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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa kidnaps women of vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram in vrindavan. Kanha and balram fight netrasur. Kanha goes and saves radha as radha screams for kanha’s help. Radha runs from behind the tree and kanha comes. Kanha stops netrasur and smiles. Netrasur says get aside kid, I will crush you under my feet. Kanha uses his leela and he shows netrasur his Vishnu form. Netrasur sees and says prabhu forgive me, prabhu, I understand what I have to do, forgive me prabhu. Netrasur turns away and goes in another direction. Kanha smiles and balram comes. Balram says what happened kanha? Where did netrasur go? Kanha says brother, netrasur understood what he was doing was wrong and now I am sure he was sent by kansa. Balram says yes kanha, netrasur was sent by kansa and I am very angry now, kansa has done enough

of what he wants. Kanha says yes brother, this time I agree with you and we have to fight kansa for sure.
There kansa sees netrasur go away from his palace. Kansa says to pralapt and janur, where did netrasur go? Where did he disappear suddenly? He knows the truth of Vishnu, we have to find him, kansa slaps pralapt and janur and says come with me quickly. All of them go on their horses and reach outskirts of vrindavan. Kansa says where is he? Pralapt and janur go to find netrasur. In some time they come back and say bhagwan we could not find him. Kansa throws them on ground and says you idiots, you were blind itself and are blind by brains too, such a huge demon goes missing in thin air? Where did he go? Kansa sits on horse and goes to find. Kanha and balram see and kanha says kansa has been the reason for everyone’s problem brother. Balram picks his plough and says I agree kanha. Kanha says brother I think the time has come, kansa has to be fought with and dealt by us. Balram says yes kanha, I am in the mood to fight a lot.
There rishi gargacharya is attacked by the demoness in kansa lok and demoness says gargacharya you did what you wanted to, now you will not live my powers. Gargacharya falls on his knees and is in pain, he then says yakshini you should have changed yourself but you went on the path to adharma. Rishi says om bhagvatey vasudevay namah and he attacks yakshini who burns inside fire. Yakshini says no this is not possible. Yakshini burns and dies, she turns to ash.
There damodar comes to kanha and balram and says kanha come on fast, yashoda Bhabhi! Kanha says what happened to mother. Damodar says her life is in danger. All 3 of them go back to vrindavan. Kanha enters the room and goes to yashoda, he says mother please open your eyes, please mother, see your kanha has come, open your eyes mother please, at least open your eyes, say something mother.
There rishi gargacharya finds mata dhara and says mata you have to come with me, you have to go back to satya lok, your form of yashoda is in danger, her life is in danger, if your wont go back to satya lok then yashoda wont wake up. Mata dhara says rishi gargacharya, I have decided, I saw so much evil and was tortured, I have decided to sacrifice myself.

Precap: there yashoda feeds kanha butter. Kanha sees the red marks on yashoda’s hands of beating.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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