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I know last chapter had confused you all about the narrations but this chapter onwards you all will get a clear view of who is narrating what. 


The sunrays peeped to get me out from my sleeping world, I gradually opened my eyes to see the enormous glass windows allowing soothing sunrays to enter through it while the wooden supports at the side blocking the way for the rays. My eyes went broad the moment I saw where I am exactly.

“The conference room” I said and got up, my knees trembled and my legs ached. I roamed my stare around to see just everything in its place and I have been sleeping at the extreme back. “That girl, that kidnapper… was that all a mere dream?” I asked to myself. An unwanted fear covered a part of my heart. I rubbed my eyes and looked up, it’s conference room only. But I remember it clearly that after the school got over yesterday I took a cab to go back home and saw a girl struggling to get released and I am sure that the man had kidnapped her. “My…my phone” I checked here and there but my phone was missing.

I ran towards the principal’s cabin. “Ma’am ma’am… ma’am” I called her aloud. Anyone can clearly figure out that how much afraid I was. She got up from her chair and welcomed me inside her room and made me sit on the couch settled at one corner of her big cabin. She offered me water and I drank the entire glass without breathing in between.

She just asked one question that chilled my spine down “with you also?” I had no courage to answer and tears oozed out of my eyes.



I woke up to see me in cabin of a hospital with saline on. I still remember that I was taken to the jail so what am I doing over here. “Ma’am are you fine?” I think it’s David who asked this question. I tried to look at his direction but failed, suddenly my eyes became blurry and a faint memory of something flashed in front of my eyes. I closed my eyes to stop the visuals running in front of my eyes but the moment I shot open my eyes, the cabin was dark, entirely dark.

I got up, no saline bottles were connected to my flesh. “Om…” I saw his back facing towards me. “Come with me” he said and started to walk in some strange direction. After following him for sometime I could feel myself sinking. “Where am I?” I asked but the white shirted man were no where to be seen. “Help me… help me” I cried aloud but I sank deep down to where no one can ever get to find me.


It’s the darkest night ever I have seen. The moon is not there and the entire locality is out of power since evening. I knew that something is going to happen today, one thunder hit a tree at some distance when I remembered that Soumya was there alone. I ran to the direction but the moment I stepped in I realized that what kind of mystery puzzle the godown is.

“Soumya…” I called her name out just to get the reply by the silent wind around. “Soumya…” I cried out again but no reply just like the last time.

“Wait I have shifted her to somewhere else” the realisation struck me hard and the moment I turned to go she replied “yes Rudra” how can she be here? The question bombarded my memory. “I am changing my clothes here… you can come” she said but how is it possible. She is not here, I have shifted her to a Villa some hours ago and moreover changing clothes… she has no clothes along with her at this very moment.

“Who are you?” I asked stepping ahead and the view in front of me was enough to get me fainted, it’s Soumya only… her face is half burnt and half normal, she was naked and was sitting in such a position that her assets were covered, and lastly she was eating something… a puppy, Shivay’s puppy. And I fainted.


Anikaaa…” I groaned aloud as I remembered the pleasure of having her with me. I got up and got seated.

“What happened Shivay?” Anika is here with me. I pulled her close and claimed her lips and savoured her face with the trails of my kisses. Am I fantasizing or is it for true, I straightened my back and checked the clock. It said 3:05 A.M. at night. I looked back and no one was there. I was holding a doll.

“What happened Shivay?” the doll said, same voice as Anika’s. I was not fantasizing, Anika was here some moments ago… the memory of that day freshened up in my mind. I re-lived that unfortunate day in just some moments.


Shivay and Anika were happily married. Shivay had a nice job and Anika was doing her PhD. She always had a dream to research about supernatural beings and aliens. She used to read every articles related to these things. Everything was fine and that day Anika discovered that she is pregnant. She was more than happy and waited for Shivay to return from office so that she makes him much happier after informing about her pregnancy to him.

But one thing made her sad that she is away from her family, actually her in-laws who are more than her own family. She was feeling something unnatural from the start of that day itself. Shivay’s behaviour was also different that day. But the last night fun of planchet was amazing for her.

Her phone rang and she happily received it seeing the caller’s id, it was Shivay. “Get ready Mrs. Oberoi, you will get the biggest shock of your life today” Shivay said over the phone and his voice was something unusual and mysterious. She called him back but the number was dead.

Sun went back to sleep after waking up the moon for its duty at night. That day also the power was cut. Heavy rainfall has surrounded the area. The villa in which the couple stays is actually on an isolated plot, after the walk of fifteen minutes the actual locality starts.

“Shivay…” Anika called seeing someone’s shadow. She followed the shadow and the shadow became double as they went near the terrace door. Now two men were there. She decided to go down and lock herself in a room but the moment she locked herself in her bedroom she got to find two men sitting over her bed. She unlocked the bedroom door and ran out into the hall. She tried to run out of the hall but the door was jammed. She looked back to find old furnitures covered with violet velvet and the entire hall is dusty and a smell is tickling her nose. She ran towards the terrace again tearing up the spider webs as the men followed her. She reached the edge of the terrace and as the two men started to move close to her, she jumped down the terrace. She saw Shivay standing in front of her and she heard just one sentence before she became unconscious “I said right… that you would get the biggest shock of your life today”


I don’t know where she went from the hospital after getting recovered. But my life changed after that as you snatched away everything from me Anika, my family, my surname… just everything.


“Where the hell is Gauri?” I cried out looking at the clock saying 3:30 A.M. She was sick after having the food, so we admitted her to the hospital but now when I came back to have a check on her she isn’t here. She had no strength to run away as far as I know but she is Gauri and she can do anything.

“Go and get her” I howled over my fiance, Bhavya… yeah the ex-girlfriend of Rudra. I proposed marriage to her because I wanted to show him that I can also attract girls who are already committed to him, the way he tried to attract Gauri when he for the first time saw her. Rudra hates me more for this but this is a war between three of us and everything is fair in love and war.

The havildar came running to me and informed me “Sir Gauri is lying unconscious beside the swamp” I ran as fast as I could to see her covered with mud and some fresh injuries over her hands. I jerked her and a white liquid made its way down her mouth. My eyes reddened and moistened and I scooped her up in my arms and went back to the hospital.

“She was poisoned” the doctor informed me. But who… was the question.


I could not sleep and am tossing and turning over my bed. The memories of the night when I lost my child in my womb came back. I still remember the smell that was tickling my nose. That day also the same smell was there.

What if it’s an indication that we are soon going to find the beings who resides in this world other than us… what if I get to discover aliens, what if last night everything was real and not anything unnatural… urrgghh I want all the answers… “Ahhhhhhhhh I shouted out my frustration, Maa came to my room and wrapped me in her arms.

“It’s okay Anika beta… it’s okay” she said trying to soothe me down. Tears welled up. His memories haunted me again. At one side he has killed my child inside my womb and at the other side his family stays with me. They support me. Papa brushed my hair. And extended a glass of water.

“Have this beta” he said and I drank the water. I still miss my half family, bade Papa and badi Maa. After Maa and Papa came to stay with me they never allowed me to search for them. Daadi too stays with us. I miss Rudra, the prankster the most… who knows how is he, where is he. My thoughts stopped as maa started to sing lullaby and brush my hairs. I dozed off to sleep gradually.


I woke up. Shivay was sitting beside me. I realized that I am having high fever. “Soum… Soumya” I just said this when Shivay nodded no and started to press my forehead. I understood that he is doing so to give me relief from the headache but the flashes of that night was still haunting me.

I wanted to find the answers of my questions, I wanted to know what was that, that I saw. Where is Soumya now. “Soum..ya” I said again and Shivay called someone inside doing some hand movements. There she was standing in front of me. Just like the normal being, normal Soumya… I extended my hand to touch her and the next thing I saw… The cut mark, it’s not there. I remember it clearly that while I kidnapped her, Soumya has stabbed her medical scissor on my hand and due to the struggle, I got a deep cut. But my skin was as normal as it looked earlier.

“The… the cut” I slowly traced my skin. “Cut? When did you get cut?” Shivay asked. “Soumya… that cut by your medical scissor… please say” I sounded like an afraid kid. “My medical scissor? Yeah I agree that I am from last year M.B.B.S but that does not mean I will carry the scissors always along with me” she answered casually.

“Why are everything of this sort happening to me” I thought. Who was that person I saw that night.

“Where… where is your puppy?” I asked Shivay with some hope but his answer “he died… someone have had bite over his neck portion… he died” Shivay looked down.

A chilling sensation shivered me from inside. I closed my eyes and tightened the grip over the bedsheet.

“Soumya… you stay here and take his care” I heard Shivay instructing this to Soumya. Nooo…” I shouted aloud objecting his decision. Both their stare turned towards me and I nodded a no vigorously.

I knew that I will be getting dislikes as the plot is really a twisted one, moreover I have included all the couples’ together and that is making it more complex, but to everyone who are reading and who will read please do press the like button and leave at least a small comment down. That really helps.


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