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Love from blackhole raglak part 9

Ragini saw Laksh lying on her shoulder n she on his.She slowly ran her fingers over his face.Laksh shivered.She smiled at his beautiful face.


Laksh woke up suddenly n he locked his eyes with her.

Saayundhu saayundhu nee parkum pothu adada hmmm

Serundhu serundhu veral pogum pothu adada hmm

Laksh opened his mouth to speak n then closed it again.Ragini too opened her mouth to speak n closed it again.

Yaar andha salaioram pookal vaithathu kaatrile andha vaasam vesuthu

Yaar andha varthai methu mounam vaithathu indru pesamal kangal pesuthu…

Ragini said that I will go n search for mechanic n bring him ,you wait Herr with car.

Laksh with a frightened face said you are planning to kill me right?

Ragini was stunned a bit and then she laughed,she asked why do you think like that??

Laksh said you are leaving me alone na.Ragini said so what you are be with car only.

Laksh said now I am 100% sure that you are planning to kill me.

You know what you are saying you will leave me alone while you gonna fetch mechanic,while in meantime some wild animal or a group of bandit will come n kill me.Just like in movies

Alone in forest you are gone dearest.

Rhyming right?

Ragini smiled n said you too can come with me. They began to walk some distance when Laksh said I’ll say directions you’ll follow.

Ragini asked why??

He said because my researcher insight says that we have to take left.Ragini smiled n nodded.she walked with him.She looked at him n turned away,when he looked.

“Netru naan parpathum

Indru nee parpathum

Pinbu ethirparthum enadi??”

Laksh said now right left left left right.

Ragini said Laksh we are coming over same tree again see. Let’s go back to car as already it’s going to be night. They both walked when Ragini asked Laksh do you know directions.

Laksh nodded n in his mind ohh pillaryappa I seriously forgot about the route back,but I can’t let my pride slide, common laksh the spirit of a research student.

Ragini mind ,I know very well laksh you forgot n I even know the way back, but I want to spend some time with you.Your cute actions only make me fall for you more.

Laksh now was at the verge of frustration,he said I know the way back.Ragini asked so you forgot the way.Laksh said no new way.

After few hours

Laksh face was about to shed tears.He said I really forgot the way. Let’s take a break here.Ragini nodded.

It was so cold,Laksh was feeling so cold.He was shivering, laksh asked Ragini not cold huh?

She said you know I’m a alien so I’m capable of resistance. Laksh asked ragini why dont you help me with your powers,like fire. Ragini said I’m a alien not a lighter to make fire.She said then let’s search for wood.They were searching for dry twigs,when Ragini places her leg on a twig it snaps.Laksh was scared, he followed ragini like a cat,now hugged her.Ragini was feeling shiver In her body.This is the laksh she has fallen for ,the childish n lovable laksh.Laksh looked at her,he slowly moved towards her n then an owl shout brings them back.

She remembered a memory in her alien world.

Once when flue sister who wants to marry Laksh searches for him.Laksh was with Ragini,he pushed her in a room n fell with her.He was on top of her.He said I’m sorry ,she closed his mouth with her hands.


Ennai saythale uyire theithalle INI vazhveno inithaga

Thadumaramal alai mothamal INI melveno sugamaga….

Laksh pulled away from her

His mind said so you love her,heart says not only loves her,but is his soul.

Ragini lit the fire,Laksh asked how come you do this so perfectly when you never visited the earth.

Ragini said knowledge n history n survival skills,I learnt about earth in books in our world.

Ragini said so let’s play a game.

Precap:raglak journey to a village n their festive…

Hope you guys like it. Thanks everyone for ur support. Stay happy n smile always everyone.


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