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Mehrya My version Part 74

Part 74 19/04/2018

Kanta chachi notice Mehak haven’t wakeup yet and went to her room to check on her. She was having high fever and unconscious as well. She quickly get Nehal to dial the doctor’s number and in short while doctor came into Sharma’s. Shaurya saw this and wonder why doctor is here. He called Nehal and she cut the call. He wonders what’s happening inside and gets restless. Inside Mehak’s room doctor checked her and said maybe she is restless and getting mild fever and headache. You said she just had accident so she might had trauma attack too. Must continue to take care of her and don’t give her any shocking news or bad news. Let her rest for few days. The Sharma’s men gets upset and said all these is due to the guy sitting outside our house creating all these nonsense. That’s why she is sick. Nehal move away from the room and she called Shaurya and told him about Mehak’s wellbeing. He was upset with himself because he again caused misery in her. He decided to cancel all the protest and leave so she can recover. He told the others gathers there that protest is cancelled they asked why, why suddenly he took such step if we wait for another day Mehak will change her mind and comes home. Shaurya defended Mehak’s wellbeing is far much important than anything. He knows Mehak can’t live alone without him. She will accept him, he thanked all and others wished him good luck and leave from there.

He was sad and wanted to see her but he knows no one will let him inside. Kanta chachi closes Mehak’s room door and called him. She told about Mehak’s condition and he replied yes chachi I know Nehal told me everything I am leaving from here I don’t want because of me she gets sick as it is she suffered more so I will go back. Let her take her time till then I can wait. Kanta chachi understand his pain. He asked whtr he can meet her once and she asked him to wait till the others are busy or goes away from the house then she will tell him. He waited patiently. Jeevan chachu received call from a supplier and Ravi chachu asked him not to delay and let’s go negotiate now or else we will not get the same order. So both left home. Daduji was busy watching TV. Nehal signs Shaurya to come and she sneakingly bring him to Mehak’s room. Once he comes in they close the room door. He saw Mehak sleeping and asked what happen and what did doctor said. He was sad and gently caress her hair. He holds her fingers and plants a gentle kiss on it. He gets ready to leave and told chachi to take care of her well and he will not disturb her. As he leave he kissed her and quickly leaves from there.

Few days passed by, Mehak was better and she notice protest team has vacated that place and Shaurya is not there. She asked Nehal what happen to him Nehal replied her cold tone, he was there day and night you didn’t bother now he is gone you are asking me. Mehak brushes off and asked her to answer her question. Nehal said he left di because you were sick and he don’t want to you to fall ill because of him. He wants you be healthy, happy always so he left. Mehak feels good he left but another side her heart sank as she missing his mischievous behavior.

Mehak gets better and started to move around. She always goes to Sonal’s place to visit the baby. Sheetal aunty will give a look and Sonal warns her with her eyes not to say anything as she is the bua of the baby. At Sharma house Kanta chachi suggested to do Naamkaran for the granddaughter and bring Sonal with the baby back to Sharma’s. All very happy with her idea and started to contact the priest for the mahurat and other preparations. The Sharma house was decorated and preparation for the ceremony all carried well. Sonal warns her mother not to say anything like what she did during Ghod bharai. Kanta also did the same thing and said we didn’t say anything because you are Sonal’s mom but that doesn’t give you any rights to taunt our daughter. Sheetal annoyed with all these warnings and stay quietly. Kanta chachi was calling and checking on the vendor who are supposed to deliver the sweets and other snacks. She ask him to make it quick as it’s getting late and guest all about to come function about to start. Mehak hears her and asked what it is, Kanta chachi explained that sweet and snacks haven’t arrive yet as the delivery boy stuck at traffic and someone has to go and collect them. Mehak volunteers to go and collect them for her with Jaggu. Chachi asked her can she go or else she will ask Mohit to go, Mehak stopped and said today is his function and you are asking him to go. Let him be here I can go collect and come soon. She left from there and saw Jaggu outside she signed at him and asked him to follow her he just followed her.

They reached the busiest street of Chandi Chowk and look for the sweet shop and after paying they collected the sweet boxes and started to walk back. Jaggu asked her to pass all to him he can carry them and Mehak pass it to him and walking looking around the shops. Suddenly there were crowd with dhol playing, Mehak rushed to there and enjoyed seeing them dancing. In a while she also joined those dancing Jaggu stands and watches her shaking his head smiling at her antics. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi also came to Chandi Chowk before going to Sharma’s as they were invited to the Naamkaran as well. Shaurya accompanied them and refuse to come into the house he said he will send them in and leave from there. Later he will come to pick them up. They were surprised to see Mehak dancing with the other dancers and Karuna maa smiling together with Dolly maasi. Shaurya saw her how she is dancing carelessly like no one watching her, her adorable smile like a child with the cute naughty expression. Jaggu called her Mehak, Mehak looked at him he pointed to his watch as a sign of getting late. Mehak slaps her forehead and runs to Jaggu he asked her you haven’t forgotten all these antics despite grown up. Mehak made a cute face at him and both shortly disappeared in one of the busy lane. Karuna maa laughs and looks at Shaurya she asked Shaurie who is that boy we never seen him before. He explained he is Jaggu Sonal’s cousin. Mehak’s friend. He is working as army now he came for training to Delhi. They nodded and continue to walk to Sharma’s.

Mehak and Jaggu reached Sharma’s on time. She and Nehal started to receive guests at the house entrance. Mehak saw Karuna maa and Dolly maasi she quickly rushed to them and touches their feet. Karuna maa hugged her and kissed on her forehead. Dolly maasi side hugged her and said she missed her a lot. She brings them inside and they greeted by all the family of Sharma’s. Shaurya sees these from far. Jaggu saw him and went to ask him come inside but he refuses and said Chachus and Mehak will not be happy, he just came here to drop maa and maasi and leaving. Jaggu asked him to come inside nothing will happen. Shaurya refused him politely and left from there. Mehak’s eyes caught him he didn’t see her but she just stick her tongue out and made a funny face. Before leaving the street Shaurya turned to see Mehak quickly hides behind the door, after few seconds she tilted her head to see and he sees her from there and leave from there chuckled at her. Mehak slapped her forehead and blushed.

The Naamkaran went well. They named the baby as Mahima Sharma. All was so happy all enjoyed the function. Dolly maasi dragged Mehak aside and asked bahu tell me what is the problem between you and lalla? Did he said something or did he do something tell me now. Let me and jiji help you, we will talk to him and advise him. Mehak was eating laddoo and stuffed the balance in her mouth and said maasi you don’t worry and don’t be tension all will be okay. Maasi can’t say anything as Mehak keep stuffing her more food and she only manage to nod her head. Karuna maa blesses her and before she leaves she whispered to her by the way you were so cute dancing with the dhole at the market today. Mehak’s eyes bulged out and her mouth dropped open hearing it. Karuna maa dropped a sweet in her mouth and close it for her ask her to eat and smiles as she leave from there. Mehak was perplexed as Karuna maa has seen her dancing at the market she was wondering whtr Shaurya was there or not? She fisted her palm and keep banging on her forehead blushing what she did today scolding her what you did Mehak.

Sharma house was filled with happiness after Sonal moved in with Mahima. Mohit went back to Jaipur to his work. Mehak will always be hangs around with Mahima one day Sonal asked her did you think about what did I told you. Mehak asked as if she don’t understand her, Sonal replied her don’t act as if you don’t know, I am talking about Shaurya. Mehak brushes off and said looks like he is not interested in me that’s why now he is very quiet. So let him be. Sonal takes a deep breathe and ask her you don’t miss him at all? Are you okay to be like this Mehak? Sometimes I think you and Mahima are same? Babies. Mehak rolled her eyes and watches Sonal as she talks. He was here and you didn’t talk to him, by talking to him what will you lose, nothing right? Better talk to him. Mehak didn’t reply.

Mehak’s suit during Naamkaran





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