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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashoda wakes up.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying mother yashoda please get up. Rishi gargacharya is there and he says kanha, you have the power to wake up every person in this world using your flute, play your flute and see the true leela you will do. Kanha starts playing his flute. All people smile looking at kanha as he plays the flute, people love the sweet music. As kanha plays the flute, suddenly yashoda’s hands start moving. Yashoda starts moving and nand and everyone see the magic. Yashoda suddenly gets up and says my son! Kanha stops and says yes mother, I am here. Kanha hugs yashoda. Everyone is happy as yashoda gets up, yashoda says my son is safe! Kanha hugs yashoda and says come mother, we will eat now. Yashoda says yes son, I will feed you butter. Both go.
There kansa keeps finding

netrasur and comes to a hill, he sees vrindavan and gets angry. Kansa says I will not leave you Vishnu, you cheater. Kansa says I will take my revenge, I will not leave anyone, that foolish netrasur got wooed by someone and it must have been your form for sure, I will get that truth myself now.
There as yashoda feeds butter to kanha, kanha sees the red marks on yashoda’s hand. He thinks, how did these beating marks come on mother’s hand? I will not leave whoever has done that and now that I know kansa is behind this, I will punish kansa for what he has done. Kanha eats butter and then goes to balram and nand, brij bhanu and all men are there. Kanha says brother, father I saw red marks on mother’s hand and those look like mother was beaten by somebody. Nand says yes, she was screaming in her room, saying leave me! Kanha says I am sure kansa is behind all this. Balram gets angry and says I will kill that kansa once and for all, he hurt kaki yashoda and i wont forgive him for that. Nand says yes kanha, now enough is enough. Brij bhanu says we have to fight kansa, we all have had enough of his tortures, now we all have to fight against him. Kanha says yes father, kansa will be punished. There rishi gargachary goes back to his ashram and starts praying to lord Vishnu for his guidance.
As everyone is in village, suddenly some sounds are heard of women saying kanha save us please! Kanha save us. Kanha says where is that sound coming from? All people look here and there. Kanha goes with balram towards the sound. Kanha says where is this sound? All women scream for help. Kanha and balram go near the river and then kanha sees pieces of broken pots on the ground. Kanha says someone has done something to all the gopi’s. kanha then looks in the sky and says it is a viman! Balram says yes kanha. Kanha says the gopi’s of our village have been kidnapped by kansa. Kanha says kansa this time has dared to put his hand on the women of our village and where is rishi gargacharya when we need him here?

Precap: kanha goes to rishi gargacharya’s ashram. Kanha says to rishi, rishi I can forgive the entire world for any of their sins but I cannot forgive a person who puts his hands on women.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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