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SwaRagini – ek nayi kahani (S02) Pt 1

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Let’s begin…..

It was a dark with with single ray of moon light…where there is a full of silence and there we can see a window where a light is blinking with on and off

And it was a girl who is sitting in the mid night with a simple white colour night suit and her hair is tied into a pony tail and she is revealed to be Ragini….

She looks at the bed where swara her aolu sister is sleeping peacefully!!

The was some feeling in Ragini that she isn’t understanding.. She is really happy for her sister as she got her love and in one month it’s her wedding and in other thoughts she is feeling weak thinking that her sister is getting married to her ex fiance really destiny played a funny game with her isn’t it!! It was just the start where she had developed feelings for Laksh…

There was s big controversies going on between her heart and mind…

Where her mind making her to feel guilty about her decision i.e she did wrong by making everyone about swara and laksh’s marriage.. As she has fell for laksh and she should not sacrifice her love

When she is in the verge to fall of her mind’s trap…

Her innocent heart was screaming at her with an unknown happiness where it knew that Laksh isn’t made for her but someone else who would accept her as she is!! It made her smile.. If once she is rejected that doesn’t mean she would be rejected everytime… it’s said that couple is made in heaven and it has a specific time for him to enter your life and who will love you immensely and who will stand for you in your every steps of life who will move with you like your Shadow.. Whose one smile will bring a bunch of happiness in your life or his one hug which gives you unending soothing and where it will build a small yet strong home where you will have no fear of any evil crossing you because he will cover you in his embrace which can be the safest place other than a 2 protective hands a strong yet soothing chest… So life is not so easy everyone should face problems to get a happy life and until you don’t get him may be you get rejected for 100th times with a silly reasons but still don’t loose hope because there will be only one person who would actually identify you and love you like there is no end…

Ragini smiled whole heartedly after listening to her inner voice

Being bold or modern is not in everyone’s character.. Nowadays we can find many with these characters..
Being shy reticent totally an introvert nature is a god gifted many think it as weakness but no it is the beautiful nature which people ignore to understand! So it should be the better person and most importantly an understanding person,a perfect partner who accept all imperfections in you by telling that ‘you are perfect and you don’t need to change’

Hmm so now what you have decided? Her heart questioned her!

Ragini was clear every insecurities were clear and sometimes for brave decisions and comforting you just need to be alone think wisely take the suggestions from both heart and mind!

Rag: i will choose my destiny…
She smiles widely

Someone keeps hand on her shoulders

Rag turns and sees swara disguised as dadi..wearing dadi’s saree…

Sw:je chori thanne pata nai ki thaari umr ki choriyan Ramji ki pooja karna se…

Rag laughs

Sw: so to get a husband like him.. She resides her husband

Sw sings:zara tan pe bhasm rama lena
Rag: nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi
Rag stands moving back
Sw moves forward acting like dadi

Sw:sab maya moh bhula dena
Rag: nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi

Rag twirls her and dances

Sw removes the saree and joins

Rag sings and dances: zara dharam karam ke sang sang ho jaye kuch masti vasti jai bol ke raam lala ki le lo ji thodi si chhutti

Rag pulls the pizza from swara and teases her by singing:pizza ka swad bhula dena,
Sw scared:nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi

Rag: ipod ye kahi chhupa dena
Sw acts crying:nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi

They were dancing forgetting Everything.. They listens footsteps and they immediately falls on bed and covered themselves in quilt

Door opens

Both slowly peeps

And smiles seeing sharmishta and Shekhar

Both gets up and jumps in bed

Shemish smiles

Sw sings:kahi aur bhala kyu dhoonde yahi raam raj hai pyare jam gayi jam gayi hai toli mil gaye man mauji sare
Sw hugs both shemish

Rag dances around to: kahi aur bhala kyu dhoonde yahi raam raj hai pyare chalne do ye halla gulla, jalne do mandir ki batti jai bol ke ram lala ki le lo ji thodi si chhutti
Rag hugs the trio

Sw: zara kas ke halla macha dena
Rag acts scared: nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi
Rag shouts: lo halla sara chaka dena
Swarag: ramji ka naam lena twenty for seven ramji ka naam lena twenty for seven

Both were dancing whole heartedly!

And finally stops and hugs eachother

Shemish smiles seeing their daughters

Shek: so anyone will tell me? Why celebrations at this time?

Sw: papa ask with Ragini!i was slept…i think pyaar vyaar ka keeda kaat liya hai?

Rag: oh stop there.. There’s nothing like that

Shek: Ragini…are you hiding something? Both swashek hifies

Rag fake glares them: papa

Sw: papa..i think someone is waiting someone special enter her life… So i think u should help in this

Rag: swara ki Bacchi…

Swara runs and Ragini chases her!

And finally rag held her and playfully hits her and both hugs

Shemish smiles and leaves from there by choosing the door

They falls on the bed…

Rag sees swara whose smile has vanished

Rag: swara what happened?

Sw: did i snatch your Happiness? I don’t know Ragini…i m your culprit

Rag smiles: ab yeh bacha tha..laksh sirf Mera dosth hai aur kuch nai! And i want to tell you something i have created an image of…. She stops

Sw: image of???

Rag stands and sets the bed: nothing.. Sleep nai tho dadi sacchi mein aa jayegi

Sw: no no (teasingly) i will not let you sleep until you tell me whose image

Rag: nothing na swara

Sw: you will tell me or not

Rag; ok about my prince Charming

Sw:haww.. Is it you.. The girl who just nods for what her dadi orders

Rag: you want to listen or not

Sw excited: tell tell…

Rag: ghud sawar

Sw interrupts: you mean cow man

Rag: huh?!let me complete

Sw: oh sorry sorry

Rag: like he would climb white shiny beautiful horse…

Here a guy is shown climbing a white horse

Rag: and he would start a journey towards me..and i will wait for him

He was riding the horse

A guy who seeing him riding the horse: why sir is like this…at this night he is riding the horse… Nobody can guess his mood… Just praying it should not be like volcano

Sw: and what about looks?

Rag: when he will come then you can also see him na..
Saying this she sleeps

Sw: what is this yaar??you only given me the description about his arrival this is wrong

Rag: so jaa…after a month it’s your wedding and after that you can’t sleep late and wake late…

Sw🤔:aisa kyun

Rag smiles: Maheshwari’s naam lena twenty for seven


Here the guy gets down the horse
Himself: today why i felt someone was remembering me!! May be ma was remembering me other than her who is there for me!

Rag: main hoon Na…

Sw pouts

Rag: don’t worry everything will fall on it’s place… Ok now sleep!

Both of them slowly dozzes of thinking respective future life

And here the guy: did he gave the informations Karan!

Karan gulps: no sir! But tommorrow at 10…

Karan sees sanskar has left: huff… This boss of mine!!

He goes to sleep!!

To be continued….

So how this part?? i don’t know it will be good as season one but tried!

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