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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Get Shocked Seeing Treasure Stolen

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

CT comes out of her room and goes towards locker room. Diya, Ratan and Yash leave from there. CT comes to locker room and sees locker closed. She thinks locker is safe. Just then something falls down while the trio is leaving. CT comes out hearing the sound. Ratan, Diya and Yash hide. Mohana is standing far and thinks she has to stop CT from seeing Diya. She closes the door and diverts her attention. CT comes there and thinks cat must have entered. She closes the door. Mohana thinks sorry, it is necessary for me to let their plan succeed and after that, I will break their friendship and trust. Diya tells Ratan that they will hide the jewellery in Rampur and keep eye on the jewellery all the time. She tells that Police will see CCTV footage and reach there. Ratan says I will take the jewels.

Diya says she will take it. Ratan says I will not let you go at night. Yash says I will go and hide it, says nobody will doubt on me. Diya says what if Mohana asks us about you. Yash says I will tell her that I have a night duty. Mohana hears them and says I will not know. She calls on the landline phone just as Yash leaving. Yash picks the call leaving the jewels and his water bottle. Mohana drops sleeping pills inside it. Yash thinks it is a missed call and leaves.

Ratan asks Diya to sleep. Diya says she can’t sleep until they get their lost respect back. Ratan also says the same thing. Diya gives him water and asks him to be awake. Yash reaches Rampur and calls Diya and tells that he has hidden the jewellery. Diya tells Ratan that they will get their lost respect back.

In the police, Bhuvan faints on knowing about the theft. Police asks Diya when she came to know about the theft. CT says in the morning when she found the lock open. CT looks at Diya. Diya gets tensed. Inspector asks Constable to check the footage. Bhuvan says their jewellery is worth 800 crores. Mohana says Yash didn’t come from night duty till now, don’t know where is he? She acts innocent after stealing all jewellery and trapping and ruining her own husband. Diya says he is on the way with Police. Bhuvan says how can electronic locker be opened.

Ratan says only I know the password. The thief must be techsavvy. Ratan tells Inspector about the jewels which they had. Constable tells that he saw a car in the CCTV footage whose registration number is of Rampur. Diya calls Yash and asks him to leave from there. She thinks once Police gets the jewellery, their plan will get successful. CT scolds Diya and says if anything goes wrong then responsibility will be all yours. Diya says everything is happening as planned, Police will get the jewellery soon and bankruptcy news will be cleared. She assures her that they are trying to make everything fine. Ratan knocks on the door and asks CT to open the door fast. He tells that Police called and said that they got jewellery briefcase and now we have to go there and check our jewellery. He holds CT’s hand and says sorry for going against her promise. CT says ok and asks him to go and bring their treasure back. Ratan tells Diya that their respect, vendors, investors everyone will come. Sakshi asks Mohak if he stolen the jewellery. Mohak refuses.

Inspector gets the buried briefcase and asks Diya to check. When they open it, Diya and Ratan are shocked to see the jewellery missing.

CT blames Diya for making them bankrupt as the theft turned out to be real.

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