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Siddhi Vinayak 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi turns jealous

Siddhi Vinayak 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Siddhi doing aarti of Vin by using a chinese lantern. She prays for him. Manjiri and Shankar smile. Vin asks what are you doing. She says I m checking wind direction. He leaves the lantern in air. Their pics are clicked. Siddhi touches his feet by an excuse. She gets hiccups. Manjiri says feed her water. Siddhi says my hands got burnt. Vin says this is really madness. She asks him to feed her water. He feeds her water and breaks her fast.

Manjiri does his tilak and thinks to change his life. Siddhi gets a call. A lady Reena says I have a date with Vin tonight, I m from movie fare magazine, I have to take his interview. Siddhi says he isn’t available tonight, you can come tomorrow. Reena says I m going on a tour tomorrow, I m coming now. Siddhi says sorry, its not

possible tonight. She ends call. She thinks to have dinner with Vin. She goes to Vin. Manjiri asks Vin to have dinner with Riddhi. Vin says she refused in morning. Siddhi says no, I m hungry. She sits and starts eating.

Shankar smiles seeing them. Manjiri goes to him and says a mum can do anything for her son. He praises her. Vin says I didn’t know you will eat so much. Siddhi says let me eat, you can scold me later. He squeezes a lemon. It goes in her eyes. He says sorry and blows in her eyes. He sees her lens and asks her does she wear lens, is she hiding something. She says yes, I m hiding my weak eyesight, I don’t like eye glasses. Reena comes and meets Vin. She says you have that special something. She flirts with Vin.

He says I always call you for interview first. He hugs her. She says after all I m your lucky charm. Siddhi comes. Vin introduces Riddhi, his PA. Siddhi says I told you Vin isn’t available tonight. Reena says you don’t know we are good friends, this baby is really special to me, I break all his film releases news. She asks Vin about his bandage. Siddhi gets jealous. She says he got hurt while doing a stunt.

Reena says we have to do something about this. Vin says I m fine. Reena compliments him. She asks Siddhi to order lemon tea for her. Manjiri gives money to Rajbeer and Prachi and sends them for attending some function. She calls a goon and tells him about them. She pities them.

Siddhi gets a cap for Vin. Reena takes a selfie with Vin. She asks Vin to take out his tshirt, as girls like his abs. Vin says I m always ready to remove shirt. He removes his tshirt. She clicks his pics. She says its really cool. Siddhi asks Vin to wear this tshirt, he isn’t well. She asks Reena to take interview.

Vin gives his interview. Rajbeer says we are waiting for my first film, Vin’s third film is releasing. Prachi taunts him. Rajbeer calls her shameless. They leave. Siddhi asks Manjiri to see them. Manjiri says you are a star’s wife now, you have to get habitual, I trust my Vin, he knows his limits, he will never cheat you. Siddhi says I know, he doesn’t know I m his wife. Manjiri says don’t worry, just see. Prachi argues with Rajbeer. She asks why did you leave from there so soon, I had to meet industry people and gossip. Rajbeer says you had no friends there, you would be just talking selfies there. They leave. Goon shoots at the car.

Manjiri sits between Vin and Reena. She talks to Reena and says you just come at his film release time, its wrong, Vin misses you a lot. Reena asks really. Manjiri says yes, why will I lie, Vin is like your brother. Vin and Siddhi smile. Reena asks what.

Siddhi does aid to Vin. He moves off her hair from her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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