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SDCH- Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 5

Hi guys!!! Rishika here. Hope you all remember me. I know i’m late noo actually very late. I know my last post was before a month and again I became Mr. India. But finally I got some free time from my overly busy schedule.

So i’m here to irritate everyone with my writings again. I know everyone of you are really very on me for disappearing all of a sudden.

“Toh uske liye ek bada wala SORRY woh bhi kaan pakad kar ke ab toh maaf kardo iss nanhi si jaan ko”

But what to do guys mere di ka “Rokha” hua toh just got busy in that and continuous shopping for nearly 20 days. But now I am free for about a week so I’ll post one part everyday for sure.

Oops!! See firstly i’m late and again wasting your time by my stupid blabbering so before I start i’ll give the link of the previous part as it was posted before two months and no one would remember it now.
So here’s part 4

Part 4 here


So let’s begin

SDCH- Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 5

Recap: exams and sanchi became head intern.

So as duties were over it was the time for everyone to return back to hostel and the gang planned for some fun time as they were busy in past few days and didn’t get time to enjoy.

Hostel’s Garden

At first everyone were talking about various things and then they thought of playing a game.

Veer: What about truth and dare?

Isha: No. It’s common. How about passing the parcel

Vinay: Guys what for damsharas?

Sanchi: But movies are easy to guess.

Rishika: So let’s get a twist in game.

Garv: And what’s that?

Rishika: Well the twist in tale is…… we will play musical damsharas.

Riya: Musical damsharas???

Rishika: Yes. Instead of movies songs are to be gussed. What say?

Vinay: Sounds interesting, but teams?

Pragya: I, Veer, Rishika and Garv in one team and Isha, Sanchi, Vinay and Riya in the other.

Veer: That’s great. So let’s start and I’ll enact first. (He takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Pragya: Dil Diyan Gallan.

Veer: correct so next is jr.khadoos

Vinay: Don’t you dare to call me khadoos. (He takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Sanchi: I am in Love.

Vinay: Exactly next is Pragya. (Pragya takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Rishika: Pehla Nasha.

Pragya: Bilkul sahi pehchana be tum ne aur ab Isha chal teri baari. (You gussed it absolutely right and now Isha it’s your turn)

Isha: Okay. (She takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Vinay: Jeena Jeena.

Isha: So next will be umm.. Garv (He takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Veer: Dheere Dheere.

Garv: Correct mere bhai so next is Sanchi. (She takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Riya: Bol Do Na Zara.

Sanchi: Perfect guess Riya now it’s my lovely twin. (She takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Garv: Bolna

Rishika: Yeah so Riya now it’s your turn. (She takes a chit fron the bowl and act.)

Isha: Kaun Tujhey.

Riya: True.

Veer: Let’s continue it was really fun.

Sanchi: It was fun but we should rest as we have to resume to our duties.

So the next week went on by doing duties, teasing, enjoying, punishments and much more and now some new interns were joining their batch from Monday.

Monday Morning


Kabir’s Cabin

Kabir and Sanchi are discussing about the grouping

Kabir: So, Dr.Sanchi you will help train 3 interns. Tasha Singhania, Raj Verma and Harsh Arora

Sanchi: Okay, sir. When can I meet them?

Kabir: They will be introduced during break time. You could talk to them at that time.

Sanchi: Yes, sir. I’ll leave now

Sanchi turns to leave but trips and closes her eyes tightly in fear of falling but she did not fell down she opened her eyes only to see that she was in Kabir’s arms as he held her by her waist to prevent her from falling and her hands clutched on his shoulders and then they have a beautiful, romantic eyelock and were lost. After sometime thay come back to senses due to the message notification sound on Sanchi’s phone. They both part away quickly felling embarassed.

Kabir: Be careful Sanchi.

Sanchi: Yes sir, sorry.



Pragya, Isha, Riya, Veer and Garv are sitting togeather. Sanchi was checking files. Rishika and Vinay were going towards the main gate of hospital.

While moving they saw three people coming inside and were shocked to see them.

Vinay: Hey they are Tasha and Harsh right

Rishika: Yeah they are😐.

Vinay: I am sooo happy yaar.

Rishika: Yeah yeah you’ll be happy na. After all your Tasha baby is here. And you’re gonna forget your friends after your girlfriend being here right.

Vinay: Hey! Come on year she’s your bestie too. Ab chalo milte hai unse.
And he literally dragged her near to them

Vinay: Hey! Harsh, Tasha great to see you both here. He said while hugging both of them.

HarSha: It’s great.

Rishika: Guys you trio are forgetting me that’s not fair.

Tasha: How can we forget you stupid. Come now and they both hug each other and the other two join their hug.

After breaking the hug Rishika goes to the third person and hugs him.

Rishika: Hey RV good to see you dear.

RV: And i’m great to meet you even here.

Harsh: Oye! You both seem to know each other Rish.

Rishika: Yeah we’re friends. You know after I left boarding school all of sudden then the school I joined

“Ok ok. We get it.” said Tasha cutting her.

Just then Sanchi comes there and see all five of them together she identifies Raj and thinks the rest two might also be the new interns that were gonna join along with RV. She greets three of them and speak for a while. Now only Sanchi and RV are left there.

Sanchi: It looks like now people have started to forget their friends too.

RV: How can someone forget a crazy friend like you.

Sanchi: You are still the same dear.

RV: Neither you have changed dear.

They both share a small laugh followed by a hug. This was seen by Kabir and his eyes became red in anger and he left from there and this was noticed by two people and they were really happy to see Kabir’s reaction.


So guys that’s all for today

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