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Kasam 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: AK alerts Tanuja and Rishi about Netra’s dangerous conspiracy

Kasam 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi and Tanuja exchanging garlands in the summer camp. Teacher asks Natasha and Tania to join their parents. Kasam tere pyar ki plays…..Netra is shocked and angry. AK comes home. Myra gives him water and tells him that Natasha and Tania are lucky, and tells that Netra went to Lonavala for Tania. AK thinks Netra didn’t go there for Tania, and doubts her intentions. Netra and Tania ask Rishi and Tanuja not to go. Rishi says we have to go. Tanuja asks her to let them go as no other parents are here. Natasha says bye and cries looking at them. Tanuja and Rishi looks at them. Kids run to Tanuja and hug her. Netra looks at them as they leave in car. Tanuja says she has a feeling that they are going far away from kids. Rishi asks her to cheer up and says they will come tomorrow.


is on the way to Lonavala and sees two ways. He gets down from the way and asks a tea stall owner about the camp. He hears two mechanics talking and telling that they got so much money for compromising with the car. AK hears them and is shocked. He asks the mechanic. Mechanic refuses at first when AK tells them that the woman Netra is a dangerous woman and wants to kill parents of little girls. Mechanic tells him about Netra giving him money to break the car brakes. They ask AK not to tell Police. He calls Rishi. Rishi asks Tanuja to talk to him and end the call. Tanuja picks the call and tells that they are in Lonavala. AK asks them to be there and asks her not to sit in car. Tanuja says we are already in car. AK couldn’t hear her and the call gets disconnected.

Tanuja says why did he tell that. Rishi says he is your friend and you both understand each other. AK goes to Summer camp and sees Netra there. He tells Netra that he didn’t know that she can lower so low. He says I will tell truth to Rishi now. Netra asks him to go and tell and says I will not get Rishi now and you will not get Tanuja. AK says you have a cheap thinking and asks where are they? Netra says they must be somewhere here in the camp. AK searches for them and asks Peon where is everyone. Peon says kids went with teachers and I don’t know about Rishi and Tanuja. AK calls Tanuja and Rishi again. Tanuja picks the call and says we are in the car. AK tells her that Netra got the car brakes failed. Rishi checks and finds the car brakes failed. AK ends the call as Netra feels pity on them. Tanuja asks Rishi to hit car with a tree. Rishi says he can’t as the speed is constant. They decide to jump together, but the car door is jammed.

Rishi says what to do now. Tanuja says if we couldn’t life then we can die together atleast. She sees truck coming towards them and asks Rishi to be careful. Rishi turns the car. Tanuja tells Rishi that they shall talk to everyone for one last time. Tanuja calls Manpreet. Rishi says we are missing you. Manpreet asks Natasha and Tanuja are alright. Rishi says we are missing you, and want to come back. Rano asks Manpreet to give call to her. Manpreet puts call on loudspeaker. Rishi tells Raj that he misses them and says I love you very much, and I am very lucky to get such parents. He apologizes to Rano for hurting her in anger. Tanuja talks to Rano and tells that she got mother in her and says she has a misunderstanding that they both couldn’t love each other. Rano says I was mad not to understand your love. Beeji says you forgot me. Rishi asks Manpreet to take care of Natasha and Tania, take care of parents, not to fight with Ahana and love everyone. They all get worried. Manpreet calls Rishi, but his phone is not reachable. Tanuja shouts Rishi.

Bedi family gets Rishi and Tanuja’s dead bodies. AK apologizes and tells them that he knew her truth before and this wouldn’t have happen if he had told them about her truth. They ask whom? AK says Netra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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