alert.

mowgli alert

Mowgli: Come on hero, let’s go.

Neil: Let’s go my boy !!

Neela: ACP Neil, you? Good morning.

Neil: Good morning aunty. By the way, this girl…

Tina: Priya…

Neil: Is it her habit to rude or is she same by birth..

Silence for sometimes

Neil: Oops, sorry..

He looks at Priya, she is crying

.avni cry

Neil: Sorry.. sorry Priya..

He wipes her tears. They have an eye lock.♥♥

eye lock

Precap: Neil hugs Priya. Neela gets a call from goons. Neil and Priya go to meet goons. Neil beats goon.

So guys, feedback please. And Shweta uses broken English. It’s not my grammatical error. Comment below ⇓

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