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The day when it rained – Part 18

Part 18
Sameer and I went to the canteen. I sat one the corner and Sameer went to get coffee.
Sameer: here. This is for you.
He moved a cup towards me and takes another. I take the cup and take a sip.
Me: coffee??
Sameer: yaa. Coffee.
Me: but.. I used to have tea…
Sameer: oh… Sorry… I will get you tea.
Sameer stood to go to the counter. I hold his hand.
Me: Sameer, leave na. I will have coffee.
Sameer: if you keep holding my hand ask na, I will leave anything for you…
Sameer winked at me. I leave his hand. Sameer smile and sit.
Sameer: but why do you adjust; I can get tea for you.
Me: it’s ok. You like coffee na. I will also have coffee from today.
Sameer: no, Naina. Why should you compromise your likes?
Me: it’s not compromise. It’s…
Sameer: it’s. ??
Me: I just want to make your likes and dislike my own.
Sameer: oh.. so that is the matter…
We both smile. And we have coffee together.
Sameer and I walked together to my hostel. We were quite on the way. The silence was so beautiful we don’t want to break it. Shefali was at the shop near the bus stop.
Me: Shefali…..??
Sameer and I turned and saw Shefali coming towards us. I looked at Sameer. What will we say…? Sameer’s eyes ask me to relax. I slightly nodded my head. Shefali came near us.
Shefali: hi..
Sameer: hi Shefali
Me: I think you have reached hostel.
Shefali: I had somethings to buy.
Me: oh.
Shefali looked at me and Sameer.
Me: we just met here.
Shefali: i don’t ask anything.
Me: I just said.
I looked at Sameer, he winked at me.
Shefali: shall we go?
I nodded.
Sameer: I will leave.
Shefali: sure. Now there is no use in being here na….
Sameer: bye.
He smiled and go… Shefali and I went to hostel.
After reaching room.
Shefali: what’s this?
Me: what?
Shefali: you and Sameer. What is going on?
Me: Shefali. .
Shefali: Naina. Don’t even dare to say there is nothing. Ok. I have seen the looks you both were giving each other.
I try to go to wash room. Shefali block me.
Shefali: Naina. If you don’t want to say anything it’s fine. But don’t call me your friend any more. Ok.
Shefali went to her bed and sat. She started looking through her books. I went near her.
Me: Shefali… I am sorry.
Shefali: why sorry?
Me: I hide it from you…
Shefali: What??
I moved away from Shefali.
Me: Shefali… I think.. Sameer and I…..we like each other…
Shefali: you think???
Shefali came near me, and stand facing me.
Shefali: have you seen your face?
I looked at her..
Shefali: you are blushing like hell even by saying his name. And you say you think..
Shefali make me sit on her bed.
Shefali: (in a serious tone) and talking about Sameer… Hmmm… I have my doubt…
I looked at Shefali.
Shefali: he is completely fallen for you.
Shefali laughs and hugs me. I smiled and hug her back.
Shefali: I had my doubts from the beginning….
Me: I know you had doubts.
We both smiled.
Me: Shefali, promise me you won’t say a word about to anyone. I don’t want it to be a talk in college.
Shefali: ok. I won’t say to anyone.
Me: not even to Arjun.
Shefali: ok .. I promise.

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