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Moving On ~ An Essential Part Of Our Lives

“Every time you fall in love, it will be because something in that person reminds you of your first love.”

Losing your first love isn’t easy, letting go is even more difficult. You were the first person I loved and also the first person I lost.

You should always know when to let go, it’s a difficult decision. We often tend to take the blame on ourselves, keep making ourselves believe that the other person wasn’t at fault but there’s a point at which we realize that it just wasn’t worth it.

Relationships are like books, they take years to write but seconds to burn. Taking the decision to burn it is something which requires a lot of will power but once the decision is taken, there is turning back.

When you love someone, you will always try to make the relationship work, you will do anything for the other person’s happiness, you might even decide to walk out of their lives for their happiness. But one thing you have to realize is that you can’t always satisfy people’s needs.

It hurts, the absence of someone who used to be there but then you get used to it, you seek happiness in small things, you try to move on, you try to erase memories. But that’s where we go wrong, we should seriously stop trying to erase memories and learn to move. We should try to accept that forgetting isn’t important, moving on with your past experiences and memories is important.

You might try to be happy in your own life and succeed but you might never forget your first love because he’ll always be there in your heart.

We always say, “There is no way I can ever love someone, the way I loved him!” One thing, we have to realize is that we don’t experience love just once, we experience it time and again. Your first love tells you how it feels to put that one person before anything else, even your own happiness and then walk away. But you will definitely find love again, if not in the form of a life partner, then maybe a friend, child or sibling.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, there are always happy and sad times but always understand that there will always be a rainbow after a shower.

Loving someone again after losing your first love in a painful way will always be difficult but trying won’t hurt. All we need is that one person who will change your entire life in seconds.


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