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Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 2

Let’s begin….

Ragini was scared it turned more when she looked around the people who were looking at them with a feared and shocked expression…. She wasn’t so scared but the people around her giving a reaction like she have pushed him to the river wantedly and killed him

Her throat is getting dry she could feel his intense gaze on her….

Rag looks at him: i….(it was so hard for her to speak) i… (She closes her eyes)i am really sorry sir…i…
It was like all learnt language has been forgot! She doesn’t remember anything other than that!

He makes her stand straight..
It was a heartbeat moment for everyone bcs he doesn’t bare a single small disturbance but this girl have poured water on his shirt…

While sanskar was in a different world the happiness he lost few hours ago is been back.. it’s been few hours that he missed her with 2 kids..and this moment brought back the happiness

Her lips were moving…he was so busy in noticing structure of her face that he couldn’t listen what she was saying
So he made himself straight..
He noticed that she was holding his right arm.. There was some kind of feelings desires arising in him

He was distracted by her voice

He looks at her

Rag: sir i am sorry

She then noticed she holding his arm.. She leaves it…

Rag:i..i was been pushed towards you…

Sanskar gaze shift’s to a guy whose legs are shivering

He understands it was him…. Who has pushed her…

He looks at her and then moves and signs the guy to follow…..

After he left… Rag looks around and smiles weakly

A girl: tumne yeh kya kar diya???

Rag: it..it was just a mistake

A girl: are you new here?

Rag nods

Girl: yahan pe galti se bhi unke saath galti ki nahi jaati…

Rag was already scared.. This made her more scared

Girl: u know who he is?

Rag collected all courage in her to say one word: who?

Here the guy:i..i am sorry sir i didn’t see the girl
He knew it won’t work but there was no other choice

Sanskar was leaning to his bike: idhar aa…


He shows his palm

Guy didn’t move

San: didn’t you listen

Guy moves with shivering legs

Sanskar stands straight and pulls the guy from his collar

Guy cries and folds his hand: i am sorry….

He was about to punch him…

Suhaan closed his eyes feeling bad for the guy

When he opened his eyes the scene was different.. Sanskar was patting his cheeks

This shocked suhaan…

San:i just called you to gift you something… Suhaan

Suhaan shivers: ji bhaai

San: give him whatever he asks for…

Guy:i..i don’t want anything

San glaring him: you don’t want anything

He gulps

Suhaan:i will ask him and give him bhaai…
San: What’s you name?

San smiles and pushes the guy bit: jaa..yahan se..

Guy went…


He was about to hold his hand

Sanskar stops him

He sees his right arm
He remembers Ragini holding his right arm…

He smiles: sunn…i want her details!

Suhaan.. Now understood where it was revolving but now he was scared for the girl (Ragini)

Ragini goes to canteen with some newly found friends

Sanskar was sitting there… He looks at her.. She to sees him

She feels his gaze..

She was feeling her breath is getting heavy for her

She thinks to return back…

She goes….. From there

Rag then goes to library

Rag herself being scared: woh mujhe aise ghoor ghoor ke kyu dekhta hai.. Hope he doesn’t take revenge from……..
Her eyes got widened seeing him in the library

Rag collecting all courage strength energy in her moves in and takes the books… While returning sanskar was standing infront of her…books were about to fall..held it by holding her hands…

She was scared to hell

Seeing her scared face he leaves her hand…
She goes from there as fast as she could.. She turns..
He smiles…..
She goes…


Ragini waits for a rikshaw… Her eyes falls on Sanskar who is punishing someone…

He looks at her… She immediately turns

He leaves the guy…

Rag crosses her eyes and she sees he was coming towards her…..
She gulps…
And sees a rikshaw faraway…
She moves fastly and….but the rikshaw passed by her.. She couldn’t stop it

She curses herself

Sanskar whistles and the rikshaw men stops being scared

He pushes the cycle rikshaw until it reaches near Ragini…

Ragini was so scared… She was blank

He moves back …

Ragini was shivering

Rikshaw men calls her as he understands sanskar stored him for her

She sits…

Sanskar watches it until the rikshaw was visible for him….

A guy comes and hold his right arm asking Sorry

Sanskar gets angry and hits him only because he held his right arm which was held by Ragini….

Suhaan runs to him and stops him


Ragini reached her home and all the incidents replays

Ragini takes big sign of relief… After listening about him i should make a one km distance but he is….. himself present where i…am going

Riyan: what happend di?

Rag: i am fine….it.. It’s just the hectic day

She goes in

Riyan finds fishy in her behaviour


Night Ragini was cooking food Shekhar has went for a shower

Doorbell rings..

Ragini: Riyan just check who is at the door?

Finding no reply…. She herself goes to the door and opens it and was shocked

Shocked to see Sanskar there…

Riyan from behind: kaun hai didi…

San folds his hand and smiles: thaare honne wale jijja sa

The spoon in the Ragini’s hand fell

Both ragini and Riyan were shocked

To be continued…….

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