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Love story of a Wind Prince n Natures Princess – Raglak OS

Valentines day.

A guy is shown kneeling down holding a bright  red rose,waiting for his beloved to take it out of his grasp as he told the magical words “I LOVE YOU”.

She looked at him with love n took the rose carefully n hugged him tightly replying the same . He gave her a gift,which she opened like a child n took a  book n gave him a confusing look.

He scratched his  neck,I know you love books n romantic novels so.She smiled n patted the space next to her motioning him to sit.

She slides her fingers over the book

Love Story Of A Wind Prince And Nature’s Princess.

She opened the first page.

In the age ,where there was no love.A love story blossomed .Love between a Prince and  princess which spread the love to whole world.A time where love was born with their story

The story of a wind Prince n his princess of nature.

Natures princess one who is responsible for a serene environment ,who was a beauty of world took earthly form. She was wandering around forest,where she saw a handsome guy sitting on the grassland n watching the waterfall. He captured nature’s princess heart.She trailed over the bridge n slipped she was about to fall when a soft yet strong pair of hands caught her.She was mesmerised in his steel grey eyes.

He too was lost in her,when she was brought into her senses n thanked him. They both were staring eachother,when  a voice brought them back.It was the handsome guy’s friend.He said Laksh come soon we are going to go..

He looked at her one last time n went.That night both were dreaming about the other.

Next day

Ragini reached the same place in the hope of seeing him.But she did not see him.She felt sad.When she heard a melodic voice ,it was him.She rushed n hid behind waterfall.

Laksh sat on the same place ,he thought maybe he could meet her today.A girl who stole his heart at first sight. He noticed a difference in waterfall.He looked it closely n found the angel from yesterday hiding behind it n looking him. He smiled n then went near the waterfall.He caressed her face n pulled her from other side ,she landed on his arms.She blushed at their close proximity.He smirked n asked if you so badly want to oogle at me,you should have chosen a better hiding place princess.

Raginis jaw dropped.She stuttered who who said that  I was hiding to see you??

He said your heart says n your eyes say. Ragini said nothing says.He asked then why were behind this waterfall,she said I was  was was.

You were he repeated. I was  admiring nature of water. He laughed.She pushed him into the water n ran away.

Laksh laughed reminiscing about her.She looked so cute.He did not know why his heart was beating so fast near her or his desire to hold her close to him.Did anyone have such feelings??

He brushed his thoughts n got ready for seeing her again.He thought if she has same feeling towards me,she will come.

Laksh went to the same spot ,he waited for ragini but she was no where to be seen.He started to search for her.He went near the waterfall ,when someone whispered near his ears which made a cold shiver pass through his spine.

The voice asked searching for me ???laksh turned immediately which made the other person fall off balance dragging him with her.He was on top of her in a river. He was lost in her eyes,when a bird cooed .They stood up.She said I’m Ragini n he said I’m…ragini stopped in mid n said laksh right??

Laksh asked so stalkerish it seems.She said no I heard your friend call you other day.He said anyways I’m laksh.

They both met each other at the end of day n spent the day in night talking about stars.

One day, ragini was lying on Laksh chest n they were seated n laksh was against a tree. They were looking at the sky,when they saw a heart shaped star.She pointed it n said its said to be the star of love, she said if we make a wish it happens.The goddess of love watches everyone through this star n grants their wish.

I don’t know what is love, but if god has created a love goddess it must be important right.


Ragini stood up n pulled laksh ,she said let’s make a wish.

She holded his hands n wished

That we want to be together always.That we can’t be away from each other n live peacefully.No curse or wish shall separate us ,we will stay forever together .

Laksh hugged her.Days passed n still their love was there.That’s when goddess of love spread the potion of love to all. She made everyone realise what love was.

That’s when ragini n Laksh realised their love.Like every other day they met at night looking at the stars. Ragini whispered the magical words ,”I Love You Laksh”.

Laksh too replied I love you ragini.They both hugged each other tight.

The time their love was born.First ever love story…

Humans were created n angels were assigned for work.wind Prince gives oxygen to survive n nature gives us peace.

Love was spread everywhere.Time was bliss.

The love story of wind prince n natures princess does not end like that.

Here comes satri who can’t withstand love ,as she’s one of fallen angels.She decides to separate Laksh n ragini the reason for first love on earth.She cursed them to not take earthly form n separate from each other.

Days passed, both were suffering away from each other,seeing their agony, goddess of love granted a  wish that wind will the need for survival of all beings n trees.

Everyday wind caress the trees with love.The tree survives because of the wind. And people survive because of both of their love.

Then angels were not able to take earthly form as satri felt they won’t work well,so she made them  also invisible

At last the love god granted their wish to be together n forever .She made them reason for each others survival.

Every time wind touches a tree it’s soft touch of prince to his princess.

Their love was enough ,like just single moment thousands of memories.

Nature has thousands of form,when wind was needed for its life.

Like water,where wind helps for it flow n many.

True love never dies.

This is the story of a wind Prince and a natures princess…..

Their story may end but their love will continue always.

The girl closed the book and looked at her lover.They together saw the wind moving leaves of a trees.

Here laksh n ragini hugs each other…..

How is it guys hope u all like it.if so comment your thoughts in.

This is just my own fantasy n not to hurt others feelings….

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