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Nairan’s everlasting love life (episode 18)

Hey guys ! I am back again…. Actually this valentine track will have loads of romance. After this will come the main trouble. Keep loving my ff.

Episode 18

Naina was blushing and she went to Nirmala.

Here, Meghnal were romancing with roses in their bedroom and there karan was thinking about naina.

In the breakfast table,

All were there. The bahus served and sat down to eat.

Kunal: Are naina !

Naina: haan Jeeju !

Kunal smirking: Aaj rose day hai na… Aur tumne rose wala dress pehna hai….

Nairan blushed hard.

Naina: Jeeju…..

Kunal: Koi baat nahi naina…chalta hai… Mere bhai ab romance Sikh gaya…

Karan: Bhai…

Dadu: Are bas… Kunal.. Stop teasing them.Acha Bach of aaj Karl kuch valentine’s week hai na..

Kunal: Haan.. Dadu… Aap to hum sabse se jyada cool Nikle…

Dadu: Are beta.. Tum bhi na… To main keh raha tha ki this week u four will have no work and next week u four will go for a picnic..

The couples were damn happy.

Kunal: What ! Really Dadu ?

Dadu nodded.

Kunal: Thanks Dadu… Thanks a lot.. Love u so much..

Karan: Thanks Dadu we love u so much.

Dadu: Acha beta.. ab khao.. Today finish all ur works and take leave for 10 days.. okay ?

All: OK

Meghna and naina were blushing a bit.

Meghna and naina: But we have the new project from kapoor industries…..

Nk: Beta no problem…. because of ur work we have hot a lot of profit…. so u can take leave…

Sisters: ok papa….

After breakfast, meghna was giving kunal coffee when the coffee fell on karan by mistake.

Karan: Aahh…

Meghna: OMG!  Karan I am so sorry…

Karan: It’s okay bhabi I will just go and change.

He went upstairs to his room to change. While all this happened, Naina was in the kitchen. So after coming from kitchen she went to her room.

In nairan’s room,

Naina entered their room and was going towards the table near the table. Then suddenly, The bathroom door opened and shirtless karan came out. He saw naina and went towards her. While naina had not still noticed karan. She felt someone behind her and turned to see Japan shirtless. She was awestruck and was blushing. She quickly turned back.

Naina: Karan…

And before she could speak further she slipped but karan held her encircling her with his muscular arms. Nairan had eyelock and they were lost in each other.

Then suddenly, The door of their room opened and meghna came in.

Meghna: Cheeku…

Before she could speak further she saw naina in karan’s arm with karan shirtless. Nairan moved back and were startled. They both were blushing hard. Meghna quickly turned back.

Meghna: oops… Wrong timing…I am sorry..

Karan quickly took his shirt and wore it while naina was looking down.

Meghna teasingly: can I turn now ?

Nairan blushing: Ya…

She turned and looked a both teasingly.

Meghna: So..

Naina: So di ! ApKo mujhse kaam tha kya ?

Meghna: I was searching for you but here is found u were…

Naina: Di… chalo we have a lot of work in kitchen…

She stopped meghna from speaking further and took her out of the room.

So, hope u liked this chapter of my ff. Please keep loving my ff. Do comment and like. I am very sorry for the short update but in am quite busy nowadays.. Sorry

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