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Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki writes first three letters of Prithvi’s name to show her suspicion.

Kundali Bhagya 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sherlin wonders why Prithvi is showing much love for Preeta. Prithvi comes with Preeta hand in hand, they dance together.
At home, Dadi feeds soup to Janki. She says she cooked the soup for herself, today Sarla wasn’t home. She was cutting the onion and even hurt her finger as well. She clarifies to Janki it will be her duty when she gets well. The doctor has also forbidden them to take Janki outside. She wish she could see Preeta and Prithvi get engaged today. Janki chokes out of anger. Dadi asks if she wish to tell her something, if it’s the name of the person responsible for her accident. She gets an idea about making her write the name of the person. Dadi urges Janki to write the name of the culprit. Janki struggles to write PRI then starts panting badly. Dadi offers her a glass of

water, apologetic to make her struggle. She wonders whose name it can be.
Karan comes to a bar at the hall. He hears Preeta and Prithvi together. Preeta was happy that Prithvi handled all the situation well. Prithvi tells her to let it go, but Preeta agrees about over reacting. She was happy that Prithvi understood her thinking, it’s a mature act. They were happy that there was no misunderstanding between them now. They leave together hand in hand.
Sherlin comes to meet Prithvi in the room and questions why Preeta wanted to meet him alone in the guest room. She heard Karan tell Kareena about it. Prithvi understands that it was Karan who deliberately sent Preeta to the guest room so that he can be caught red handed. He was happy that Karan’s plan failed once again.
In his room Karan was furious over the fail of his plan. Prithvi calls him to show his pity over Karan, he could hear his defeat from his voice. He warns Karan not to consider himself over smart, he is sure Karan sent Preeta to the guest room. He knew there was another girl in the room with him. Karan was about to cut the call. Prithvi says Karan must reach the engagement and bless them; else he would get him thrown out of the function. Karan throws the phone over the wall. Sherlin hears this conversation and questions Prithvi why he intrigues Karan. He is an injured lion and may hurt Prithvi badly by his attacks. She warns Prithvi of over confidence and tells him to focus on his engagement. Prithvi was boastful of his defeat in each matter.
Karan was angry at Preeta as she never understands anything and it’s because of her that he bear this disgrace.
The girls return from party. Dadi tells them and Sarla that she made Janki write these three words. She says it seems Preeta or Prithvi know about the person. Preeta says she doesn’t. Shrishti was suspicious of Prithvi. Preeta recalls Prithvi’s words and says they can’t think wrong about Prithvi like this. Sarla was also angry at her thoughts about Prithvi. She was tensed about arrangements in Kumkum Bhagya hall as it was completely burnt earlier. She was worried about the arrangements.
Prithvi tells Sherlin he always has to be alert about Karan’s plans. Sherlin says once he is engaged to Preeta no one will break the relation. These middle class people hold engagement as a strong commitment.

PRECAP: Shrishti tells Preeta this isn’t her destination. She can get someone much better than Prithvi, like Karan who always get a smile over her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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