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My dark night raglak (Part 3)

Recap:Ragini hating Knight laksh.Ragini falling on a person who holds a pile of clothes.


Ragini was staring into his ice blue eyes,she was lost in them. Those eyes make a cold shiver pass through her spine.

Am I making a good bed madam?? Whispered the voice.

Huh what she questioned

Am I making a good bed so you won’t get up from me.

Ragini was in trance n then said yes, she got her sense back,immediately she raised up n fell on him again.

But your action says other way madam.

Ragini slowly stood up n helped him to stand, that’s when she saw his face.Knight laksh,the person she hated, the person she loves.

Ragini helped him with the clothes,she was mesmerised by him.

Laksh smirked ,so am I that handsome you are quite staring at me .

Ragini smirked n Mr I wonder how hatd it was for God to make your horrid face

Horrid or awesome face.

She replied thinking too high of oneself isn’t it knight laksh.

He pulled her to him n went her ear.goosebumps erupted on her body. He whispered no madam just humble  n ain’t I handsome and brave.Its a nature gift .

Someone passed ,Ragini pulled him in a locker n shushed him by placing a finger on his lips.

Ragini was seeing out through keyhole. Laksh was lost in her senses,their close proximity.Ragini saw that person went n turned to laksh to say about it n her face was close to his.

Their magic spell was broken,when Ragini heard her father voice.She stood out fast n hit her head.Laksh laughed at her.

That’s why I tell you to be careful ragu.

Ragini frowned all are not knight or warriors right??

Laksh smiled, Maybe am I falling got her no laksh.Knight must not love or it will be his weakness.

Ragini came back,she smiled at the dress they selected for was a beautiful dark blue gown with beads like a necklace n a thin strap of belt at hips n flows down graciously.

Ragini liked it so much,then jewellery shopping, she sighed a long day to go..

Ragini was walking while thinking about Laksh. She hit someone.Cant stop following me princess asked same voice in cold tone.

He even made that cold tone tone  lovely n beautiful.

She replied stop imagining things Knight Laksh, as some thinks they are not that much great you know…

Laksh said wow a nice way to cover your stalkerish love for me.

She said you you you.

He too said me me me.she stomped n went. Laksh was smiling looking  at her direction.

That night

Ragini was thinking about Laksh ,why was at the mall and he was carrying women’s dresses. Maybe he loves someone. What if he loves someone, her mind argued.

Then why is ur face sad ,her heart answered.

No ,its just because I can’t stand him,her mind came back.

Whatever you may say ,ur hate developed into love for him how it will be think replied her heart.

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