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My little secret (Ishqbaaz ff) Episode 1 – Reuploaded

Hello guys!!! It’s me rednosedreindeer. I had started writing this ff a year ago and got busy and didn’t update further. So I am re-uploading.


Chapter 1


What is love? Love isn’t just the heavy feeling when your ‘everything’ walks away from your life. It isn’t just looking into your loved one’s eyes and finding your solace. It isn’t the cheesy lines you say to each other.

Love is when you are in his embrace and you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It’s when you fake arguments just so that he can come and cajole you. It’s when you can talk for hours without feeling bored.

And I was in love. Luckily, so was he.

Getting The Shivaay Singh Oberoi to accept his feelings wasn’t a piece of cake. It took him six whole months to realise his feelings. I took him another six months to confess and another one ear to ask my hand for getting married to him.

I became Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi but the truth was that it was a secret. No one knew about my identity. His family hasn’t even seen me once in life. I am his little secret.

Me and Shivaay had a typical love-hate relationship. I met him at one of his business parties. I am event manager so I was managing that party. We for sure had gotten into an argument. Soon the hate turned to love.

I never questioned Shivaay on why he was keeping “US” a secret because i was too scared to lose him.

“Anika, what are you thinking so much”? He asks hugging me from behind.

” I was thinking about you” i reply facing him.

He had trapped me in between his hands.

” Not surprising” he says showing tadi.

” You and your tadi” I say starting an argument.

Soon our arguments topic totally diverted.

“Mr. Tadi Singh Oberoi, are you even listening to me?” I ask.

He gives me a ‘whatever’ expression.

” If you keep giving me your attitude, I will throw your kali coffe making machine” I threaten.

“Its called a coffee maker and I don’t care if you break it. I am SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI, I can buy hundred coffee machines more” he again flaunts.

“If you are shivaay singh oberoi, then let me remind you i am anika shivaay singh oberoi, if you can buy 100 kali coff….coffee machine then I can break hundreds of it” I show my tadi

” Why the hell are we fighting”? he asks.

“Good question” I say sitting on the sofa.

We both look at each other and start laughing.

” Shit I have to go” Shivaay says spoiling my mood.

This was the truth. Even though he was my husband, I could not enjoy all the rights of a wife. I only got to see him alternate days. I could not sleep next to him only on alternate days.

He lied to his family and came to stay over here, my house every alternate days.

” I am fed up Shivaay. I want a normal life. I don’t want this cat and mouse chase anymore” i cry to him.

” Anika i need time. ” he says pulling me into a hug.

I break free from the hug and say ” Shivaay, it’s been two damn years since we met. What more time do you need to at least let your family know about my mere existence. I am just asking for my rights. You know Shivaay, even after being a wife, I can’t go out wearing my sindhoor and mangalsutra. I can’t even see my husband every day.”

” i am sorry for hurting. It’s not that I am ashamed of you. You know my family background. They give importance to naam, khoon, khandhaan. You know how much time i took to get over these unwanted norms. Just give me 24 hours. I will think of some way. Please trust me ” He says looking equally broken.

I give him bone crushing hug and say ” I trust you”.

” can i come in” I hear a sweet voice.

” Come in Sahil” i say.

“Shivaay bhaiyya are you going”? he asks with a sad expression.

“Yes champ, but don’t worry. Soon both of you will be staying with me in the Oberio mansion” He says lifting Sahil up.

“Sacchi”? he asks

“Mucchi” he says pecking sahils cheeks.

” Now you both have forgotten me” i say faking tears.

Both of them sit next to me and pecks my cheek.

I smile brightly and kiss both their cheeks. Sahil rushes back to his room to complete his home work.

” i should get going” Shivaay says walking out.

“Suddenly I pull him back and say ” Stupid lipstick, its all over your face” i say wiping it from his face.

He gives me cute smirk and says ” I don’t wear any lipstick, so i can kiss you”

He leans towards me and i beat his shoulder.

“Shivaay the door is open and you are busy romancing” i say pushing him outside towards his car.

“the door is the problem? You can always close it baby” He starts flirting.

“You and your flirting. Now go, Omru must be waiting for you” i say and he sighs.

“okay bye” he says blowing me a kiss.

He puts on his sunglasses and drives away.

Precap: Shivaay introduces Anika to the family as his best friend

I hope you guys like it! Please feel free to comment your opinions!!!I will update really soon. Tomorrow for sure

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