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Laado 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu and Shaurya go to Tai’s house

Laado 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Amrish that Anu had a doubt and that’s why she added tadka of fake love to keep everything in control and did damage control else the game must have turned against us. She got to know that I am Juhi’s step mom and that’s why I wiped out the doubt. She says we will take Juhi to Dharam’s office and get her signature on the papers. Amrish says ok.
Rantej searches for something and thinks since Inder baba entered his haveli, nobody is bothered about her. He says he is Rantej Chaudhary and will take out baba giri of that baba, just needs one chance. He breaks the mirror in anger. He checks for the ice, but it is not there. He calls Servants, but nobody comes. He comes out of his room and is going towards fridge. Inder switches on lights after exploiting her

s*xually, looks at Juhi and goes. Juhi sits on bed shocked. Rantej hears the sound, turns and don’t see him. Anushka gets dream of Juhi, Amma ji and herself. She switches on lights and drinks water. She thinks what is it? Why did she get Janu and Dadi’s dream. She thinks if they want to tell me something. She thinks if something wrong is going on in Veerpur. She thinks many months passed and don’t know about the situation in Veerpur. She then thinks she shall not think about Veerpur and will never look back.

Inder comes to his room. Malhari is standing and asks where did you go late at night. Inder says it is not easy to become tapasvi and tells about Pooja and Sadhna. Malhari locks the door and asks what is that Sadhna which is done at night. Inder says it is done to purify themselves. He says if any bad person sees it then it becomes unfruitful. Malhari says I will not ask again. Inder smiles.

Anushka gets Harman and Jasleen’s marriage invitation card. Later she is on the bike with Shaurya and her hairs fall on her face. He gives his handkerchief and asks her to tie her hairs. Shaurya looks at her. suddenly an old man comes infront of his bike and Shaurya puts on sudden breaks. Anu scolds him. Shaurya tells her that old man came infront of his bike.

Dadi asks Shagun to have food. Shagun says she can’t have food without Laado. Dadi tells her that she has sent Juhi to meet her Tai (Aaya). Shagun gets shocked, calls Amrish and asks him to stop Anu and Shaurya from meeting her. She says if Anu meets her then our plan will fail badly. Amrish leaves. Shaurya and Anu are on the way, Suddenly rain starts. Shaurya stops the bike and gets down. Anu stands under grass rooftop and asks Shaurya to come inside else he will get fever. Shaurya refuses to come. Rabba Mere Rabba plays. Rain stops. Anu says we will go and buy clothes for you first. Shaurya says its ok, we shall leave. They come to the shop and asks about Tai. Shop keeper says she went out somewhere and asks them to wait in her house. He goes to bring keys. They go to her house. Shop keeper asks them to sit inside and unlocks the door. Anu looks at Tai’s house. Shaurya says it seems Tai will come late and says they shall do temple work till then.

They visit temple and offer Chadawa. Shaurya prays to God to make his Juhi like his first Juhi. Anu looks at him and asks what you are doing? Shaurya says asking for mannat. Anu asks what? Shaurya says if told then it is left complete. They walk out of temple. She slips. Shaurya holds her. Anushka realizes he is having high fever. Shaurya asks her not to talk rubbish. Tai is walking on the road. Shaurya and Anu are coming from the other way.

Tai gets kidnapped by Amrish goons. Anu thinks she will know about Juhi soon. Rantej sees marks on Juhi’s neck and asks her. Juhi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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