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Love from blackhole raglak part 8

recap Laksh n ragini started from their home before swara reaches,they are travelling when

When suddenly their car breaks down.Laksh looks sheepishly at ragini n smiles,he said to her that they may find a car shed nearby or if not I  will try to make it right even though I’m  not a mechanic n only a research student,that’s when your father kidnapped me to marry your sister n here I’m with  you in middle of a jungle where ant animals could tear us  off  any minute to their hunger, I also heard tribes too eat people by frying them ,I done even know tribal language. What happens if we die will we will I become a ghost ,as you are already a alien you be the alien ghost.

He speaks nonstop. Ragini burst out laughing,she clutched her stomach tight. She looked at him n laughed again. Laksh I didn’t expect you to be such a freak.Laksh said no no just said these thing to make you better.

You are saying this to make me or yourself better n again laughed.Laksh pulled her by waist n shushed her by placing a finger on her lips.They locked their eyes. He traced his fingers on her soft lips n leaned in.Both leaned in, when a bright thunder brought them out of charm n they looked away.

Sathiyamai ithu boomi illai

Sathiyamai ithu nanum illai

Sathiyamai naan poi solgiren a than kaaranam nee illai

(Truly this is not earth

Truly this is not me

Truly I am lying

And you are not the reason of my lies).

Rain droplets started to flow ,they ran from outside to in the car.

Laksh looked at her mesmerized. Ragini too was lost in him.

Laksh thought what is happening to you Laksh ,this is wrong yes feeling about flueferfoe in this way is wrong.But she’s ragini.yes my ragini no no what am I thinking am I falling for her .I just broke up with my girlfriend swara, it doesn’t mean I love ragini right??

Maybe I am already in love with her.Let me see if ragini is my destiny i won’t lose her.

Ragini POV

What was I about to do ,I would have almost kissed him,if not of thunder. Thank God we stopped .Laksh still love swara if his happiness is with her I will make them together.

From alien world

Old lady (fortune teller) smiled at sseeing this n reading their thoughts. Nobody can change destiny you are destined to love each other  but…..

There’s always something right???


Ragini was resting her head on car seat, she looked at Laksh who fell asleep.He was about yo fall.She slowly moved n let him fall on her shoulders.She slowly ran her fingers over his hair.

Ennai saiythale uyir theiythale.                 INI vazhveno nalamaga

Thadumaramal alai mothamal.                  INI melveno ithamaga….



Precap raglak lost in jungle due to Laksh researcher insight n raglak moments.

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