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Shakti 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya refrains Surbhi from revealing her identity to Pind

Shakti 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasleen telling Harman that they shall go to Greece for honeymoon. Harman says all world is same. Shanno brings tea and tells that it is not his mistake as he got married to kinnar, and asks Jasleen to fill his life with all colors. Harman calls Preeto and asks why she is not looking after him. Preeto asks him to decide on his honeymoon place. Harman asks why she is irritating. Preeto asks if Soumya and I shall decide about your honeymoon. Harman gets upset and goes. Shanno asks Jasleen to take tea for Harman.

Varun calls Surbhi and asks the members appointed by Panchayat. They say they don’t know. Varun asks if Sumit came. Maninder asks him not to trouble him. Varun says shall I tell them and asks Maninder to get lassi for him. Maninder thinks if I tell anything to him then

he will make fun of us. He says if he tells Soumya’s truth to Panchayat then it will be a problem. Bebe says she will give lassi to Varun. Chameli catches Rani and handovers her to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her and free all kinnars. Saya and others are released. Saya calls Preeto and thanks her. Preeto says she will meet at her house. Harak Singh hears her. Nani calls Soumya and tells that Surbhi is going to tell her truth to all villagers.

Soumya thinks it is good that she asked Nani to keep an eye on her. She reaches her. Jasleen asks Harman to have tea. Harman says her sorry for couldn’t give her time. Soumya reaches there and thinks how to stop her. Nani acts to faint. Surbhi is about to tell Soumya’s truth to everyone, but they run to see Nani. Soumya takes Surbhi to side and slaps her. She recalls asking Surbhi not to play childhood games. Surbhi asks Soumya to slap her and says she will not let Harman marry Jasleen. Soumya asks her not to call Harak singh. She says if we love someone then we shall sacrifice. Surbhi says I will not let you sacrifice. Soumya asks her not to interfere. Surbhi says I love you, took your responsibility from Maa and says I will tell truth to everyone to save your marriage. Soumya says I love Harman and his family and can give life for their happiness. She says if I am not alive then what you will do. Villagers ask shall we call doctor.

Nani says she is fine now. Villagers say where is Harak Singh’s bahu. Nani says she must have went to call doctor. Soumya says your di is kinnar and says she is ready to do everything for Harman’s happiness and will never want anyone from his family to be humiliated because of her. Surbhi cries and hugs her. Villager tells that Surbhi wanted to tell us something. Nani says she wanted to talk about Varun and her fight. Villager says but where did she go? Nani says she must have went with Soumya. Soumya asks Surbhi to inform Maninder that she had called him. Surbhi nods and goes. Preeto meets Saya and other kinnars and asks them to do something. She says Soumya thinks that Harman will be happy and that’s why she is making all arrangements. Harak Singh hears them.

Surbhi comes home. Maninder tells Bebe that he is worried about the call. Surbhi comes and says nothing will happen, and asks him to drink cold lassi and sleep. Maninder asks if the blackmailer is caught. Surbhi says it was me and tells that Soumya wants her not to do such things and she asked me to inform you also.

Harak Singh asks Soumya where she went? Soumya tells him that she went to enquired about the blackmailer and asks him not to worry. Harak Singh asks who was he? Soumya says she can’t tell the name and assures him that nothing will happen. Shanno and Veeran hears them. Preeto asks Harak Singh to believe on Soumya and do the arrangements. Harak Singh asks Preeto why did she go to get Kinnars out of jail and asks why she is doing this to stop her son’s marriage. He asks why she is playing games and tells that Kareena will make everyone sleep till this marriage happens. Kareena comes to kinnars’ house. Chanda opens the door. Kareena sprays chloroform on her and then on everyone. Everyone faints. Kareena locks the house and smirks. Harak Singh asks Kinnars to stay far from kinnars. He thinks he has to do something to stop chipkali and he has to apply lep on her face.

Harman comes to Soumya and asks why she didn’t inform him about the happenings. Soumya says I have taken your marriage responsibility and doing everything for it. Harman asks her to come with him for a walk one last night, if she wants. Soumya says if I take steps with you then I have to return alone the same number of steps and now I don’t have courage to be walk. Harman is upset. Jasleen comes and asks if he is having anxiety. She takes Harman with him.

Soumya makes Harman wear turban and promises to be with him till the marriage happens. Later she dances on the song sabki baaraatein aayein.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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