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Porus 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius’ Evil Plans Continue

Porus 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puru orders Pourav soldiers and his family to attack Darius and Takshashila army. They all attack and kill enemy soldiers. Laachi takes Kadika and Pritha via palace passageway when she sees Barsin and stops. Farsi soldiers walks from opposite direction. Barsin misguides them and sends them away. She then tells Laachi, Kadika and Prithat that they can hide in her room as it is safe. Kadika says she is Darius’ daughter, and they cannot trust her.

Puru and his team continue killing enemy soldiers. Darius fume in anger seeing that standing at a distance. Soldiers surround Anusya and she kills them all. Bamni and Puru do same. Kanisk kills a few, but is attacked form behind and he falls down. Anusuya rescues him saying until he is alive, nothing can happen to his son. She lifts up Kanisk

and says let us finish enemies. They both start again. Blood falls on Ambhi kumar and he gets nervous. Ambhi raj continues killing Pourav soldiers. Anusuya walks to him and says she told 21 years ago if he considers her as sister, he should bury his differences right there, but he is continuing. Ambhi raj says Takshashila’s sons don’t change. Anusuya says change is the reality. He says let him see if she remembers the skill he taught her and attacks her. She conterattacks. Hasti supports Puru and says he always hated and betrayed him, now he wants to be on his side. Puru says he is more courageous now with his support.

Barsin takes Laachi, Kadika, and Pritha to her room and says they are safe here. Laachi thanks her for saving Puru’s mothers and says Puru will remember her favor always. She asks Kadika and Pritha not to move from here until she returns and leaves. She joins Puru and says Puru never leaves any work incomplete, let us see. They both together continue killing enemies.

Darius signals his army to back off. Mauses asks what happened. Darius says when 2 enemies are fighting against each other, they should not waste their energy, let them fight and whoever is left, they can kill them and rule on Bharath. Bamni and Ambhi Raj’s fight starts. Darius says this date will be written in golden words in history. Enemies surround Laachi. Mahanandini enters with her team and kills them warning how dare they are to attack dasyu rani’s daughter. Laachi rejoices. Darius fumes seeing Dasyus joining his enemies.

Laachi tells Mahanandini let us fight. Mahanandini says she came here to take her back. Laachi says can’t she see Farsi Darius’ soldiers attacking their people, Puru needs their support. Mahanandini says she just saw her daughter surrounded by enemies and came to rescue her, Puru was a Pourav and will always be. She drags Laachi with her. Hasti and Ambhi Kumar fight, Ambhi Kumar overpowers Hasti.

Takshashila soldiers attack Bambhi and he counterattacks. Ambhi Raj senses an opportunity and attacks Bamni. Bamni falls down. Ambhi attacks him again, but Puru comes in between and bears the attack and falls down. He sees Hasti, Anusuya, Kanishk and others fighting with enemy..

Precap: Puru lifts a big pillar. Darius watches from a distance. Alexander on boat tells his army they should remember this date as he is Macedonia’s first king to attack Faras.

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